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Sky Master 10-12-2000 12:22 AM

Hello fellow Rogues!I know a trick,when you have a Tie on your "tail",fly up and down.You should dodge some of the blasts,and remember you can go fast,but have less control,less speed but more control.

The Master 10-12-2000 03:58 PM

Thanks! Wait a sec, are you challenging my athority?!

Gold Squadron Leader 10-12-2000 05:10 PM

Hey, wait. What am I suppose to do when the Tie is not behind, but coming at me fast from straight ahead? Should I wiggle side to side, barrel roll, power dive, or corkscrew? I'm so confused. What's this, a red button labeled fire? I think I'll try that. BLAM, BLAM BLAM! Ooops, the tie is no longer there. Did I do something wrong?

Ties are flies, swat'em!

The Master 10-12-2000 06:57 PM

I would say, just run into him.

Sky Master 10-12-2000 08:37 PM


Sky Master 10-12-2000 08:37 PM


Sky Master 10-12-2000 09:01 PM

Or pull up, turn on him when he past you and attack from behind.

The Master 10-13-2000 12:30 PM

Or if you are flying a Y-Wing get him right under you and let out a bomb.

Gold Squadron Leader 10-13-2000 07:26 PM

Ram him, that's the ticket! Don't play chicken with Gold Leader, whatever you do. I love chicken. Mmmm,mmmm, good! Buuuurph, excuse me.

Ties are flies, swat'em!

Sky Master 10-13-2000 08:33 PM

I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE chicken,but your a chick

The Master 10-14-2000 04:41 PM

I thought we were discussinmg what to do if a Tie was coming at you, but oh well, I love chicken too!

Sky Master 10-20-2000 11:13 PM

With a Waveskimmer,use laser blasts,use a proton with a AT-St.

Rogue15 10-21-2000 06:30 PM

what are you doing pickin' on the
AT-STs????!!! oh, when going head to head with a tie fighter/interceptor with the y-wing (or if it's behind you) slam the brakes on, put the repulsors on, get out your best weapon, open the hatch, and get on top of the y-wing and shoot the tir fighter down(or when he's close to you, just jump and force the hatch of the tie fighter open and shoot the pilot).

Rage is my ally.
-Rogue15, aka Saber2 at and Garindan at

The Master 10-21-2000 07:42 PM

There is problem, hope the pilote of the oppisite ships doesn't shoot at ya.

Sky Master 10-26-2000 10:46 PM

Then attack from behind.

The Master 10-27-2000 03:15 PM

I see your meaning.

Sky Master 10-30-2000 08:40 PM

ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Master 10-31-2000 11:59 AM


Sky Master 11-04-2000 07:57 PM


The Master 11-06-2000 07:36 PM


Sky Master 11-12-2000 06:31 PM

More trickes!Naboo starfighters are too fast,for me at least!

Sky Master 11-18-2000 12:10 PM

I use seeker protons on the 128th,they're so fast!

Sky Master 11-18-2000 11:25 PM

Use rapid fire mode on At-Sts if your using a V-wing.

The Master 11-21-2000 06:29 PM

I am dry out of tricks

Sky Master 11-22-2000 12:17 PM

Don't go fast and try to destroy a tank or At-At.

Gold Squadron Leader 11-22-2000 02:39 PM

Is it possible to shoot an AT-AT enough to destroy it with a Snow Speeder? I realise this would take too long to make medal or even meet mission objectives, but can it be done? I have destroyed big things like the Jawa Sandcrawler before with massed laser fire, but not the AT-AT.

Ties are flies, swat'em!

Rogue15 11-22-2000 03:42 PM

yep, it takes over 100 hits. it makes a huge explosion.

Rogue15 11-22-2000 04:30 PM

you can aslo destroy the sandcrawler at the beginning of the skyhopper level!

Sky Master 11-22-2000 09:03 PM

I once or more crashed into a Y-wing and nothing happened!

Rogue15 11-22-2000 09:57 PM

you know in assault on kile 2, well i accidentally bombed practically the whole squadron of them once, it was funy, everybody screaming and stuff.

The Master 11-23-2000 02:29 PM

How about this! I destroy EVERY building on Corellia except for the capital building and the tech center, it took a long time. But flying over Corellia in the end was a treat in it's self.

Sky Master 11-24-2000 10:03 AM

HE,He,he!That's funny!

The Master 11-24-2000 01:49 PM

You can bet it was! Now, have you ever tried anything such as this else where?

Sky Master 11-24-2000 06:44 PM

NNNNope.My little brother can beat TM,and he's only 3!

The Master 11-25-2000 02:33 PM


Sky Master 11-25-2000 09:08 PM

Oh no sire!He can beat Tatuine morning!

The Master 11-26-2000 03:00 PM

Oh I thought you were talking about me becuase TM is one of my many nick names.

Sky Master 11-26-2000 11:31 PM


Sky Master 11-29-2000 10:02 AM

A on MI is easy but hard for him.

Gold Squadron Leader 11-29-2000 02:28 PM

Well Master, that was some ground assault there on Corellia. How did you do it without the game ending or time running out? Did you have to destroy the regular targets as well to avoid this or did you just ignore them? And could you complete the mission or was it just for fun?

As for the AT-AT, do the 100 shots have to be only on the head or body or both? If I have time, I try to explode them after I trip them with the cable.

I've killed both sandcrawlers on Beggar's Canyon for fun and all the structures on the ground. Hardest is chasing down the speeders.

Ties are flies, swat'em!

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