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Rogue15 10-15-2001 12:15 PM

Who wants fastest time forums...
I think they'd be great, we could like have one for each forum. So, 1 for Rogue Squadron forum, 1 for Rogue Leader Forum, and 1 for Battle for Naboo forum.

It's not going to happen tho if no one is interested. Even then, it might not happen...

So, whoever is interested in one, please say so.

snooozer 10-15-2001 05:51 PM

I agree.

I would like to see a Fast Times & Challenges Board.

it should be labeled just like that since Challenges (ie: beat Raid on Sullust in the TIE Interceptor) are just as popular as regular Fast Times. so yeah it should be called a Fast Times & Challenges board.

and I think it should be its OWN board, as in, one board for all 3 games: Rogue Squadron, Battle for Naboo, and Rogue Leader. in that board we can have 5 seperate topics. 1 for Rogue Squadron PC, 1 for Battle for Naboo PC, another 2 for the N64 versions of Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo, and 1 more topic for Rogue Leader. then we can have seperate topics for Challenges competitions, etc.

we've done this kind of thing at before and it REALLY brings in the traffic. people would check in more than every hour everyday just to make sure they're World Record time hadn't been beaten. it really sparks up the competitive spirit and gets a lot of people involved in the thing that matters the most: GAMEPLAY.


snooozer 10-15-2001 05:53 PM

anyway, yeah, I think there should be just *one* board for Fast Times & Challenges, and it should span for all 3 games (RS, BFN, RL) instead of having 3 seperate boards for each one. it would be very popular, I definitely would like to see it included here at

by the time everyone beats Rogue Leader and gets all the Gold medals and stuff, people will be looking for excuses to beat the game more and do stuff that's challenging since they already conquered the game. this is the kind of thing that will bring in MAJOR TRAFFIC at the beginning of next year after most everyone has beaten Rogue Leader.


Rogue15 10-15-2001 06:43 PM

hey, perhaps we could simply change the strategy forum to like a 'war room', NO! THE BATTLE CHAMBER LIKE IN TIE FIGHTER!!!!!!!

PLEASE IKHNATON!!! So it would look like this:

The Battle Chamber
<font size=1>Do you got the speed and reflexes to beat the fastest times in the galaxy? </font>

cmon, it's be so darn cool!!!!!

[note: I'm just suggesting something, and am not trying to start a rebellion here, if any of that happens, consider me not to be the one at fault.]

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Lynk Former 10-16-2001 04:37 AM

"Do you got the speed"?... shouldn't it be "Do you have the speed..."


Wade Vox 10-16-2001 04:16 PM

But what if people started posting fake times. Like

Rogue15 10-16-2001 07:12 PM

Trust me tho, about 95% of these guys don't lie. And why would someone lie over a fast time, they're not going to win anything cause of it.

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Redwing 10-16-2001 09:21 PM

I don't have the TIME. -_-

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Rogue15 10-16-2001 09:57 PM


Originally posted by Redwing:
I don't have the TIME. -_-

well, what do you think of it, do you think it would be cool to have the forum anyway?

A wise moff controls through a fear of force, rather than actual force itself.

Lujayne 10-17-2001 05:44 AM

What do you like better, the War Room, or the Battle Chamber?

Rogue15 10-17-2001 01:26 PM

I like Battle Chamber better, it's in TIE Fighter.

A wise moff controls through a fear of force, rather than actual force itself.

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