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Imladil 04-25-2001 09:02 PM

Bonus on 'Borvo the Hutt?'
My favorite level is (by far) the one where you go after Borvo the Hutt.

When the level is finished, though, I notice that there is a bonus required for a gold medal! I've kept my eyes open, but still haven't seen anything that looks like a bonus...the only part of the mission where there would be enough time would be the middle, while you're looking for Borvo with Kolkassa's (sp?) help.

So. Where is that bad boy, anyway?

Rogue Renegade 04-26-2001 04:04 AM

Yes, that's right. Head NW after the first battle (middle section) through a valley and you'll find a small village with your bonus. Then follow the nav computer to get to Borvo. Just to warn you, if you take a "long cut" en route to the bonus you'll get nailed fast.

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Imladil 04-26-2001 09:58 AM

Oh, I've shot that whole village area up without seeing the bonus! What do you have to do?

I played the 'Search for Captain Kael' level half a dozen times before I realized that there was a power-up at the mining facility. I just happened to drive through it one day...

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Rogue-for-Higher 04-26-2001 10:24 AM

Look in the trees nere the villiage.

Whats the bonus in Cap. Kael and where is it?

Wade Vox 04-26-2001 04:06 PM


Originally posted by Imladil:

...Kolkassa's (sp?)...

I like that level too!
It's Kol Kotha, a Gran (like Ree-Yees). Funny. I never saw any Grans in the movie!

Imladil 04-26-2001 07:44 PM

In the 'Search for Kael,' the power-up is at the automated mining facility...the one protected by the laser emplacements.

There is a conical building with a hollow space underneath, and you just drive through it like a speeder wash.

Sykes says 'Strange, my shields seem stronger,' or somesuch. It is a shield power-up.

snooozer 04-27-2001 04:45 AM

that's not actually a power-up, and you don't just drive through it.

it recharges your shields (your health). but it takes a few seconds to do it, you can't just drive thru like you're at a McDonalds. so in other words, if you're on like red or red/orange health, hop inside that energy field in the main Mining building and stay in there a few seconds until you see your life health regenerate back to green or blue (blue if you have the Advanced Shields powerup).

i guess thats all i have to say, but whats up with those of you using Double Missiles codes for Gold medals? on the first level no less! dam! i beat this whole game without any codes and that includes all Platinums, of course i had some help but gave lots of help also (only on the Plat medals). but you should at least be able to get all Golds by yourself without cheating. the Golds are waay easier than the Golds in Rogue Squadron (for n64 anyway. i heard the PC version of Rogue is easier, i only played the 1-level demo so it's hard to say).


Rogue-for-Higher 04-30-2001 11:16 AM

RE:it recharges your shields (your health).

I herd about that in the cometary when you use TALKTOME code on the N64.

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