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wax_beerman 10-17-2004 04:25 PM

I wanna play JK
Where on earth can i find a place to play JK. I think the zone is down, i've been away for a very long time, so im wondering where i can go.

Also What happened to the mods for JK that were on this site?

Boba Rhett 10-17-2004 04:30 PM

I wish there was a place to find JK games still. I really miss playing it too. I think the best you can do is find some people who want to start up a game of it with you. Perhaps you'd be interested in trying out Rbots? As for mods,

Neverhoodian 10-17-2004 05:55 PM

Well, there's no stopping you from playing the SP mode. I know it's not as challenging, but it's still fun to play.

I've hardly played any JK MP. I tried Rbots, but they kept on running into corners.

I suppose if you're desperate to extend the game's replay value, you can check out the custom mods and SP levels on that Rhett posted the link for.

wax_beerman 10-18-2004 12:21 PM

wow, i didnt think they were actualy going to finish Rbots...

but i dont think it will replace the fun of beating up on CESC, IGF, and SDO.
Ill give it a shot.

wax_beerman 10-18-2004 02:58 PM

no... its not the same as assulting a clan at their home base map with about 15 alt tabbed people you didnt realise were in there while you rampage through the halls to "assassinate" their leader.

All i good fun of course, they could have just booted me.

Thats it, i need to find some way to resurect JK.

Dusk 11-11-2005 06:15 AM

JK being near dead wont be easy to find a MP game, but there's 2 dedicated servers coming up when I enter, one sbx@votj and another FF rotate (30 mins). hope to see u there some weekend


Kurgan 11-11-2005 11:22 AM

Guys, apart from the dedicated servers there IS a place to play, at least last time I checked. Install Gamespy arcade and you can search for people who have the game installed (assuming you have it installed and configured GSA to know that) and then invite them to your room for a game of JK/MotS.

You can use Qtracker to find servers, but only if the people are using QT uplink to host on it...

But the best way to get a game going is the old fashioned way, to organize it beforehand and then meet up and play. You can't just host a game and hope people will join, sadly, those days are long past. :(

Rbots is great, I just wish they had retained the classic sabers instead of trying to force you to use a glowblade varient (cool as it is, sometimes I just like the look of old school!).

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