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Darth NeoVenom 10-01-2004 05:01 PM

Matrix Reborn
Matrix Reborn

During the time of the truce between the people of Zion and the machines, Zion has repaired majority of the major damage that was caused by the war. The machines have agreed to free people who already knew that the Matrix existed. This action has altered their source of energy. Even though the new source of energy the machines are obtaining is sufficient for them to surface, it is not as abundant as the energy that is produced by the human body. Secretly, the machines are still continuing the process of growing babies, so that they can have enough energy to invade and destroy Zion. This has been kept a secret until now...

In a tall skyscraper looking onto the city of the Matrix world, a fairly young man a gray suit is working on his laptop. But this is no ordinary work he is doing. "Almost there..." he says as he types on the keyboard in front of him. "This would have been extremely hard for an inexperienced person." Mr. Jones looks onto the laptop's screen which is displaying various information about the Matrix. He continues to hack cautiously and stumbles across specific information that made him stop dead in his tracks. Mr. Jones opens his mouth and words in a whisper escapes from his mouth. "I can't believe this. I can't believe this."
Mr. Jones quickly opens his desk drawers and searches for something. "This will do." He says as he reaches down and grabs a computer disk. Cautiously looking around, Mr. Jones inserts the disk into the laptop's disk drive and hits enter on the keyboard. Moments later, a bar appears on the laptop's screen indicating that the download is complete. Mr. Jones reaches towards the phone cable and disconnects it. He quickly closes his laptop, presses a button on the side of it, and extracts the disk. Exiting his office, Mr. Jones takes the nearest stairs and exits the building. "I must notify someone, but whom?" He mumbles to himself.

Outside the Matrix, two ships known as the Infiltrator and Zeus are hovering thru a small tunnel. In the Infiltrator's cockpit, Arcon, captain of the Infiltrator, speaks to the ship's operator, Radar. "We are almost done with this patrol." Radar lets out a sigh and exclaims, "Thank God!" A crackling noise is heard from one of the speakers in the Zeus' cockpit. It is followed by a muffled voice, "This is Arcon. We are done with this section, over." Meanwhile, in one of the sections of the Infiltrator, five crew members are eating together. Barely touching is food, NeoVenom speaks out. "I have this feeling that the truce we have with the machines will not last long." Zaphire stops eating and looks at NeoVenom's face, followed by Tepe's, Wire's. then at Shadow's, and down at the scrappy looking bowl in front of her.

Evil Dark Jedi 10-01-2004 05:21 PM

Nekro was walking around the Zeus when he saw a machine outside floating past. "Look everyone there is a machine out there. I wonder what its waiting for" said Nekro staring at the machine.

Moments later, two more machines come past. "I think somethings wrong with those machines. They seem to be waiting for something to happen" said Nekro once again to the crew. Nekro approached the communicator of the Zeus and said into to it to the Infiltrator "There are three machines just floating out side our ship be careful."

Darth NeoVenom 10-01-2004 05:38 PM

"Let us go quickly before something happens." Arcon replies back. He continues to speak, "Maybe they are looking for something." One of the three Sentinels extends one of it's tentacles. At the very end of tentacle, it opened up forming a satellite. The three Sentinels zooms away from the two ships. "That was close." Radar says to Arcon.

weiderudare 10-02-2004 12:54 AM

Shadow stared at his food, remembering his favorite meatballs inside the Matrix.
"It's a pity we don't have...whats it called... good food?"
He took a mouthfull.
"Tastes like banana"

Darth NeoVenom 10-02-2004 07:42 AM

Zaphire smirks and says, "This beats having nothing to eat." She picks up her spoon full of what looks like apple sauce, tilts the spoon, and lets it hit the bowl again. Zaphire straightens her face and looks at NeoVenom. "Nobody knows how long this truce is going to last, but one thing for sure...." Zaphire looks down at the table and looks up at NeoVenom again, "...Neo saved Zion." She scoops up a spoon full of the apple sauce like food and eats it.

Curt-Man 10-02-2004 04:22 PM

"wierd, i doubt the machines are really going to keep the truce" Rouge said as he walked through the platforms of Zeus.

Evil Dark Jedi 10-02-2004 05:48 PM

"I dont think they are" said Nekro who was walking to the kitchen to get some food.

Darth NeoVenom 10-03-2004 08:43 AM

Meanwhile, back at Mr. Jones office, the door smashes open and in the doorway stands an Agent. "Where is he?" he says to a man who is Mr. Jones' boss. The man shivers with a fright and begins to talk. "I...I...I don't know. He was suppose to be in here." The Agent presses onto his left ear and exits the room. Mr. Jones picks up his pace as he continues to walk the sidewalk. Looking over his shoulder, he spots an agent at a distance and quickly turns the corner. Mr. Jones hides in an alley way and checks if a door is open. To his luck, the door was unlock.

Mandalorian54 10-03-2004 09:33 PM

Rufio was walking towards the kitchen when he came to Necro and Rouge, "Hey guys, what's up?"

Curt-Man 10-04-2004 05:10 AM

"we were discussing the machines and thier 'truce' i think its pitiful, but then again, Neo did talk with the master machine, so i don't know."

Darth NeoVenom 10-04-2004 05:45 AM

Radar exits the cockpit of the Infiltrator and proceeds towards a seat in front of various computer screens, three displaying green symbols scrolling downward. He waves at his other crew mates as he passes by. "Let's see what's going on in here." Radar says as he takes the seat and looks onto the three screens displaying the Matrix in coding. "What the hell..?" Radar says in a puzzled voice. "What is it?" Zaphire asks. Radar looks at Zaphire and says, “There's a chase going on, but this is no normal chase. There are agents following this guy and not just one, but three." NeoVenom looks at Tepe, Zaphire, Wire and Shadow, "Three of them?"

Mr. Jones hurried up the stairs, not looking back. He looks around and notices that he is in back of what looks like the cooking area of a Chinese store. "Pardon me...” Mr. Jones says as he pass by various workers. He exits the store and stops by a pay phone right next to him. Picking it up, he marks various numbers.

A ringing noise can be heard from where Radar was sitting. He looks at headphones in surprise and quickly puts them on. "Operator...” Radar says into the small microphone. Not knowing the voice belongs to Mr. Jones, Radar waits for a reply. "I hold important information that Zion should know about. Please meet me at these coordinates. I'll be wearing a grey suit. Please...there is not much time." The voice coming from the other line gave Radar the coordinates. Moments later, the sound of gun fire can be heard and the call is dropped. Radar gets up from the seat and heads to the cockpit in a sprint. "Sir, we received a call from someone in the Matrix. He requested for us to meet him in the Matrix. He says he holds important information that Zion should know about." Arcon, still looking forward, remains silent for a second. "Do you know who it is?" He asks Radar. "No sir, but whoever he is, his in trouble and is being chased by Agents as we speak. The call was dropped before I even had a chance to ask him who he is."
Arcon was a little bit shocked of what Radar just told him. "Someone is being chased by Agents?" He thought to himself. "I see...notify the Zeus. We are settling down." Arcon says to Radar. A crackling noise can be heard from the Zeus' cockpit once more. A muffled voice, which is Radar, starts to speak. "We are settling down. Arcon request to speak to all of you regarding information we just received."

weiderudare 10-04-2004 07:56 AM

Shadow looked up.
"Into the matrix?"
He dropped his spoon into the food and got out of the kitchen, closely followed by Wire who quickly ate the rest of her food before running to the bridge

jokemaster 10-04-2004 03:33 PM

Jokemaster picked up the call from the Infiltrator.
"All right, I'm going in with you. Hold on a minute." He covered the mic with his hand and yelled "YO PULSE! CALL FOR YOU! THATCH LOAD UP THE PROGRAM I'M JACKING IN." He quickly went to the chairs and waited for Thatch to give him the signal.

Mandalorian54 10-04-2004 04:12 PM

Rufio listens to Rouge and then adds, "I don't think we have to worry about the machines. They are machines after all, they only do things for logical reasons, and they would not break the truce. I'm more worried about some fool doing something stupid that would ruin the truce." Then Rufio hears Jokemaster yelling something to Thatch about Jacking in, "Hmm...what's going on in the cocpit?" Rufio starts to wander towards the cocpit and looks back to see if Necro and Rouge would continue their conversation, or come with him.

Evil Dark Jedi 10-04-2004 06:24 PM

"He is going into the Matrix. Lets go" said Nekro. He went to the cockpit and looked at Thatch. "I am going in. Jack me up" said Nekro. Nekro sat on the chair and looked up. He waited for the plug to go in.

Curt-Man 10-04-2004 07:12 PM

"i'm coming" Rouge ran up and jumped in the seat
"lets roll."

Evil Dark Jedi 10-05-2004 05:17 AM

Nekro felt the plug go into his head. When Nekro opened his eyes he lookd around and saw some of his fellow crew-mates.

Curt-Man 10-05-2004 05:36 AM

Rouge opened his eyes to see his crew-mates, rouge was in baggy pants tucked into army boots with a black tank top on.

Darth NeoVenom 10-05-2004 08:49 AM

Pulse meets up with Rufio and Thatch, who was handling the wheel, at the Zues' cockpit. Thatch quickly gets up and let's Pulse handle the wheel while he goes to the core, where Jokemaster, Nekro, and Rogue are waiting. "Impatience...." Thatch says out loud with a slight laughter while exiting the cockpit. "Wonder what it is?" Pulse says to Rufio as he sees the Infiltrator settling down. He begins to settle down the Zeus as Thatch jacks Jokemaster, Nekro, and Rogue into the Matrix. He then proceeds to his operating seat.

In the Matrix, Nekro appears in a small, dimly lit room. The windows of the room are all boarded up and everything is cover by dust and cobwebs. Nekro's cell phone rings and breaks the silence in the room. "Wait for the others and wait for instructions." said Thatch. Nekro is then met up with Rogue and Jokemaster, who both appear a couple of inches away from him.

The Infiltrator slightly shook as it landed on its legs. A voice is heard in the cockpit. "This is Pulse,captain of the Zeus. A few of my crew already jacked themselves into the Matrix." Arcon turns to Radar, "Tell the others to get ready." Arcon presses a switch and tells Pulse the news that Radar has given to him earlier. "How odd..." Pulse says thru the Infiltrator's speakers. "I'll inform the rest of my crew." NeoVenom, Zaphire, and Tepe met up with Shadow and Wire at the bridge. "Everyone take your seats." Radar said to them all. Arcon appears at the bridge. "Good luck everybody and be careful." says Arcon. NeoVenom, Zaphire, and Tepe head to the core and take their seats. Meanwhile, Pulse stands up from the seat he was sitting in, "Get Ready Rufio." He exits the cockpit to inform Thatch on his ship and the others in the Matrix about the information he received from Arcon.

Mr. Jones manages to loose the Agents and police men that were chasing him. He then heads off towards the direction he told Radar about. NeoVenom, Zaphire, and Tepe find themselves in a basement, which was lit by two small up against the wall to their left. "We're in..." NeoVenom says thru his cell phone to Radar. Zaphire fixes up her black tummy shirt and blue leather jacket and pants. "Like my new look?" She looks at NeoVenom thru her blue shades with a smile. NeoVenom,wearing a long black trench coat, black pants, black shirt, and black shades smiles back, "Beats what I'm wearing". They patiently for Shadow and Wire to join them. "The crew members of the Zeus are right next to you, in an old store. Meet up with them and then head towards the direction the man has given to me. Neither I and Thatch, the Zeus' operator, could have set you closer to your destination." Radar says thru the other end.

weiderudare 10-05-2004 12:30 PM

Shadow shook his head slowly, trying to get rid of the dizzy feelings in his head. He was wearing an agent like suit, but in totally black with a bloodred tie. Checking his gun he smiled at the others.
"So, time to find us some trouble eh?"
Wire fixed her all white clothes. Under the long greyish coat a uzi could be seen.
"Yeah right Shadow... If you used your brain once in a while, maybe, and I mean, just maybe, you could actually learn to shoot that thing"
She turned to the rest of the crew.

jokemaster 10-05-2004 12:54 PM

Jokemaster goes to find the Infiltrator's crew.

Curt-Man 10-06-2004 05:19 AM

Rouge follows jokemaster, they enter the building where the infiltrators crew was.
"hello, everybody, lets go find the information man."

Black Knight of Keno 10-06-2004 07:05 AM

((Sorry I haven't been on for a while...))

Tepe looked at the two next to him. He smirked at the two wearing either black or dark blue and black clothes, as he was wearing a long whit trench coat, white pants and a white shirt with a light grey belt where ahngs two holsters and two Beretta's holstered in them. He took a pair of black sunglasses from the pocket over his chest and put them on, stepping towards the door. "Shall we?" he asked and heard the door open. He made a raction that he was used to before the truce, and drew his other pistol and pointed it at the door that opened. As he saw they were from the other ship, he holstered the gun and frowned

Darth NeoVenom 10-06-2004 11:02 AM

As the door opens, NeoVenom and Zaphire look at both Rogue and Jokemaster. "In a moment we'll leave." NeoVenom says to Rogue. He introduces himself, "My name is NeoVenom." NeoVenom then points at each of his fellow crew members and says their name. "This is Zaphire, Tepe, Shadow, and Wire."

At the old store, Pulse appears in it. He takes out his cell phone. Pressing a couple of numbers, the ringing turn is hear. "Operator... says Thatch. "I'm in. Seems like Jokemaster and Rogue already went to meet up the Infiltrator's crew." "Those two seem rather impatient..." Thatch said with a laughter on the other end of the line.

jokemaster 10-06-2004 02:18 PM

"Good to see you. Any new info?"

Evil Dark Jedi 10-06-2004 09:20 PM

Nekro looked at his clothes. He was wearing a black t-shirt and long black pants. "Waiting for instructions sir" said Nekro into his communicator." He watched Jokemaster and Rouge go off to find the Infiltrator crew.

Curt-Man 10-07-2004 05:12 AM

Rouge checked over his walters then holstered them again.
"as far as i know, we are looking for someone who has vital information, what about you?"

Darth NeoVenom 10-07-2004 09:22 AM

Pulse nods towards Nekro. "Let us wait a bit to see if Rufio will join us. Let Jokemaster and Rogue know we are here."

NeoVenom walks to the basement's window and looks out towards the street. "We are here to meet up with someone as well. Guess we have the same purpose of being here." Zaphire looks around the room and at every person who is in the room. NeoVenom takes out his cell from his trench coat pocket and calls Radar. "Operator..." says Radar at the other end of the line. "Are there any major activity going on outside?" asks NeoVenom as he look outside the small window. "There are Agents and multiple cops patrolling the area. I advise all of you to be careful and stay out of sight. If Agents spot you, they will ask questions and if you answer wrong, they will kill you." NeoVenom lets out a sign, "Thanks Radar."
NeoVenom pushes the antenna of the cell phone back to its place and closes the phone. "Well this would definitely not be easy." NeoVenom says with a sigh. "What's wrong, NeoVenom?" Zaphire asks with a hint of worry in her voice. "Cops are patrolling outside. Not only cops, but three Agents as well." NeoVenom combs his hair back with his hand and a look of disappointment crosses his face.


(Out of Character: Jase_Morden, you can take control of Pulse now. If you want me to control Thatch, I can do it.)

jokemaster 10-07-2004 01:36 PM

Jokemaster called Neovenom and said. "You probably know about the law enforcement outside. We could try to wait it out for awhile, and if if takes too long we run"

Curt-Man 10-07-2004 04:14 PM

"or we could leave through the top of the building, but i'm not the leadr here, so its up to you guys." rouge said as he shifted his weight.

jokemaster 10-07-2004 04:52 PM

Jokemaster shook his head. "No, too suspicious. The agents will notice it more.

Jase_Morden 10-07-2004 07:07 PM

Pulse simply stood still and looked around for a moment, he found a ladder outside the back door, "Well isn't that convenient," Pulse pushed a few buttons on his phone. Thatch answers idiotically with, "Hello? Uhh, I mean, Operator,".
"You've been on my ship for two whole years and you still answer with Hello? Anyway that's not the point, what's up that ladder out the back in that alleyway?" Pulse asked
"Something not too safe, Boss," Thatch replied.
"What's that? An Agent?"
"Not really, more like four or five SWAT Snipers,"
"I'll take 'em," Pulse told Thatch.
"But you'll be-" Thatch was cut short when Pulse hung up.
Pulse pocketed his phone and walked towards the ladder, a hand landed on his shoulder before he could get there, and Pulse turned to see an Agent, one that he was particularly familiar with.
"Agent Johnson,"
"Why, you remembered my name, I'm touched," said Johnson sarcastically.
"What do you want?" Pulse said through gritted teeth.
"Oh, nothing now, but when the time comes, I'll need a few favours from you, good bye," Johnson told him, he then walked back down into the darkness of the alleyway. Pulse ran after him, but Johnson had disappeared.

jokemaster 10-07-2004 07:36 PM

Jokemaster paced around the room. He was wearing what had caused him to be labeled as a rebel: Denim jacket, only one arm in its sleeve, green pants, and a white/green t-shirt. Strangely he managed to make the outfit look good, although no one ever said so.

Evil Dark Jedi 10-07-2004 11:38 PM

Nekro left the building and saw sniper on top of his building. He jumped up(hey remember were in the matrix we can jump as high as long as we want) and landed behind the sniper. Nekro bent down and broke the snipers neck. Nekro checked the snipers pulse and found that he was dead. Nekro looked around and saw four other sniper. "This is Nekro I know where the SWAT snipers are. There a locationed on every building infront of the building ai appeared in. Be cautious" said Nekro into his communicator.

Darth NeoVenom 10-08-2004 04:44 AM

NeoVenom hears a noise from one of the Zeus' crew members followed by Nekro's message. "Great, there are snipers. I have a feeling we are going to be traveling underground or out of sight." NeoVenom says to the group in front of him. He looks at Jokemaster and Rogue, "Let's move out, I guess will meet up with the rest of your group at the place where we are going." With that said, NeoVenom exits the stairs to the right of the basement. Zaphire quickly follows him.

A loud smash and the sound of shattered concrete is heard from where Nekro is standing. Nekro can feel the ground shake slighty underneath his feet. An Agent known as Agent Jackson landed a couple of feets away from Nekro after doing a high jump. "You honest think we can't see you when you perform "out of the ordinary" actions? When one person sees you, we can see you..." The Agent gets up to his feet. He then looks at the dead SWAT sniper next to Nekro. "I'm disappointed in you humans. You all cause more problems then a virus in the Matrix."

From where Pulse is standing, he can hear various footsteps above him. "Where is he?" says one voice. "Maybe downstairs..." says another. About five police men where above Pulse, one of them takes the stairs leading down to the basement. Pulse can see the light from the flashlighter growing bigger as the Police man proceeds downward.

Jase_Morden 10-08-2004 10:23 PM

Pulse leaps to the wall of the building next to him, then jumps off it, onto the other side of the alleyway, he continues to jump back and forth until he reaches the roof where the snipers are. He reaches into his belt and pulls out an 18C Auto Pistol, he holds down the trigger, aiming at one of the snipers and several bullets enter the back of the sniper's skull, killing him instantly.

The other SWAT Snipers hear him and quickly spin around to try and shoot him, but Pulse jumps above the one closest to him and lands upside down with his hands on the sniper's shoulders. Pulse flips and throws the sniper off the ledge, he follows the sniper off the ledge, but grab onto a windowsill, swinging into an apartment, two storeys down.


(I'll remember not to control an Agent next time. But I should say between Agent Johnson and Pulse, there seems to be a neutral bond, which is why he didn't injure Pulse at all... yet)

Evil Dark Jedi 10-08-2004 10:58 PM

Nekro turned and looked at the agent. Nekro jumped off the building and ran too the shop.

Darth NeoVenom 10-09-2004 02:54 PM

Agent Jackson takes out his desert eagle and shoots at Nekro, but misses. He then runs to the edge and jumps off it. Everything around the spot where Agent Jackson landed shook violently. He looks to his left and right, but Nekro is no where to be seen. "Where is he?" Agent Jackson says thru clenched teeth.

Screams filled the air as the SWAT sniper’s body hit the sidewalk. Many people ran in different directions as Police men entered the building.

NeoVenom stopped and held out his right hand, indicating for everyone that is behind him to stop. Police sirens can be heard from the outside. "It seems like someone caught the police's attention." NeoVenom says. "Hurry...let's go." With that said NeoVenom picked up his pace and ran towards the end of the hall. Zaphire did the same thing and looked behind to see if everyone else is following.

Jase_Morden 10-09-2004 06:19 PM

Pulse lands in a deserted kitchen, seeing an elderly couple sitting in the living room. He quickly runs out to the fire escape, the old man turns around and sees the window shades blowing in the breeze, "I'll be right back, Beatrice," the old man walks into the Kitchen, "What was it, dear?" asks the old lady. But there's no response.
Meanwhile, Pulse is bolting at an insanely fast speed down the fire escape, "Just my luck," he says to himself, as he sees at least ten police officers weilding Berettas all aimed at him. "Get down on the ground, hands on your head, you are under arrest," said the police Chief through the speaker.
"I'd like to see you make me," Pulse said to himself as he just stood there staring right back at them.

Darth NeoVenom 10-10-2004 06:45 AM

"THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!!! COME DOWN OR WE WILL OPEN FIRE!!!" yelled the chief. Pulse can see an Agent coming out of an alley next to the building which he is on. Another Agent appears in the swarm of Police men underneath. "It is no use..." said the Agent known as Agent Thompson to the police men around him. Without hesitation, both Agents take out their desert eagles and open fire upon Pulse.

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