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GUNNER 09-22-2004 09:37 PM

Hello fellow peoples. ;)

Redwing 09-22-2004 09:53 PM

Hi Daddy Gunner! :D Welcome back! ^_^

GUNNER 09-22-2004 10:45 PM

Thanks Red. How are you doing. Has every one behaved themselves? ;) I treid to get on a few times and it seemed like the site was down.

Rogue Nine 09-22-2004 11:03 PM

HOLY ****.

*tackles GUNDaddy*

Haven't seen you in forever, dude! How's it going? :O

GUNNER 09-23-2004 01:21 AM

Hiya Niner. It's going pretty darn good.

Here is a recap of the past few months....

I took off the whole month of July from work and we took a 3 week trip to South Dakota to visit some of the wifes family, then we drove over to Minnisota to see some old friends while we were out there. We put 4200 miles on a rental van. :eek: Then we just spent a week at home... Then we decided we would look for a new house... So about 3 weeks ago we found one about 15 miles south of where we are now. It's bigger and has more yard for our kids and a over sized 3 car garage. We close in October.. Then is Sept we had our 10th wedding anniversary. My little girl turned 3 in August. Next weekend we are going to Vegas. Also while in South Dakota we went to the wifes 20th school reunion and mine is in October. :eek:

Damn, what else has happened........ well so far that's the high lights any ways.....

Here are a few pictures......

This is the wife and my little girl Danielle at Easter at my sisters house....

This is me and my son Gabe at Safeco field (Mariners) on Fathers day. The let parents play catch in the out feild with their kids for a little while...

The kids asleep at Grandamas house in SD...

And the wife and I at her reunion....

And there ya have it. :cool:

GUNNER 09-23-2004 01:35 AM

and one more thing, I got my pre-order SW DVD set on Monday from :D WooHoo!!!!!!

Ray Jones 09-23-2004 02:03 AM

that's one nice beard, gunner.. ;P

Rogue Nine 09-23-2004 02:20 AM

Dude, you look so much like my old Networking Technology teacher in that pic with your wife, it's scary. :o

You've got a beautiful family there, Jim. I'm glad everything's going well with you. :)

GUNNER 09-23-2004 03:08 AM

Mucho gracias. So what's new on your side of the country? School, babes, job?

Rogue15 09-23-2004 01:31 PM

hey gunner, welcome back!

swphreak 09-23-2004 02:45 PM

Heya stud!

I missed our earth-shaking RPG battles.

Looks like you had fun while you were away.

Glad to hear form ya!

Lujayne 09-23-2004 11:09 PM

Holy frick, I remember when Gabe was born!

GUNNER 09-24-2004 01:13 AM


Originally posted by Lujayne
Holy frick, I remember when Gabe was born!
Tell me about it. Time has really flown by.. It hard to imagine that just a few years ago he was a tiny little guy. Now he's playing t-ball and soccer and riding his bike and jumping curbs and is starting kindergarden. But we are going to home school. Anyways, life is moving very fast.

Phreak, maybe we need to have another battle, or is it crapped out?

Hi 15, how are ya. Jones, you been behaving yourself? ;)

edlib 09-24-2004 06:13 AM

Now the party can REALLY begin!!!
Yo, Pops!
Lookin' good! ;)

Have you had time for any gaming with that busy schedule?!??

Still working at the airplane factory? (Boeing, was it?) How's that going?
There were a lot of layoffs there last I heard....

Kj°len 09-24-2004 01:45 PM

GUNNY! I use to see you posts before :D
But... I don't think We've actually spoken, besides other Welcome back Gunner threads, which seems to be the base of your posting now ;)

Lujayne 09-24-2004 08:49 PM

Lol, you know he's right. ;)

GUNNER 09-25-2004 05:25 AM

Ouch, that hurts Kj****. ;) But touche to you. :)

I know I know.... I sem to pop in and out on a regular basis but that only because after all the years I have been here I am jusy now starting to take my vacation time I have earned. :rolleyes:

Ed bud, I have gamed a little. I picked up Doom3 but got side tracked from that when I loaded FarCry.

FarCry is a sweet game with beautiful graphics. A lot of out door sences and it looks stunning.

I still have my job at Boeing. :eek: It's hard to imagine with all the lay offs that I have made it through. They have actually started to call some people back. So maybe it's on an up turn.

Kuuki 09-25-2004 05:56 AM



we're all doomed :P

GUNNER 09-25-2004 07:52 AM

Just the wings for the 737, 747,767 and 777. So if something else falls off the plane it's not my fault. ;)

Admiral 09-25-2004 09:08 AM

Hey Gunner.

Where is that map you promised oh so long ago? ;) (I never forget things)

Glad to see that you and your family are doing alright.

Kuuki 09-25-2004 09:14 AM


Originally posted by GUNNER
Just the wings for the 737, 747,767 and 777. So if something else falls off the plane it's not my fault. ;)



on the wing...



oh its just you gunner :P

GUNNER 09-26-2004 03:35 AM

Yep, just good ole me trying to tighten this bolt that holds the engine on. :eek:

Ray Jones 09-26-2004 12:40 PM

speaking about behaving, gunner..
knowing you have two kids, i blindly trust in your *bolthandling* qualities .. errm.. ;D

and damn they grow so fast.. my girl is 18 month now. i spend most of my time being amazed of how err.. amazing it is to see how she develops. what a luck i got a digi cam last birthday, with a big "magazine" .. this resulting in having already a couple of gigs of photos within the last year.. ^__^;

looky 'ere..

[edit] yeah. look how photobucket is failing blantantly.. :dozey:

Kuuki 09-26-2004 03:25 PM

dont use crappy sites :D

that should be good enough for your needs :)

ZBomber 09-26-2004 03:56 PM

Gunner! :D

Pay us a visit in the Collecting Forum! :xp:

Cmdr. Cracken 09-26-2004 07:00 PM

GUNNER! *big hug*

Long time no chat big man! how's everything? good, from the looks of it! Is your son blastig demons in doom III yet? ^^

anway, how'd things go with boeing?

anway, yes, i'm back, yes, i'll be here awhile.

and WHILE we're updating personal info, here's something that have happened since i left...

1) FFXI is on the way out, enter World of Warcraft, yar.

2) I'm a politics major now, going for international affairs. I wanna wrestle with the big dogs.

3) Still single..... *hints at the ladies* ^^:cool:

Lynk Former 09-26-2004 10:10 PM

*runs around with arms out like an aeroplane*

Philocleon 09-27-2004 06:11 AM

Gunner, it's interesting that you say you work at Boeing. My grandfather worked at Pratt and Whitney for the longest time making engines. Heck, when he was going through bootcamp in the Navy during WWII, they said that if you hd previously worked at Pratt and Whitney then you'd automatically get promoted to Crew Chief, which is basically a kind of airplane mechanic, seeing how a lot of the planes used in WWII had Pratt and Whitney engines.

Ray Jones 09-28-2004 01:51 AM

thanks kookie, but it seem to work now.. and i'm too lazy.. ;P

GUNNER 09-29-2004 07:00 AM

I'm still here.. ;)

Z , have I told ya I got some new SW legos. :)

Lynk Former 09-29-2004 07:06 AM


Originally posted by GUNNER
have I told ya I got some new SW legos. :)
Well what are you waiting for? Post up some pics of em XD We're dying to see lol.

GUNNER 09-30-2004 02:14 AM

OK, I'll get some pictures taken and get them up ASAP. ;)

Commander 598 10-01-2004 03:11 PM


Now where have I heard that name before...?

Dark Sad Shadow 10-01-2004 07:18 PM

i want a picture with gunn DADDY!! ey dady how its going...

hold me and put me in your back and lets take a trip:cool: :rolleyes:

Redwing 10-01-2004 07:53 PM


Those are the cutest pics ever. ^^ Hee

598: I dunno, but it sounds familiar. :D

GUNNER 10-06-2004 04:51 AM

Well DSS had I known you wanted to take a trip with me I would of brought you to Vegas as we just got back on Monday night. :)

It was great! :cool:

Philocleon 10-11-2004 02:40 PM

Vegas. Now there's a cool place. Of course i wouldn't go just for the gambling. I'd go just to see all the cool neon lights. :cool:

Kj°len 10-13-2004 05:32 PM

Ray: Your daughter is freaking aborable. :D

And I always thought that toddlers to 10 year olds were the worst times for children. XD

I want some. :(


Originally posted by GUNNER
Ouch, that hurts Kj****

Any particular reason why the rest of my name is censored? O_o;;;


Hmmm. :|

Dark Sad Shadow 10-14-2004 10:10 AM


Originally posted by GUNNER
Well DSS had I known you wanted to take a trip with me I would of brought you to Vegas as we just got back on Monday night. :)

It was great! :cool:

that was so low...:(
at least you could try a call ;)

GUNNER 10-15-2004 03:41 AM


Originally posted by Kj°len

Any particular reason why the rest of my name is censored? O_o;;;


Hmmm. :| [/B]
Yeah, I couln't figure out how to spell it. ;)

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