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Imladil 03-20-2001 07:26 PM

Please close the 'Nonsense' topic
Hey, could someone close the 'Nonsense' thread I started in the Pilot's Lounge? The character of this membership has changed since the last time I did a zen topic, and I don't think we can do so without launching into a flame war this time.

Anyway. Cross zen off the list of subjects for RS.Net...

Thank you,


Rogue9 03-20-2001 08:03 PM

know need to close it, there only one person posting inflamatory stuff there just delete his posts and we'll all be okay, or you could delete it to Imladil, I wouldn't fault you for it being that you don't want your thread turned into an ethics battleground

Official Forum Thread Hijacker

Imladil 03-20-2001 08:38 PM

I won't delete a thread, because it's bad form. Not to mention, it affects the writings of others...

However, I do feel that it should be closed. I will not respond in the thread any longer, and the matter should be put to rest.

Game over.

Rogue9 03-21-2001 03:53 AM

[This message has been edited by Rogue9 (edited March 21, 2001).]

Redwing 03-21-2001 05:55 AM

How depressing.

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Redwing 03-21-2001 06:05 AM

I have gotten rid of my answers to ICE...please forgive me Imadil :O

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

GUNNER 03-21-2001 07:57 AM


Imladil 03-21-2001 08:29 AM

Thanks, G.

Let us put this well behind us. I consider the matter closed, like the topic.

You're forgiven, Redwing.

Redwing 03-22-2001 02:59 AM

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Imladil 03-22-2001 09:10 AM

Hmmm. Darn topic doesn't wanna stay closed!

Lujayne, I'm sure you remember the fiasco over at XWA when I dared to draw a comparison between prayer and magic. In the midst of all that, Stealth himself told me that religion and politics were usually a bad idea for forum discussions...and I've respected his opinion on the matter.

But you know me! I love to talk about mysticism, and manage to discuss zen, yoga and other philosophy without crashing into that 'religion wall.' Sometimes, I even talk briefly about God without using a specific religious context, toeing the line as it were.

Lujayne, Gunner, if you guys want to do a 'God topic,' I'll certainly oblige. I do think this forum is mature enough to handle it. I do, however, need to know that I'm not gonna find my sorry ass banned for doing so!

Lujayne 03-22-2001 06:29 PM Silly Imladil, I would never ban someone for wanting to talk about religion and beliefs.
Yes, I remember some of the "problems" it caused back at XWA, and even here, but I would have to say that that was some time ago, and since then some certain members (who shall remain nameless) who seemed to want to do nothing but argue (and argue quite hot-headedly I might add), have left. (as I always say, 1. he who has an arguement cannot compete with he who has an experience and 2. lighthouses blow no horns; they only shine--it always baffles me how people think they can convince someone of something if only they argue loud enough and have enough apologetics to choke an elephant...I've found that words should be a last resort in most matters, because action speaks louder than any arguement!)
(So if you ever want to start another topic on religion or beliefs of any kind, feel free)
And that's my speil for the day.

Imladil 03-22-2001 07:58 PM

Well, I knew that.

'Tis the wrath of Stealth of which I speak.

Imladil 03-27-2001 09:38 AM


I've chosen to test the waters by jumping into the 'Religion' thread Jabba started at XWA.

If that manages to keep from opening up into full-out heretic headhunting--which it has so far despite Conor's introduction into the discussion*--then I will start a serious religious topic here.

Vive la resistance.

<font size=1>*Joking! Conor is my good friend and debate partner...</font>

Rogue9 03-28-2001 02:27 AM

I am simply watching that thread to see what happens, if it goes well I'll probably join in, or maybe I'll start the thread over here

Official Forum Thread Hijacker

Imladil 03-28-2001 08:56 AM

So far, it's gone well.

No flames that I can see.

You may start the topic when ready, Nine. Your project for speaking up...

Rogue9 03-28-2001 02:50 PM


Redwing 03-29-2001 03:53 AM

I like the topic.

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Imladil 03-29-2001 10:15 AM

That's because no one's really disagreed with each other yet... Http://

No, seriously. It is going well.

Redwing 03-30-2001 03:31 AM


Imadil I think this Http:// smiley is really cool (expressive too), does it belong to you?

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Imladil 04-01-2001 09:16 AM


You may have this one:

Grand_Admiral_Ice 04-01-2001 08:34 PM

I love arguing (It's a shame I suck at it), maybe I'll start making fun of your beliefs. So shall I?

*The above message was a bad joke brought to you by G.A.I. But if you really want me to, just give me a call*

Yvan eht nioj!
Yvan eht nioj!
Yvan eht nioj!
Yvan eht nioj!

Imladil 04-01-2001 09:39 PM

Well, a little bit is okay, but if you cause too many problems you can be totally banished from these forums. Thanks for playing.

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