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Stolk 09-13-2000 12:14 AM

Com'on. LucasArts must be doing something to support Win2k. Doesn't anyone know anything about this? Their support site rediculously mentions nothing about the OS as I can find. I really wouldn't mind playing this game again, but I am NOT going back to '98.

khilen 09-30-2000 11:37 PM

It may be they are not aware of the demand. You might consider posting to tech support - you can send them a message at this URL:

If they get enough feedback from W2K users they might take action. Note that they do have a W2K selection in the Operating System select box on this form.

The Master 10-01-2000 02:17 PM

You tell him khilen!

Gold Squadron Leader 10-10-2000 01:33 PM

Well, you have to remember RS for PC developed and released way before W2K, Win95 was the latest OS in wide use at time of release. I don't think Lucas Arts is at fault in this case, developers try to make thing BACKWARDS compatible in order to reach as much of the market as possible.

Microsoft is the one who failed here, they didn't make new OS compatible, why are you not complaining about them? You must be brainwashed, had to go out and buy the latest MS OS to make Bill Gates even richer didn't you?

Do like khilen suggested, contact Lucas Arts technical support and ask them for help on anyway to get RS to run under win2k. Be warned, ask nicely and be polite, or nobody will help you. And don't come on these forums bashing RS or Lucas Arts and expect to get anything but flames.

Ties are flies, swat'em!

The Master 10-10-2000 04:37 PM

I've had that experiance before.

Kheldar 10-25-2000 07:26 AM

It works in win2k if you just run "rogue squadron.exe" but you can't create pilots, you have to this on a 9x machine (or get a mate to do it for you) check out for more info

The Master 10-25-2000 09:28 PM

Thanks again.

Stolk 01-24-2001 11:50 PM

Dear Mr. Gold Squadron Leader, I complain about Microsoft enough in my day job. I am a technical product mgr. for a software company and I understand the Microsoft continuously screws the public by modifying the lower layer of an OS when it's not needed. But I also realize that we are responsible for making our clients happy by upgrading our software to handle new OS's. It usually takes quite an effort but not unreasonable. An effort that Lucas Arts should be quite capable of.

BTW: running just the .exe was already tried and still didn't work.
BTW again: I popped in Doom after originally writing this and it ran great. I will blame that on id software.

Gold Squadron Leader 01-25-2001 01:19 PM

Stolk, I think you are still missing the point entirely. This is gaming software, a port of a arcade game for the N64 released years ago. It is NO longer in development and hasn't been for quite some time. Game companies don't continually upgrade and support their game products forever. If a game is successful enough and the demand big enough then they will make sequels or maybe expansion packs. But the original product doesn't get upgraded or patched to run just like the latest and greatest.

In the software company I work for, our clients are medium to large firms that continually pay maintenance fees to support our product line of financial accounting systems, allowing us to keep upgrading it and patching it to run on latest OS. RS may still be available to buy at discount prices, but I bet the sales and revenue are modest and not enough to warrant new upgrades. Ask Lucas Arts, see what they say.

Our only hope for playing RS in the long term future is a sequel developed to run on latest platforms. This may be happening since there was a RS demo for the GameCube so it might in the works as we speak, no official word yet. This could lead to another port to PC which I bet will run on WinY2K and WinME and have multiplayer. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Did you ever get a official response from Lucas Arts technical support regarding RS compatibility with WinY2K?

Ties are flies, swat'em!

Stolk 01-29-2001 03:12 AM

Yes I did. The ddhelp.exe thing which I already tried and found useless. And the typical "our titles were developed for Win95" line.

And yes, thankfully I am missing your point. Or perhaps dodging your point. I refuse to believe that a company is not responsible for ensuring that titles that they have created that are currently being sold off the shelf work with the current crop of OSs. It would take an intern to get this accomplished. And to say RS is an old game is ridiculous. It is a relatively new game in the list of games that LA has published.

Rogue15 01-29-2001 02:01 PM

not really, they're coming out with 8 new ones for playstion 2, and i believe Rogue Squadron is being left behind.

Stolk 02-23-2001 03:06 AM

You poor kids, your favorite game is being left behind. How sad...

Redwing 02-23-2001 04:23 AM


At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Rogue9 02-23-2001 10:56 PM

some of us work with what we have, I would be willing to bet I could get RS to work on win2k

Stolk 04-19-2001 03:03 AM

Oh yeah? How's that going. heh.

Rogue9 04-19-2001 03:08 AM

never bothered, I haven't had the need to use win2k yet...until then I'll just use 98 se which runs nicley.

Rogue9 04-19-2001 03:10 AM

and Win2k is a business OS, designed to discorage game use.

VorHenze 04-19-2001 03:21 AM

Actually no. It is known to be one of the best gaming platforms around. Primarily because of better memory management. Come on. You know this right? The whole Win95/98/Me is one gigantic mess.

Rogue9 04-19-2001 04:38 AM

I use Win2k in a business environment but anyone who wants maximumm capatability for their games needs to stick with windows 98. Windows ME sux of course, 2000 was just a bad year for OS's. I will have XP pretty soon and will report my beta results here.

VorHenze 08-10-2001 02:20 AM

so how are those results coming? I'm quite curious.

Redwing 08-10-2001 05:57 AM

Er? This topic is kinda old and DEAD...

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Lynk Former 08-11-2001 01:38 AM

Everything's dead these days

Rogue15 08-12-2001 02:42 AM


Originally posted by Redwing:
Er? This topic is kinda old and DEAD...

DON'T ROB GRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unless, of course, there's money to be found...

If you happen to find a powerful warrior whose face is hidden behind a helmet, staring in your direction, just know that the warrior is I, Rogue15.

Lynk Former 08-13-2001 10:02 AM

What if there is money but it's only like 2 cents?

Stolk 08-21-2001 05:11 AM

good question one thousand eighty four...

[This message has been edited by Stolk (edited August 21, 2001).]

Stolk 11-25-2001 04:23 AM

Mr 9, how are those results coming... hmmmm?

Wraith 5 11-25-2001 07:25 PM

OK.... you digged up an old thread and you are asking for Rogue 9?????? well you can wait a long time.... or maybe he will be here if we shout loud enough!!!!

ROGUE 9!!!!

lets just wait a a sec


Without EVIL there can not be GOOD. So it must be GOOD to be EVIL.

macduff67 02-01-2002 10:29 PM

Well, I wouldn't say all hope is completely lost... I just saw on the the LucasArts support page that they posted an update to OUTLAWS late last year!

Anyway, I'm in the same boat, here... I am running Windows 2000, and just picked up SW:RS3D at the store. I thought it was a bargain price, little did I know that it was $12 in the toilet.

Everything seems to install, except for the DX6 files...sigh. Running "Rogue Squadron.EXE" seems to work, except that I can't create a new player. I don't suppose someone would be nice enough to create a new player file for me, email it to me and tell me where to stick it? (On the hard drive, that is...)

And before anyone says again, "It's an old game, what do you expect," I expect LA to still support products they are selling at the retail level, regardless of age.


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