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Admiral 08-17-2004 07:45 PM

Cantina 6: PTH Part V Revenge (Discussion)
the discusion thread. yay

Kuuki 08-17-2004 08:39 PM


Redwing 08-17-2004 08:48 PM

Before anything else, a little explanation in case new people join ^_^

"PtH", or, "Postlude to Holocaust", is about a quest to undo the end of the galaxy. It's a spinoff of another RPG;
"Cantina", Part Six, but you don't have to read that to know what's going on. (Although if you read that and Part Seven onwards, you may get some idea of how this all ends...)

This RPG is very character-, group-, and story-oriented. Thus, it's kind of hard to join sometimes, because the story might be taking place on some planet where no one could just show up off the street. ;) But that's what this thread is for; post here, and you'll be worked in. ^_^


With that out of the way, a subject for everyone.

Admiral and I have done alot of (if not all of) the PtH plotwork for the past few threads, in case no one noticed... ;) The end result, unfortunately, is that everything seems to happen to our characters, while everyone else just reacts.

So, we can plan stuff here. Plots always work better when coordinated with other people. (If you're big on secrets, like me, there's always PMs :p)

There's going to at least ten, probably eleven, chapters to Postlude to Holocaust. Admiral and I have a rough framework for these eleven threads (which I'll post if anyone wants to see it), but it's not entirely filled in, and there's plenty of room to add stuff.

What do you want to happen in the upcoming quests? What do you want to happen to your characters? What do you want to happen to the galaxy?


Kuuki 08-17-2004 09:03 PM

i'll start on plot thing

I'd like something better then my characters "going away" when I leave for basic training

*glares at admiral*

Admiral 08-17-2004 09:16 PM

I can always kill them. and when do you leave?

Kuuki 08-17-2004 10:33 PM

1 no, unless they can be resurrected w/o cloning :P
2 mid to late November

Admiral 08-17-2004 11:01 PM

I have an idea, but need to talk to Red a little more about it.

In rough: The Irvines and possibly others will be captured and seperated. The Irvines will seem to be dead and the group will not look for them. Afterwards one of the Irvines can talk to Drode and be sent back while the other one escapes/freed/rescued.

Kuuki 08-18-2004 11:05 AM

((i was going to have this in the main thread, but then i noticed it turned out to be less of a brief decription and more of a bio...))

Name: Irvine Palpatine/RH Irvine/Sir-Vin: He is a human in his mid-late twenties, roughly 2 meters tall. He grew out his facal hair, while keeping it well groomed, makes him look a bit more older then his counterpart. He keeps his hair long. He makes solid claim that he is well trained in Jedi arts, in which he shown a fair enough to prove his logic. Not only that he had been training himself to become more Jedi-like in a more mentality state, rather in just phsical stature.
For the meantime he trains Matt, keeping his promise to Svafa, while not exactly made clear on his reasons to do so...

Name Irvine Cracern/WH Irvine: Also human, a clone of an infant Irvine Palpatine, whom had been though dead. He keeps his hair short, in which in attempts to not confuse the rest fo the group. His hair also lacks pigment due to a strange illness when he was young.
Other then that, he pocesses a decent grade of force training, unmastered in meny areas, he makes up for it in the variety of how often he can switch between each skill. He also is able to wield a Force ability that is unique, he able to allow the Force to augment and amplify his phsyical strength, and not just agility.

Redwing 08-18-2004 02:10 PM

Just an FYI: superthrawn (remember him? the guy who started this RPG?) is coming back. ^_^

(He didn't say whether he'd finally wake Josine up or make a new character, but either way ^_^)

Scar: (Yeah, I'm using that tag to get people's attention, now) Why not just post a full bio here, and put descriptions (plus the names of your characters that the group knows in the main thread?

In a normal RPG (or something like Cantina) people are scattered round the galaxy and may never even meet. But in something like this, where everyone has known each other for at least eight months, everybody should at least recognize their looks, or will eventually if they join.

Bios, etc, tho, can go in here.

Kuuki 08-18-2004 03:42 PM

but i was going to make it brief, but i got carried away >.<

oh yeah, i chat w/ superthrawn every now and then on AIM

jokemaster 08-18-2004 05:16 PM

Erm, just posting to say I'm still in it, and I hadn't noticed a new thread had been made.

Anyway, I'm gonna take some bets: Who bets wildjedi is joining?

Redwing 08-18-2004 05:31 PM

Dunno, but I think he ought to. ^_^

'Course, I'm trying to get people to join now, while the group is on a colony world, because in the next place everyone is going, well...let's just say it'll be a tad difficult for new characters to just pop in :D

I'm going to post a version of the PtH plot framework in a while...

jokemaster 08-18-2004 05:44 PM


Originally posted by Redwing
Dunno, but I think he ought to. ^_^

'Course, I'm trying to get people to join now, while the group is on a colony world, because in the next place everyone is going, well...let's just say it'll be a tad difficult for new characters to just pop in :D

I'm going to post a version of the PtH plot framework in a while...

Work my character in there somewhere important will ya?
*hands RW 100 bucks*

Redwing 08-18-2004 06:41 PM

Hey, you don't need to pay me to do that. :p I'm posting it so other people can add their own stuff to it ;)

Admiral 08-18-2004 07:57 PM

JM, your character is already with the group so he will have a part to play. You do need to decide on how much he has learned in the eight month time lapse. I will say Matt will eventually need to handle himself against some powerful enemies (something to keep in mind).

The main difficutly is getting others to join the group.

jokemaster 08-18-2004 08:13 PM


Originally posted by Redwing
Hey, you don't need to pay me to do that. :p I'm posting it so other people can add their own stuff to it ;)
Yeah, but I have no imagination. if you notice most of my stuff is ripped off from other places/people/real life.

Redwing 08-19-2004 01:08 AM

Posted in my next couple of posts is the PtH plot framework, such as it is, in outline format. Consider this an immense experiment.

I hope the categories are self-explanatory.

This is for major stuff. If it won't affect other people's plots, you don't need to put it here. Be more detailed than my examples if required (I was lazy.)

If you have a secret, you can always post vague details on what it will involve ;)

Also, this is unofficial. I've filled out stuff for the previous four chapters just to give examples. (by the way, don't kill me if I missed some Themes or Plots, coz I'm sure I did)

For new material, quote my post and add to it. The next person can do the same, and so on. ^_^

For everything you add in the outline, put in parentheses afterwards - i.e. "(" ")" - to indicate who came up with it. [i.e. "I want blah-blah-bah to happen. (Redwing)]

See below...

Redwing 08-19-2004 02:05 AM

PtH 1-4
These are Examples. Here for completeness' sake. Skip this post entirely if you don't care about them.


I. PtH I - [No official title]: Completed

A. Locales
1. Coruscant
2. Freedon VII [Space station]
3. Midgard [Home of the Aesir]

B. Running Themes
1. Adjustment
2. Trust
3. Anger
4. Secrets
5. Fighting Imperials/Shadows/Other enemies

C. Quest

1. The "Time Matrix", described as a silver ball, is a device that can change time itself. Its hiding place was destroyed when the Aesir destroyed the stars. A group is formed to retrieve it. The group obtains a mysterious key and directions to where to start. Prophecy: "To find [the Time Matrix], seek ten keys, seven gates, fire, eye, and ice." (Redwing/Admiral)

2. The first key is given to the group. It is made of crystal, engraved with runes, and has no color. (Redwing)

D. Plots

1. After the Holocaust, the Imperials make an alliance with the remainder of the New Republic, claiming they know how to find the Aesir. The "Imperial Republic" is formed. Everyone who is an enemy of those in power is labelled part of the "Aesirian Alliance" and hunted down. In reality, no one knows what happened to the Aesir after they blew up the stars. (Redwing/Admiral/Deac)

2. A strange man in a coat (calling himself only "T"), who can walk through walls and knows information he was never told, brings some of the group together for an unknown purpose. (Redwing)

3. Syrnl Darkstar, reformed former Dark Jedi under the Empire, leads a revolt against the Imperial Alliance. (Deac)

4. Other-dimensional beings, assassins, and Imperials attack the group. (Everyone)

5. An ancient evil in the form of a wolf, named Fenrir, has escaped his prison and is beginning to ravage the surviving galaxy. In twenty-two years, he will have completed his destruction. That is the deadline for the group to find the Time Matrix. (Admiral)

E. Suggested Titles (Note, this is only here for entertainment value, since it isn't really necessary to retroactively name old chapters)
1. "Beginning" or "The Key" (Redwing)


II. PtH II - [No official title]: Completed

A. Locales
1. Fenrir's Tomb [Space station where Fenrir was formerly imprisoned by the Aesir]
2. Coruscant - Abandoned Buildings
3. Coruscant - Jedi Temple
4. Coruscant - Darkstar Towers
5. Balmora [Desert planet] - Aesir Outpost

B. Running Themes
1. Wisdom
2. Knowledge
3. Cooperation
1. Patience
2. Characters beset by many different enemies

C. Quest

1. The group reaches the first gate in Fenrir's Tomb. They must pass a test of knowledge (through a set of questions), and a test of wisdom (through a room that causes the group to be trapped in an illusory world made up of their own memories and fears, which they much "solve" in different ways to escape). Finally they are faced by an opponent (a mysterious beast) which they must work together to defeat. (Redwing/Admiral)

2. The group obtains the second key. It like the first, except violet in color.

3. The group also obtains an enchanted, ever-changing map to guide them to their next destination(s).

4. The group, following the map, meet a strange figure that offers them a choice. They can take one of two paths next. Either they can take a path of speed, or a longer, more dangerous path. If they take the longer path they can obtain something valuable in the rest of their quest. (Redwing/Admiral)

5. The long path takes them to find the separated pieces of a strange sword that emanates positive ("good") energy. They go to several locations and win several hard fights to get them. (Redwing/Admiral/Deac)

D. Plots

1. A mysterious being (ascended Sith ghost) called the Spectar tries to interfere in the quest. (Scar)

2. When the mysterious beast (Caloslocke) is destroyed by the group the crystal powering it, called the Crystal of Orthaeur, is destroyed with it. The side effect of this seemingly small act is that ancient magical forces, locked away somehow for centuries, are now being unleashed upon the galaxy. (Redwing)

3. A strange being named Sakara, apparently an enemy of "T", tries to align things against the group, create enemies for them, and generally make life difficult without ever directly confronting them. (Redwing/Scar)

4. Mysterious creatures appear from portals and attack the group, apparently attracted to magic forming inside of them (placed there by whatever force is running the quest itself) (Redwing)

5. Sakara goes to the lower planes to ally himself with an ancient enemy of the Aesir named Hel. Hel sends immense dragons to attack the group. (Redwing/Admiral)

6. Halren Flax (Hal) joins the group. (Battledog)

7. RH Irvine (Sir-Vin) joins the group. (Scar)

E. Suggested Titles (Note, this is only here for entertainment value, since it isn't really necessary to retroactively name old chapters)
1. "The Shattered" or "Unleashed" (Redwing)


III. PtH III - "Shadows of the Past": Completed

A. Locales
1. Balmora [Desert planet] - Aesir Outpost
2. Dagon Fel (Ancient Sith world) - Forest
3. Dagon Fel - Sith Temple
4. Dagon Fel - Dwarven Underground City

B. Running Themes
1. Infighting amongst characters (the most runningest theme of them all ;))
2. Mercy

C. Quest
1. The group reaches the second gate in an underground city inhabited by ancient dwarves. They pass through a Sith temple to get there. (Admiral)

2. The group obtains the third key. [I never specified, but it was probably red in color. This can be changed if that color is more appropriate for later use] The group also obtains a new map.

D. Plots
1. Ancient, evil enemies of the Aesir are gathering an army of Sith for an unknown purpose. The Sith were killed long ago, and have been resurrected. (Admiral)

2. Misae (Jedi character) hears a Sith's voice in her head that urges her to join them. (Redwing)

3. Elella, Orthos' sister, is introduced. (Deac)

4. Guy has strange visions of man and a "demon" making a bargain. (Redwing)

5. Guy finds out that the group is being secretly followed by unknown strangers. (Redwing)


IV. PtH IV - "Dark Surprises": Completed

A. Locales
1. Enoy [Mining world] - Crystal Mines
2. Enoy - Forests/Hills/Town [we really tore that place apart]

B. Running Themes
1. Trust
2. Trickery
3. Infighting
4. Surprises (especially nasty ones...or dark ones, obviously)
5. Dark/Evil vs. Light/Good

C. Quest
1. The group reaches the third gate in the inner depths of a mine, in shafts full of magical crystals. (Redwing)

2. The group obtains the fourth key. It is black in color. The group also obtains a new map.

3. Just after obtaining the key and map, mind-altering crystals start to affect those of the group unlucky enough to touch them (Marin, Aidan and Heimdall). They turn on their friends, nearly bury them in a cave-in, and leave to cause destruction and chaos. The map does not give a new direction for the remainder of the group.

D. Plots
1. A great darkness eclipses all light from all the suns/stars in the galaxy as the quest begins. The darkness stays there till the end of the quest. (Admiral)

2. Gerd, a mysterious girl, arrives in an escape pod out of nowhere. The Aesir take her in. (Admiral)

3. Heimdall, Aidan and Marin gleefully slaughter innocents after being changed by crystals. Finally, the sword from the previous quest restores the three to their normal states of mind, but not before the trio toys with the group enough to cause it to start coming apart at the seams. (Redwing/Admiral/Battledog)

4. Matt is introduced. (jokemaster)

5. Gortick, Orthos' brother, is introduced. (Deac)

6. As the group prepares to leave, three strangers attack the group. These strangers have technology (magic) the likes of which most of them have never seen before. One is Guy's sister. Several of the group are seriously injured, and are clearly outmatched. However, everyone manages to escape once they try to retreat, leaving before the strangers' allies arrive. [The strangers are the ones Guy detected following the group last chapter.] (Redwing)


Okay, now my next post will have the current stuff, that actually matters. ;)

Redwing 08-19-2004 02:11 AM

Mega-Post, Part 3
First, the present:


V. PtH V - "Revenge" :

A. Locales/Locale Suggestions

1. Yevoh [Poor colony]
1. Midgard: Vidgard
3. Midgard: Lieskirnir
4. Midgard: Yggdrasil
5. Midgard: Vigrid

B. Themes/Theme Suggestions

1. Revenge (an obvious one)
2. Courage, Honor and Valor (see Plot)
3. Doing one's duty (following orders)
4. Loss
5. Hate
6. Choice and loyalty (see Plot)

C. Quest /Quest Ideas

1. The fourth gate will be reached, and the fifth key obtained. It will probably be dark green in color. (Redwing/Admiral)

2. The fifth key is in enemy territory, and the group will have to cross a no mans land. (Admiral)

3. The Eye of Odin [an artifact to be used later in the quest (Redwing)] will be entrusted to an innocent. (Admiral)

D. Plot/Plot Ideas

1. The group is lead to Midgard by the map. Midgard is undersiege and the Aesir are being pushed back. (Admiral)

2. The gate is within occupied territory. The group will have to move quickly and try to keep undetected. (Admiral)

3. After the fifth key is reached and the group leave the castle Heimdall and any who choose to go with him head towards Yggdrasil to retrieve a horn. (Admiral)

4. When the group arrives at Vidgard they are given a choice, they can stand with the Aesir and fight in a huge battle or they can stay in Vidgard until the fight is over. (Admiral)

5. The Horn retrieved by Heimdall is blown calling all the Aesir to the battlefield of Vigrid to fight a Gentlemen's war. (Admiral)

6. Something may happen involving Misae and Guy, furthering their plots from earlier chapters. (Redwing)

7. The group who attacked our characters earlier will probably make another appearance. (Redwing)


And finally, the future.


VI. Later PtH Chapters (6 through 11)

A. Locale Suggestions

1. PtH VI (Six) will probably take place in an alternate dimension, in a world of magic, not the Force; with an alternate Earth possibly being a visited locale. (Redwing)

B. Theme Suggestions

1. PtH VIII (Eight) will have a Fire theme. (Redwing)
2. PtH IX (Nine) will have an Eye/Wisdom theme. (Redwing)
3. PtH X (Ten) will have an Ice theme. (Redwing)

C. Quest Ideas

1. Note that in the end, a stranger named Ken'atra Sorack Darkstar ends up with the Time Matrix. This either means that in the end, the group fails to get the Time Matrix, or gets the Time Matrix and does not use it, or are stopped from using it. The group is being prepared for another fate, possibly, under the guise of having them obtain the Time Matrix. Details are up in the air, but remember that someone else must end up with the Time Matrix when all is said and done. (Redwing/Admiral/Everyone who posted in Cantina 7 ;))

2. The fifth, sixth, and seventh gates will be reached in PtH VI, VII, and VIII (6, 7, and 8) respectively. (Redwing)

3. The sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth keys will be obtained, one per chapter except for the possible 11th chapter (for the finale). (Redwing)

4. The eighth key will probably be orange (for fire). The ninth key will probably be blue (the color of the Eye of Odin). The tenth key will probably be white (for ice). [Keys 6 and 7 might be Rose/Pink and Yellow/Gold. Or one can be orange, and the Fire key can be yellow instead] (Redwing)


D. Plot Ideas

1. Possibly introduced: Acompletely non-humanoid group of Jedi, which encompasses most or all remaining Jedi in the galaxy. All human Jedi except the ones in the group have been killed by [Insert Mystery Force Here?]. This is partly to remedy the fact that everyone in the group is human or a non-SW alien :p (Redwing)

2. Possibly Introduced: (In PtH VI/6) Some characters from the magic world that will probably end up joining the group. (Redwing)


E. Title Suggestions

1. PtH XI (11) might be called "Eleventh Hour". [Kudos to anyone who gets the reference...] (Redwing)



Comments? Got a better idea, or do you like these funny outlines? :p

(I'm wondering if we ought to do color-coding, to more easily figure out whose plot is whose...but anyway ^^;;)

Edit: Also, if you're too lazy to quote this and add to it, just post your stuff in this thread and I'll update it myself. ;)

Kuuki 08-19-2004 11:46 AM

Well if the group will be hitting the 'new' dimension in the next episode, then that *could* be a way for the 'twins' to be separated from the group, like in the end of pth 5

they could just be left behind

and if its all going to be on earth, then i think maybe those two are left on the asgardried, in which for some reason (which ever it maybe that the group travels through), the ship cant travel likewise

Admiral 08-19-2004 02:27 PM

The problem being Scar, you will probably be gone in the midst of the current thread..

The last thread lasted for essentially 6 months. Since after basic you will most likely want to rejoin the RPG we need a way for your character(s) to easily rejoin. Having them in seperate dimensions makes that a little difficult.

I also see this as a perfect time for WH Irvine to meet with Drode and be sent back in time.

My plan for getting your characters inactive: A couple of days/weeks before you go to basic.

1. Irvines and perhaps some other characters will be captured and seperated from one another. The Sith and Jotuns will essentially make it appear like they are dead.

2. The group thinking they are dead does not look for them. When you return from Basic, the Irvines can escape and find the group again.

However, I would rather have only RH Irvine escape and return while WH IRvine is taken back in time/trained (whatever needs to happen to get him ready for his C7 appearance).

This way Scar you can easily rejoin the RPG.
I haven't decided if the Asgardried will go through to the new dimension or not, since we haven't talked about the cross over yet.

One thing though the ship is going to get more residents by the end of PTH. So the Irvines would not be left alone in that idea.

jokemaster 08-19-2004 07:33 PM

again, can you work me in there somewhere important...thanks to my lack of imagination?

Admiral 08-19-2004 07:38 PM

don't worry about that.

Just keep in mind this is still mainly in the introductory stage. Nothing important has happened yet. That is for the near future.

Deac 08-23-2004 04:13 PM

What's this? Trying to start without me!?



Admiral 08-23-2004 04:26 PM

no, just getting the first posts out of the way and waiting for others to post (looks at Superthrawn, Wildjedi and BD).

Redwing 08-26-2004 11:17 PM

Discussion from main thread:


Originally posted by Redwing
((OOS: JM, Matt has seen Marin shapeshift. ;) Remember, she was posing as Raschel for a large part of last chapter.

Will post in a bit. Looks like I need a deus ex machina for superthrawn's mouse. ;)))


Originally posted by Scar Da Kookee
((OR allow that character to use the shapeshifting cube to undo himself

or if thats what your talkinga bout (cus well i dont play deus ex))

Scar: Um...the morphing cube can't change someone's natural form. Also it only allows shapeshifting for two hours at a time (yes I ripped this off of Animorphs, for anyone who's read that series ;)

Since NO ONE seems to know what a deus ex machina is, here's the Webster's Dictionary definition:


de·us ex ma·chi·na
Pronunciation: 'dA-&s-"eks-'mä-ki-n&, -'ma-, -"nä; -m&-'shE-n&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, a god from a machine, translation of Greek theos ek mEchanEs
1 : a god introduced by means of a crane in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome
2 : a person or thing (as in fiction or drama) that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty
(And let's try and keep discussion in the discussion thread. ;))

jokemaster 08-26-2004 11:27 PM

Doesn't staying in different form for more than 2 hours in animorphs result in your being in that from permanentely?

EDIT: And there's a difference between switching to another humanoid form and changing to a giant bird.

Deac 08-27-2004 08:44 AM

I knew what Deus Ex Machina meant. Did none of you play the games of the same name?????

Redwing 08-27-2004 09:03 AM


Originally posted by jokemaster
Doesn't staying in different form for more than 2 hours in animorphs result in your being in that from permanentely?

EDIT: And there's a difference between switching to another humanoid form and changing to a giant bird.

1. Yup, and it's the same thing for this RPG. ^_^

2. Uh...good point. :D (Me forgetting there are already natural shapeshifters in SW, like Zam Wessel...)

Deac: No, but Scar has, and apparently never understood the title. :D

Kuuki 08-27-2004 11:21 AM

I blame it souly on the education system :P

jokemaster 08-27-2004 01:25 PM

I haven't played the game cause I can't find it, but I knew what Deus Ex Machina is. Like guy trapped in a crashing plane tries to level it out then suddenly 'miraculously' finds a parachute under the seat.

Admiral 09-11-2004 02:34 PM

Ok there has been some questions about the layout of the Asgardried. So here is a description of the ship:

The Asgardried is a very large ship. The design of the ship is similar to that of other Aesirian ships. In other words it is shaped to resmeble western/european dragons (not Easter/oriental ones). The ship is propelled by four Mark II Dagur engines. Weapons emplacements are concealed so that when the ship is not fighting it appears to have no weapons. The ship has just three levels, much of the space is devoted towards weaponry, power, etc. The ship also has quantum armor, a cloacking device, and normal shields. Cortosis is also weaved throughout the entire ship making it resilent to lightsabers.


1st level: Essentially the maintence level. Access: Restricted.

The first level of the asgardried is devoted to critical systems. Towards the aft of the ship the engine room is located. there contains the fusion reactor that powers the ship, the hypdrive generator, and slipstream drive.

Shield generators are also found on this level. Entrances include an exterior access hatch, and turbolifts. A large part of the 1st level is for storage of various supplies.


2nd Level: The living level: Access: More or less unrestricted.

The second level of the ship is where the group has access to.

Crew quarters: These rooms are the ones assigned to the group. They are comfortable if a little small. They are furnished with a single bed placed in an alcove above and below the bed are cabinets allowing for the storage of personal effect. A cabinet next to the bed allows for the storage of clothing/armor ect. The rooms also contain a desk with draws with a chair. The desk has a computer terminal that allows the group to access the holonet (or what is left of it). No messages can be sent though. There is basically a reading light above the bed.

Every two quarters share a refresher, which under current circumstances means the majority of the group have private refreshers. (With the exception of Sir Vin, WH Irvine sharing one. Gortick and Orthos sharing another).

The Lounge: This is the common room of the ship. It has a couple of large round tables with marble centers. The tables have cletic traids engraved into them. Benches provide seating. Also serves as the mess hall. Has monitors that can connect to the holonet, play holodramas. Futhermore, the lounge servers as a briefing room, fully equiped with holoprojectors and all the other necessary items. When it is being used as a briefing room the tables retract into the floor benches turn around to face a podium that is raised up and next to the podium is the holoprojectors.

Main Cargo hold This large cargo hold is spare in decoration and houses Guy's ship. Located in the aft of the ship. There are some large closets for storage of items that need to be secrued.

There is a large cargo lift to the first level here to take things into long term storage. From the main cargo hold is a secondary one and past that is the a very large bulkhead and then the engines.

Kitchen Relatively small, contains a refrigertor, oven, stove etc. It also has a couple of taps that lead to mead. The kitchen is manned by droids who also restock it.

Bridge The bridge has five stations: Pilot, Copilot, Navigation, and communications, as well as a weapons control. There are an additional two chairs for passangers.

Staterooms: Larger then the crew quarters and more elborately decorated. They have private refreshers, more storage then the crew quarters as well as two large comforatalbe chairs and a small table. The Aesir all have staterooms.


The bridge is at the bow slightly raised (have to go up a ramp equal to about half a flight of stairs. The main entrance is located at the bow of the ship, below and to the right of the bridge. you have to walk down a ramp (again about half a flight of stairs) to reach the entrance. There are two corridors that run parallel to each other and seperate the brige from the entrance (aka you have to walk a little before getting to the entrance). Both corridors bring you to the lounge, the right side fo the lounge houses the kitchen. After the lounge there is a single corridor that leads to the quarters. Almost immediatly after the lounge are four staterooms (two starboard, and two port). After the foru staterooms come twenty crewquarters (again half to port and half to starboard). After the crew quarters there are six more staterooms (these are currently unoccupied). After that the corridor turns to a smaller lounge (single table and some benches) and a finally to the cargo hold. There are also turbolifts at the bow and aft.

*The cargo hold opens doors are in the starboard, and the corridors when the two corridors that lead to the bridge and main entrance meet they form a cross. Going starboard you will find an airlock where the ship can dock. To port is a secondary entrance.*


3rd level: Access: Only the Aesir, Marin and Aidan are allowed up.

Layout: In the bow you have the forward observatory, which is basically a lounge with large windows. There is a single door in the rear bulkhead that leads to the central corridor. Once leaving the forward observatory you will find on the immediate left the bow turbolift. After that there is another two doors on either side The Starboard door leads to a practice room. This room is sparesly furnished having really only tumbling mats and practing dummies. On the other side of the corridor is the armory. Going further down the corridor you get the central lounge very similar to the forward observatory (large windows). This room also serves as a pilots ready room. Past that are two hangers Likewise is seperated and house two viking fighters (for a total of four fighters). At the very end of the corridor is the aft turbolift and the rear observatory. It is small room with windows like the others similar to a meditation room.

Redwing 09-17-2004 10:38 AM

Been looking up loose/forgotten plot threads lately. Was really looking for my own stuff, but I found a couple things other people seem to have forgotten about, too! :)

BD, whatever happened to this plot thread?


Originally posted by BattleDog
Hal: As an aside, I doubt even you know about the base in Retari. We should go there. There's no way you have a copy of the book of Malken.


The book is hardcopy, it's 25,000 years old and contains the recorded location of every Jedi, stronghold, Warlord, force surge and weird mojo since it was written. It will tell us where Drago was when the Galaxy went boom.

I assume you know who he is?


Hal: He's an imortal vampire hunter, he's one of the few links between the old world and the new. *Shrugs* The way things are going having someone who can survive the destruction of a star might be useful.

Curious to know what you plan to do with this, if you still plan on doing anything with it that is. :)

As for you, Deac, I thought I'd found something of yours as well, until I realized that the 'mysterious figure' was actually Ellela. Oops. :D

Deac 09-18-2004 11:37 AM

And as for the Lokpihet thread, I felt that needed to be shelved as you and Admiral have obviously had this whole thing planned for a while. If there's an opening for the evil old dude, let me know by PM or something.

BattleDog 09-19-2004 11:25 AM

Post eaten.

Ask questions here and I will answer.

Redwing 09-19-2004 11:29 AM

Well, uh, see my previous post about Drago. :D

(That's solely out of curiosity, btw.)

Kuuki 09-21-2004 07:32 PM

Spectar return?
Although I'm not sure what to do with him next, hell i'd like to discuss it with reddy of course first before implementing it

speaking of returning characters, I might have to discuss what to do with my 'sith' character that is within the ranks of admiral's army of undead sith (cus i didnt exactly killed him off, nor removed him permanently (maybe))

although I do have an for both *shrugs*

BattleDog 09-22-2004 02:25 AM

A Legion of Agamarian Warriors is currently headed towards Midgard, Dago will reappear then.

Composition of an Agamarian Legion

The Levy:
These warriors form the bulk of the legion, their personnal fighting skills are impressive but because of their rural location they rarely have time practice in large units.

1000 Longbow Men.

These warriors are equipped with longbows and two quivers with a total of 60 arrows. They wear leather jerkins and helmets. They are also equipped with 1 1/2 foot diameter round shields, stored on the back and an axe with a 1 1/2 foot haft.

These men fight primarily as archers but can act as a light infantry, they should remain behind the shield wall unless needed to fight hand to hand.

2000 Men at Arms

Warriors armoured in scale shirts, helmets and leather on wrists and shins. They carry 3 foot diameter round shields, 8 foot spears, topped with an 8 inch leaf point made, sharped down both edges and two edged 28 inch swords.

These men are good all round medium infantry, able to use their spears against cavaly or as javalins hurled before closign to fight enemy infantry with swords. These men form the shield wall.

400 Light Infantry

Un armoured except for a light leather jerkin and leather cap, they carry 1 foot diameter bucklers and 45 inch two handed swords.

These men are employed in small groups to take out exposed enemy artillary and engage and hold enemy archers before the men of the shield wall arrive to cut them to pieces. Comming from the rugged Northern provinces they move very fast afoot.

The Militia:
Drawn from the twons these men are a more cohesive unit, more ordered and more diciplined in battle.

1000 Billmen

More heavily armoured than the House Gaurd Billmen protect the flanks of the shield wall, eqipped with bill axe-hooks and short swords they are capable of carving enemy cavalry and infantry to pieces.

800 Light Cavarly

Lightly armoured and eqipped with swords, shields and bows, these men well trained and fast moving but will not stand long against heavy cavalry.

These men are charged with providing scouts during marches and battle and with protecting the flanks of the army where needed

The House Gaurd:
1,200 House Gaurds march with the army, of these 600 are foot and 600 horse.

600 Foot

Armoured in scale coats, greaves, gauntlets, collars and open face helmets these men carry a Battle Axe with a 4 foot haft as well as a 28 inch sword and a 3 foot diameter round shield.

These men are the elite heavy infantry, their axes are equipped with hooks for openeng enemy armour and dragging men from their horses. They move fast considering their armour and fight to the death. They are deployed where needed.

600 Horse

Armoured in the same way as the foot except for their full face great helms and teardrop shaped shields they carry heavy 16 foot lances with 1 foot steel tips. Their secondary weapon is a two handed longsword. Their horses are fully barded.

These horsemen function as the primary attacking force of the Legion, heavily armoured as they are they are able to break enemy formations and fight against heavy odds. Their lances make them particually deadly.

The General's Gaurd 20

Twenty mounted House Gaurds selected for their skill and loyalty are charged with defence of the General of the Army.

Total: 6,421

An army is generally compased of between 2 and 6 Legions and the entire military is composed of 24 Legions of roughly 160,000 men.

Admiral 09-22-2004 12:14 PM

A couple of things BD: Although compared with the rest of the post these are veyr minor.

1. How do they know where Midgard is?

2. Why are they taking a legion with them? Since they do not know what is going on .

3. Considering the advance weapons used in the galaxy why does the Agamarian legion(s) still have longbow men and calvary with horses? Seems rather pointless as they would be slaughtered.

About the final battle. To save everyone some frustration.

1. The battle will be a slaughter for the Aesir and those who fight with them. Few are going to survive. (This will not change).

2. Even if the Agmarian legion arrives in time they will not be allowed to fight or even land on the planet. A spell is going to prevant it.


The will get slaughtered and there is no need for that to happen. So the Aesir will refuse and if necessary have their droids prevant interferance.

Calvary and archers are in direct violations of the rules of the fight. (See below for a complete list of the rules below). This will be a pure foot battle.

Third and maybe most important. Their inclusion would destroy the plot and purpose behind the battle.

Rules of the Battle:

1. Once Heimdall retrieves a horn (the artifact) all fighting will cease until the battle of Vidgrid.

2. The battle will begin an hour after dawn and end at dusk. At dusk both sides withdraw from the battle. The group and any surviving Aesir have that night leave the planet. With the dawn of the next day all rules are off.

3. Noncombatants will not be attacked.

4. Ranged weapons, calvary etc are not going to be used. It is purely foot combat using solely melee weapons.

5. The survivors of the losing army (the Aesir and group) have one full night to leave the planet.

6. At dusk at a rooster crows fighting immediatly stops. If you are about to give a killing blow it is to late.

Basic outline of what will happen at the battle.

Dawn: The two armies awaken, get suited up and march to the field. An hour after that the fight begins.

Dawn-Dusk: The fight is long and hard and very fierce the opposing army is huge (saving exact numbers on size for dramtic reasons). and the Aesir get slaughtered.

Dusk: Roosters crow and the both sides stop fighting. Droids then go in to the battle and retrieve the bodies of the dead and wounded.

Night: The dead Aesir are cremated and the group leaves.

A couple of things: I have planned out this battle (as Red can attest) for a very long time. At this point I am not willing to change anything drastically (like the inclusion of the Agamarian legion, or having the Aesir win).

There is a certain mood and effect that I'm going for and I think everything will work out the way it stands. I'm not divulging everything and the exact details for effect although if your really need to know just PM me and I'll send you some details

BD: If you want just Drago to join I can work something out but the Agamarian legion would in a way destroy the point and plot of this paticular battle.

Sorry all, I should have posted this sooner and would have saved a lot of trouble.

BattleDog 09-22-2004 01:36 PM

Admiral, worry ye not.

1. The Will of the Force

2. Hal is the last male heir to the Earldom of the Black Wall, (Lords of Agamar.)

3. The weapons aren't exactly "normal" and the Legion is perfectly capable of fighting with modern weapons. In General Cavaly use Heavy Tanks, Longbowmen are Infanty, the Shieldwall becomes mechanized infantry etc.


Notes on Agamarian weapons:

(Would have posted this before but ran out of time.)

Fire Horses:

These animals are not native to Agamar and their exact origan is unknown however they make cavalry a viable proposition on the modern battlefield.

A. Fire Horses are built like war horses but their size is considerably bigger.

B. Fire Horses run at a top speed of 45 miles an hour average.

Static Bows:

Filiment wires in the bows energise the arrows apon release, alowing them to puch through heavy armour and energy shields.

As to how the Agamarians know whats going on, I'll leave that under raps until at least the end of this chapter.

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