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[RNGD]Tyrant 09-21-2004 10:33 AM

ATTN ADMINS: More info....not good
I was the first to freak out over no dedicated server, then I was the first to announce there was a ded. server.

Let me now freak out over there being no way to control the server.

I have been in contact with a guy from LA and asked a bunch of questions about the server....the following is his reply:

LA: Hi,
Thank you for your message, I've answered what I know. Hope this helps a bit

Tyrant: How do we manage the server? I cannot find setup for:
- timelimit-[LA: no]
- ticket limit-[LA: no]
- spawntime-[LA: no]
- client content check (for user based cheat mods)[LA: ps2-dnas]
- friendly fire % for vehicle and soldier [LA: on/off]
- autokicks for TKing-[LA: no]
- turning voting on and off-[LA: no]
- high ping limit-[LA: no]

Tyrant: Plus when choosing how many AI bots to have is there a way to make it so there are only NPCs (like ewoks), but no bot teammates? [LA: no answer]

Tyrant: Plus once the server is going how do we:
- kick/ban people [LA: no answer]
- change the map-[LA: no]
- restart a map-[LA: no]
- pause-[LA: no]

Tyrant: Plus are there 'remote console' controls that can be done ingame from a client when playing (or setup via the web)-[LA: no]

This essentially confirms that there is no direct or remote control of a server once it is going, and that the setup we see with the current manager is all there is.

If you look at the ini file you will notice that there are only 14 controls (the ones you see in the Ded Server), BF has like 60 or more. Therefore a 3rd party like BBO wont do any better since the system itself has no way to accept other variables.

I have of course replied to this message and hope to have more info...i will keep you all in the loop. If anyone else finds anything out please let us all know, but as of now there is no way to control a server besides turning it OFF.

NOTE TO LUCAS FORUMS: Can we have an admin forum please?

Alegis 09-21-2004 10:46 AM

This sucks. I hope lucasarts corrects this mistake ASAP. No server support; no servers; no MP :(

S31 Apoc 09-21-2004 10:55 AM

Yes thi sis Bull ****... I hate to use words like that but dam LA.. wtf where you thinking.. or did you just not give a **** huh??

MajorKönig 09-21-2004 01:24 PM

Welcome to smackworld... this game is gonna be dead in 1 month...

Sad new, sad news... :-(

Jetstream 09-21-2004 03:04 PM

Even more importantly, although you can set some of those items in the dedicated server's .ini file (such as friendly fire on/off), there is no published way to specifiy what IP address or ports to use. The server currently broadcasts on So, what this means is that games hosters can only have one server per physical box = this game is dead in the water before it even launched. :confused:

Pad 09-21-2004 03:57 PM

Since we have a new server/admin section, moved. ;)

[RNGD]Tyrant 09-21-2004 04:05 PM

pad...i cant seem to make new threads in this forum

I have created a new FAQ for Admins I would like to post here (and it would make a good stickie)

RDX1 09-21-2004 04:27 PM

It looks like they rushed the game so it could be released on the same day as the Trilogy. I really hope there will be a patch soon.

Tyrant: Best option would to either wait for an answer, or post in the main forum and let it get moved.

Pad 09-21-2004 04:52 PM


Originally posted by [RNGD]Tyrant
pad...i cant seem to make new threads in this forum
I have contacted someone to fix the problem ;)

ReturnFire 09-22-2004 01:48 AM


Originally posted by RDX1
It looks like they rushed the game so it could be released on the same day as the Trilogy. I really hope there will be a patch soon.

Have to agree we don't even have PC Multiplayer Galactic Conquest. That leaves us with 25 maps, 4 Factions which are virtually identical, and a Reverse scoring Team Death Match game for 40$ :S

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