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Mandalorian54 10-17-2004 09:44 PM

Blood Hunt - Rules, discussion, and OOC.
Blood hunt
Rules, Details, Outline
Shadow Wars

1- No Godmoding.

2- No Out Of Character (OOC) posting in the story thread. All OOC posting goes in this thread.

3- You may only control one character.

4- You may not control NPCs or each otherís characters. I control the NPCs.

5- Your character has to be either a vampire or a werewolf.

6- Your character can die, and you can kill other characters. To kill another character or to die not only must the circumstances be appropriate but I and the character being killed must be informed. The actual kill post will be posted by myself. You may not post a kill yourself but have to first request it in this thread.

7- Everyone who joins has to post at least once every two days and may not post more than once a day. If your unable to post please post in this thread that you wonít be able to post. If you donít post for a whole week I will kill your character. If you are unable to post at least once every two days let me know and an exception can be made provided you agree to post as often as you can.

8- There will be an ingame clock, stay within the timeframe. That means you canít travel halfway across the city in a single post. Depending on the circumstances most people should be going at the same speed, but some people may be dueling or something and be in a separate timeframe from everyone else. At the top of each of my posts will be the current time and other timezones for other players whose names will be specified. Donít act outside the boundaries of your timezone.

9- If someone thinks something someone else wrote is cheap, unrealistic, impossible, etcÖ Post your complaint in this thread and we will discus it and correct it if necessary.

Okay, the rules are laid out, hereís how to make your character. Fill out the profile below choosing one of the available options in (quotations) where listed and filling out the rest on your own. Heed the special notes in [brackets].

Gender: (male, female)
Age: [no one may be older than 200]
Race: (werewolf, vampire)
Faction: (Swords of Silverwood, Black Illusion.) [If you chose to be werewolf your faction is Ė Swords of Silverwood, if you chose to be vampire your faction is Ė Black Illusion.]
Rank: (Hunter, Scout, Soldier, Engineer, non-combatant)
Skills: [make up any skills you want, everyone may have three skills of their own conjuring to be particularly good at, everything else no one has an advantage at over other players. If, and you may, you have the same skill(s) as another player your both equal strength at that skill.]

here are the abuilities each race has:
werewolves: (1) can change to wolf form at will (Takes one turn) (2) have increased physical strength in wolf form(3) can jump fifty feet in wolf form(4) can transform a human into a werewolf with one bite (transformation takes one full day) (5) heal minor wounds in one hour, major wounds in six hours, and mortal wounds in 24 hours in human form (6) heal minor wounds in 15 minutes, major wounds in 1.5 hours, and mortal wounds in 12 hours in wolf form. (7) can use their claws to climb walls in wolf form.

Vampires: (1) can jump 20 feet (2) heal minor wounds in 30 minutes, major wounds in three hours, and mortal wounds in 18 hours. (3) can transform a human into a vampire with one bite (transformation takes one full day) (4) stronger than a werewolf's human form but not a wolf form.

Thatís all there is to making your character.

Here is some information on the two factions so you can better decide which you want to be.

The Black Illusion have total control of the city. But they are weak because they have been unchallenged for so long. Also they donít know that the werewolves have even settled in the city. The Swords of Silverwood have only recently settled in the city and so their weakness is a lack of knowledge of the terrain, but they have the element of surprise and hope to someday overthrow the Black Illusion.
The Black Illusionís goal is just to maintain their control of the city, they are used to occasional minor threats like the odd rouge vampire or werewolf, but they are mostly laid back and just enjoy life.
The Swords of Silverwood will try for as long as possible to keep a low profile and if any do get caught hope that the vampires will only believe it to be an odd appearance, nothing more. Also with clever tactics and deception they hope to seize control.

The conflict between these two factions wonít be completely resolved in this story, rather this story will only be the first chapter of the story.

Evil Dark Jedi 10-18-2004 02:37 AM

Name: Charok
Gender: Male
Age: 123
Race: Vampire
Faction: Black Illusion
Rank: Soldier
Skills: Can jump 50ft.

I will add more larer.

Darth NeoVenom 10-18-2004 08:16 AM

Sounds Interesting. :D

Name: NeoVenom :rolleyes:
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Werewolf
Faction: Swords of Silverwood
Rank: Hunter
Skills: NeoVenom can gain speed while running in human form and can gain even faster speed in werewolf form. He knows many Kung-Fu styles and can transform slightly faster than the fellow comrades.

Wanted to add his description. He wears all black and in back on his trench coat, there'z a Snake wrapping itself around a sword and shield that are vertical. He has light brown hair, a little bit past his ears and brown eyes. Fairly built. He also has two hidden blades that extend from his coat's arm (If that'z alright.) The weapon he carries will be told as soon as I figure out the limitations.

What are the limitations on what guns and bullets we can carry?

Mandalorian54 10-18-2004 11:07 AM

Thanks for joining guys.

Okay, I know I was pretty vague about the skills but I meant things like, martial arts, sniper rifles, knife combat, running, jumping...stuff like that.

Sorry Evil Dark Jedi but Charok can not sprout wings from his back. And jumping a hundred meters is a bit too much. If you want to convert meters to feet a meter is three feet. When I did long jump at a track and field competition people could jump around ten feet with a run. If you want your character to be able to jump extra far I would say fifty feet. That's enough to jump from one building across a city street to another building, sound fair?

And Darth Neovenom, all the werewolves can transform at will, if you want to make an abuility you could be able to transform faster.

And for both of you, you get three abuilities, not just two.

I'll edit my above post to include abuilities that each race already has, anything not listed you can't do. So sprouting wings would not be listed so no one can sprout wings. Transforming into a wolf at will is listed as a werewolf abuility so all werewolves can transform to wolf form at will.

Edit: try to keep your abuilities in the physical relm as apposed to the supernatural relm. No single vampire would be able to do something supernatural that no other vampire could do. Same goes for werewolves.

Edit: Another thing about the timeline, you guys don't post time above your posts, whatever time was posted in mine is what time it is.

And evil dark Jedi, don't worry about things like where the group is going, remember I control the group and I'll post were they're going. You just play your character but feel free to ask anything you want out of character in this thread. If you want to go a certain way, make your character say he wants to go that way, but you can't control what the rest of the group will do. Please just edit your post.

Edit: Evil dark jedi, I made vincent as Charok's partner to help guid you around until your familiar with things. It's also just safe for everyone to have a partner in case something goes wrong.

Hiroki 10-18-2004 12:55 PM

Name: Valhadris
Gender: Male
Age: 127
Race: Werewolf
Faction: Swords of Silverwood
Rank: Hunter
Skills: Made a werewolf at 14, use to living his entire life as a werewolf. Results are: Rapid transformation: Can turn and make an attack/move in the same turn, and extra strength. Over 100 years of intense sabre ( Napoleonic/Civil war era sword ) training, allowing him to block shots from pistol level firearms. Intense evasion training, allowing him evade attacks, aim, and sometimes even bullets.

He stands about 6'5 in human form, and is physically in his early 30's. He is one of the oldest Werewolves in Silverwood, and knows nearly every member by name and face. He is calm, and patient, learning from many years of experience, that getting enraged, and charging head on, will often get you killed.

His hair is black, and his eyes are green. He is excellent physical condition. Being made a werewolf at such a young age, has offered him increased strength in both human and werewolf form.

Over the years, he has developed a great hatred of Vampires, as he has watched many of his friends suffer at there hands. Nothing could make him happier than to rip all of there fangs out one, by, one.

Mandalorian54 10-18-2004 01:36 PM

Hey thanks for joining Hiroki, now lets talk about some minor adjustments to your character.

well first of all a hunter basically only goes on special hunting missions kind of like an assasin.

a soldier just does regular soldier stuff.

a scout does recon and intel missions, or spying, stuff like that.

and an engineer is a scientist or stuff like that.

Rapid transformation is fine, tough skin however isn't a skill. A skill is something a person learns to do, like reading or writing, fighting, or using tools. Try and find something like that. And it's not neccessary for something to count as two skills, I would rather it just be toned down.

I also didn't include bio in the character creation because I'dd rather you describe your character in your writing, like in a real book they don't tell you what the character looks on the first page and then not describe anything all through the book.

But it's fine if you want to, it does help you decide what type of character you want to play so I guess it's good in that way.

Okay so Hiroki, you can't have harder skin and you need to pick two more skills.

Hiroki 10-18-2004 01:48 PM

Okay, so not extra strength either? Would I be able to have extra strength if say, he had worked out intensly for most of his life? As it would have been a gained skill.

Mandalorian54 10-18-2004 02:00 PM

extra strength is okay, but I don't need an explanation like working out or anything. It just means if your struggling with someone else you'dd win because your stronger or you can lift huge rocks, watever.

Edit: but if anyone esle takes extra strength you'dd be even.

Hiroki 10-18-2004 02:14 PM

Okay, fixed. :) I chose Hunter, as his calm and rather methodical demeanor suits an assassin better than a soldier.

Edit: To make up for his sword and evasion skills, he dislikes the use of guns, and rarely will use one himself.

Hiroki 10-18-2004 02:37 PM

And why has jokemaster began narrating? o.O

Mandalorian54 10-18-2004 02:56 PM

Hiroki, you can't block bullets with a sword, you can have sword fighting as a skill which just means your better at sword fighting than eveyone else. dodjing is okay but you can't dodje bullets.

Hiroki 10-18-2004 03:27 PM

I don't get that...why not? =\ Makes having a sword sort of useless.

Curt-Man 10-18-2004 03:50 PM

Name: Brooklyn
Gender: Female
Age: 108
Race: Vampire
Faction: Black Illusion
Rank: Hunter
Skills: Brooklyn has increased accuracy wiht her duel M-1911( due to years of pistol training, is fluent in ju jitsu(if its ok) and can run up to 25 mph if she is pumped up and has alot of adrenaline(sp)

Brooklyn is dressed in leather everything, boots, pants, shirt and gloves.

Darth NeoVenom 10-18-2004 04:59 PM

Changed NeoVenom's rank to Hunter,if that'z alright. :D I also added new skills. Ultravioletlight bullets exist or no?

Mandalorian54 10-19-2004 08:27 AM

Neovenom, Ultra violet bullets do not exist. What's available today is what's available in the game.

Hiroki, you can not block bullets with a sword. If that makes them seem obsolete it's because they are obsolete.

Curt Man, increased accuracy with pistols is fine, though I'm not sure about dead eye aim. Will you settle for increased accuracy? You also get another skill.

Darth NeoVenom 10-19-2004 10:23 AM

What exactly do we werewolves use to beat a vampire in human form? A bullet to the brain? :-D

Curt-Man 10-19-2004 11:56 AM

yeah increased accuracy is cool, and i don't have any other ideas for a third skill, unless i can have increased running speed?

jokemaster 10-19-2004 01:19 PM

Sorry, didn't look for this thread originally so

Name: Winters
Gender: male
Race: vampire
Faction:Black Illusion
Rank: scout
Skills: (I'm assuming everyone knows how to read, fight and write)
1. increased proficiency in Hand to hand combat.
2. Can treat wounds so that they heal faster
3. Can use mechanical skills (repairing, hacking, sabotaging, stuff like that)

Ignore the werewolve part of my post, I wasn't aware of the 1 char rule.

Darth NeoVenom 10-19-2004 01:20 PM

Well not everyone knows how to fight in certain styles. Maybe street brawling yeah...:rolleyes: Delete the werewolf part of your post. :D It might help for those that are going to join.

jokemaster 10-19-2004 01:27 PM

*whining* but I like confusing the newbies.....

Yeah, but I'm talkin' bout general fighting skills, you know basic hand to hand, gunfighting,e tc. not ultra-sophisticated Ju-jit-su

Curt-Man 10-19-2004 04:01 PM

so is winters where charok is or where i am?

jokemaster 10-19-2004 04:19 PM

Where Charok is.

Curt-Man 10-19-2004 04:33 PM

i hope i can do what i did in the post i just made.

jokemaster 10-19-2004 04:52 PM

Curt, check your PMs

Mandalorian54 10-19-2004 07:06 PM

Jokemaster, everyone does have basic skills, your skills are only specific skills that you are better at. Seeing better in the dark however is not a skill you may not have that. There is no form of training that can make someone see better in the dark, like I said skills not unnatural abuilities. Other than that everything else is okay.

Curt-man, your character is okay, I'm not sure how fast 25 miles an hour is but running faster is fine we get too tecknical about how many mph.

Darth Neovenom, Vampires and Werewolves are practically the same as far as imortality and healing, except that werewolf human form is alittle weaker and werewolf wolf form is a little stronger. Penetrating their organs to the point where regeneration is imposible is the best way to kill an imortal.

Edit: Curt-man, don't control NPCs. The waiter is fine but not the guy who came with you. The other thing is you can't just go into the weapons locker and grab stuff, theres a guy at the counter and you need authorization. If you've seen the movie S.W.A.T. you'll have a general idea of how it works. The werewolves however arn't as organized and just have a pile of guns in an armory. The vampires are alot more organized.

You can however sneak out with your own private guns if you want, and if you want an NPC to tag along I'll give you permission but please ask first next time. Also you'll have to wait for the others to leave the girage before you can take your car or they'll see you.

I think a good idea would be to make this NPC tag along a friend of your character's or something, just a sujestion though you don't have to.

Jokemaster, please only post once a day I'll let it slide this time. And the group of scouts are still in the girage, they haven't left the mansion yet.

jokemaster 10-20-2004 02:08 PM

I read somewhere that if someone lives in dark areas for too long they develop better sight in the dark, but OK, then instead: Can be among humans undetected for more time than any other vampire, IE can act like a human more than anyone else.

Curt-Man 10-20-2004 06:48 PM

it shall be edited, but are you saying that the npc can tag along?

Mandalorian54 10-20-2004 09:53 PM

lol, jokemaster your character is only 15 years old.

And yes Curt-man I'm saying you can control 1 npc to tag along with you.

Evil Dark Jedi 10-21-2004 03:34 AM

I havent been posting cause I have been playing some other games. But I will know be posting once a day.

Curt-Man 10-21-2004 05:12 AM

my new post makes sense by the way, time wise, becuase of the time span between my last post and my new post, just to clarify if anyone had any objections.

jokemaster 10-21-2004 01:37 PM

Mandy: Recently turned into a vampire, remember? Plus he lived on the streets which is where he learned mechanical skills and to treat his wounds. And that is also why he can still act human more than the others.

Mandalorian54 10-21-2004 02:40 PM

Jokemaster, your character lived on the streets, not in a cave. There are lots of lights on the streets even at night, and lets not forget about the moon. You'dd have to endure much harsher treatment for it to affect your eyes. In the meantime you'll just have to use night vision gogles, but they arn't standard eaquipment.

Please just pick a different abuility, one that's acctually a skill. And since your going along with the scouts you might as well change your rank to scout, if you want to become a soldier later you can change it back.

Besides vampires can already see better in the dark than humans and I doubt very many circomstances will arise where your going to need to see any better than a regular human.

Curt-man, your post makes sense and it's okay.

Evil Dark Jedi, that's fine I'm not going to get upset or anything if stuff like that happens now and then, I realise your just kids. I only really need any notification if it's going to happen regularily.

Curt-Man 10-21-2004 03:27 PM

jake by the way is the vampire, i was tired of calling him the male vampire, decided to give him a name. and me and jokemaster already discussed our storyline is intertwined.

jokemaster 10-21-2004 03:39 PM

Mandy, you missed my post

Originally posted by jokemaster
I read somewhere that if someone lives in dark areas for too long they develop better sight in the dark, but OK, then instead: Can be among humans undetected for more time than any other vampire, IE can act like a human more than anyone else.
Curt-man and I did agree about the storyline, and I read it in band of brothers where the soldiers claimed they saw better in the darkness because of their training. And the streets thing was just to let you know that he was tough before he became a vampire.

Mandalorian54 10-22-2004 11:01 AM

Your characters profile still says, can see better in the dark.

And being undetected by humans isn't a die roll where a skill can give you better odds, it all depends on how you yourself act, so a skill really is insignificant.

If you really want to see better in the dark then whatever but it's just not going to benefit you very much since vampires can already see pretty well in the dark, unless by some thread of fate you end up in a deep, pitched black cave with no flashlight or match.

Mandalorian54 10-25-2004 11:36 AM

Curt-man, please don't control NPCs, the scenario with the mugging was fine but please ask first, the other issue is you can't just turn any random guy you see, the coven has to aprove first. I mean, you could but then you'dd be punished by the vampire elders.

Darth NeoVenom 10-25-2004 12:02 PM

Just wanted to point out that youdid a typo. "...Anthony and Jokemaster stood across the street ready to go in. But just then the girage door opened and a car drove out. Anthony could see three people inside the car as it drove away." Isn't it suppose to be Anthony and NeoVenom in that first sentence? :D

Curt-Man 10-25-2004 06:12 PM

sorry, thats kind of why i shot him insted of chasing him down and biting him and jokemaster, huh? i don't get what you just said.

jokemaster 10-26-2004 01:23 PM


Originally posted by Curt-Man
sorry, thats kind of why i shot him insted of chasing him down and biting him and jokemaster, huh? i don't get what you just said.
I was confirming that you and I are cooperating on my char's backstory, and the rest was from the quote.

Mandalorian54 10-26-2004 03:16 PM

Oops, sorry Neovenom, ya I meant to say Neovenom instead of Jokemaster there.

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