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Joetheeskimo 10-22-2004 02:15 PM

Republic Commando RPG
Thought I'd start this just to see how many people like the game enough to start an RPG on it. This takes place during the Old Republic around the post-Ep2 time period, but Anakin doesn't exist. The Jedi still maintain order. there are still, however, Sith and Dark Jedi. You can be a clone trooper or Jedi on the good side, or basically anything from a Sith to an assassin droid on the evil side. Of course, there can only be three people in a clone trooper squad (including the commander..?), but we can have multiple squads. However, we'll need plenty of enemies too.

Name: Alpha 411 (Replace this with Real Name if you're not a clone trooper)
Real Name: Kin Shadow
Type: Clone Trooper
Squad: Alpha Squad (Some possibilities are Alpha, Beta, Recon, Xenon, creative ;))
Rank: Commando
Bio: Kin was once a mercenary for the Republic, but joined the Alpha squad, eager for work in enemy territory. He has since worked himself up to leader of the squad. (You can make this short, since most people don't like typing out huge life stories.)

"All Alpha Squad members, report to Aplha Base 001," 411 says into his comlink. "Over."

JoJoBinks 10-23-2004 04:40 PM

Name: Jedash
Occupation:Jedi Knight
Rank:Field Jedi
Weapons: Orange Lightsaber , Raiped Fire Dual Pistols.
Clothing: Clone Armor , Black Cape, Black Jedi Clothing Under Clone Armor(Never takes off his armor or jedi clothing, so no one knows what he looks like under his helmt)

Back Round: Unlike most people, Jedash wasn't abannden or taken away from his parents. His father wanted to have a jedi son. So he sent Jedash to the order. After training from the age of 3, Jedash was outstanding in Saber combat. But he wasn't very force sencetive. The Jedi council notice Jedash's outstanding Saber comabt and physical strength. They sent him to Alpha Squard to and a set of modifeied clone armor, to ovbousily fight in the Clone Wars. His first asiment was to search and destroy all Droid Factorys.

-Jedash has been ordered by the Jedi Council to aid the Alpha squad on their mission-

-Jedash and his squad take off in their Modified Republic Cruiser-
(So it has 4 Heavy Lazer cannons and a higher speed)

-They reach the Alpha Base-

Clone Pilot: Comm Link:"This is Beta Squad, we are requesting a landing. Over."

MarcusLeCoy 10-24-2004 05:01 AM

Name: Alpha 662
Real name: Terris Moloki
Type: ARC Trooper
Squad: Alpha
Rank: Officer
Bio: Peronally trained by Jango Fett, Terris is efficient on critical missions. (lol that was a terrible bio)

"I hear you Alpha 411, I'm moving to the base, over" Alpha 662 ran down the hall toget their next objective.

Curt-Man 10-24-2004 10:55 AM

Real Name: Jen Emerald
Type: Sith
Rank: Assassin
Bio: Jen grew up wiht a sith for a father, and he trained her when she was 5, for her mother did nto want her to be a sith, so her father trained her in seceret when she was 5, and she has been fighting the jedi ever since. and her mother was a firned of the sith armada, and Jen was given her own ship and crew for her 16th birthday.( me if its god modding and i'll give her a different ship.)

Jen was sitting in the bridge of her ship and was traveling through hyperspace toward bastion.

(jojo, jedi's earliest training is three, not one, you can barely walk when your 1.)

jokemaster 10-24-2004 11:39 AM

Name: Per Guarnere
Type: Sith
Rank: Officer
Bio: Began as a gunner in Jen's ship, was quickly promoted for his extreme luck and skill, now the bridge officer in charge of weaponry and shielding. His force-sensitiveness is being hidden by his brother, who is on the same ship and fears for Per's life, though he has no knowledge of it.

JoJoBinks 10-24-2004 02:24 PM

-Lands in Alpha hanger-

-Jedash walks of his ship followed by his squad-

Jedash:"Greetings, Alpha 411. I am Jedash. I was sent by the Jedi Council to aid you in your mission. I believe you know of this already."

-His 16 Elite Trained Arc Clone Troopers line up behinde Jedash-

Reclaimer 10-24-2004 02:37 PM

Name: Charlie 90
Real name: Marcus Redding
Type: Assault/Heavy Arms Trooper
Squad: Charlie
Rank: Commando
Weapons: DH-68 Heavy Blaster Cannon, Modified Commando Pistol with Rapid Fire, Semi-Auto, and Single shots, and a MPGTS(Missile Perpelled Grenade Targeting System)
Bio: Trained as a Assault/Heavy Arms Trooper, Marcus a.k.a Charlie 90 is in charge of the Centarie Battalion, but often goes on missions with Alpha Team.

"Charlie Form up!" C90 calls. "Alpha wants us at base!"

Charlie Team husles over to Apha 001. Marcus walks up to the Commando, Alpha 411.

"Commando, Charlie Team reporting for duty."

OOC: By the way, Battalion Leader is higher than Commando. I want use my powers to much.

JoJoBinks 10-24-2004 02:50 PM

-After being told his mission, Jedash and his squad of hand picked troopers head to the living quaters before they begin their mission-

"I wonder how many squads they will be needing for this mission." Jedash says to his lead Arc Trooper.

"I don't know , sir, perhaps 6 or 7." His lead Arc Trooper Said.

-Charlie squad enters the living quaters-

(I'm looking for someone to be in my troop or at least be my head ARC trooper)

jokemaster 10-24-2004 07:18 PM

Per was talking to the man in the terminal next to him in the bridge.
".....So now the cap'n comes onto the bridge, out of his uniform, already carrying his belongings, looks at the current status of the ship, says 'very well, carry on', gets out of the bridge, and next thing we know his personal escape pod ejects and gets blown outta space by an asteroid!" They both shared a laugh out of the story, then the man from the terminal next to him gestured to where Jen normally sat.
"So what do you think of the new owner?"
"Eh, I don't know. Haven't seen her in combat yet."
"Five hundred credits say she'll jump into the escape pod the moment things start to look bad."
"I'll take those odds."

Joetheeskimo 10-25-2004 03:40 AM

((Ok, Marcus, you need to edit your post...
1. I'm Alpha 411, not 422.
2. You can't be the commando of the aplha squad; notice what my rank is? ;)))

((JoJo, if you're looking for a leader, why not join a squad already with a leader, like mine, instead of starting your own.))

((Reclaimer - by battalion leader, do you eman commando? The ranks should be commando, officer, or private. Please don't make things complicated ;)))

Now that that's cleared up, we can start, but atm i have to head to school, so I'll post later this afternoon. "Aplha 411, temporarily out of service!" :D

Curt-Man 10-25-2004 04:59 AM

Jen walked over to her normal seat and sat down, she saw some men whispering in her direction, she turned her head and gave them an icy glare, then focused back to the front, they were coming out of hyperspace, and there lay bastion in all its glory.

Reclaimer 10-25-2004 01:35 PM

I'm leader of CHARLIE TEAM, not Alpha.

JoJoBinks 10-25-2004 01:41 PM

(Just switch your rank to Commando then you will be leader of Charlie Team)

JoJoBinks 10-25-2004 01:43 PM

-Stands up from sitting on a couch-

-Draws his saber and turns it on. Starts swinging it around making sure it isn't hitting anyone or anything-

Reclaimer 10-25-2004 01:51 PM

(I did)

JoJoBinks 10-25-2004 01:54 PM

(Sry didnt see that before I posted)

weiderudare 10-25-2004 03:26 PM

Name: RK-379(If that works, or is that to Stormtrooperlike?)
Real Name: Polk
Type: Clone Trooper
Squad: Alpha Squad
Rank: Soldier(Too bad with these ranks :p)
Bio: Once, a streetkid in Corouscant, Polk joined the army when he was near starved to death. He was soon boosted to a commandogroup cause of his skills.

jokemaster 10-25-2004 05:08 PM

((Weider, how the hell is he a streetkid if he's a clone?!))
After Jen threw the icy glare Per grinned at the man next to him, the man swore.
"Damn it I always bet on the wrong odds. So tell me anyway, how did you become an officer so young?"
"Lied about my age to get in. Became a gunner, got lucky a lot and the bridge on my last ship blew up, killing the weaponry/shielding officer, so my commander put me up for the promotion. They fixed the ship up but after a few months I got transferred here, and that's where you know the story. They discovered my real age during the transfer, but they didn't do anything about it."
"Yeah. Anyway continuing the story from before, at that moment half of OUR fleet jumps in, they're demanding to talk with the cap'n we're on the comm saying he ran. They're saying they don't believe us, until finally, this guy Luz, an expert at imitating voices, gets up on the comm, and says he's General Verdan, and demands to know whty the took so long."
"You *******, I was the one taking the call then!"
Per grinned "Well on your side Luz is a very convincing guy."
Meanwhile below the ship a shape dropped from a shaft on the roof into the galley. Ankip Guarnere had to get something to eat. He found something the cooks had left behind and began eating. Suddenly he drew his saber just in time to block two blaster shots. He dispatched one of the soldiers quickly but suddenly he was shot from behind, stun blast. The man responsible reported to Jen.
"I've captured our pest problem. Where do you want him?"

Curt-Man 10-25-2004 05:59 PM

Jen was commed. "in the brig, make sure you take away everything but his clothes away, i want to make sure that that man does not escape, make sure to it." Jen said.

they soon were landing on bastion, jen got her gear together and walked off the ship as soon as they landed, she was met by a sith official.
"welcome back jen, what are you in need of?"
"i place to put a jedi and some refuels on our wepsons, then we are off again."
"it shall be done." the offical walked off and jen went to the landing bay cantina, where a bunch of officers and soldeirs were drinking and playing Sabacc. as soon as jen walked in, it went quiet, and as soon as she sat down it started up again.
"i'll have some corilleian ale please." jen said and then nursed down the ale when she got it.

Redwing 10-25-2004 06:54 PM

((JM: Well, this whole thread is totally wonky anyway, I mean there's a Sith that didn't exist in this time frame, with a ship that won't been invented for decades, a commando Jedi (!), Boba Fett returning to his roots, and all the clonetroopers have real names.

I'll be surprised if anyone here is actually a clone! ;) :D

*Runs away* :xp:))

Joetheeskimo 10-26-2004 01:05 PM


Originally posted by Redwing
((JM: Well, this whole thread is totally wonky anyway, I mean there's a Sith that didn't exist in this time frame, with a ship that won't been invented for decades, a commando Jedi (!), Boba Fett returning to his roots, and all the clonetroopers have real names.

I'll be surprised if anyone here is actually a clone! ;) :D

*Runs away* :xp:))

((Ok, then let's fix that :p

1. Whoever is a Jedi commando, either you aren't in the republic squad, or you aren't a Jedi. Take your pick.
2. The clonetroopers going around as their real names are fine, just when we're in the field will we use numbers. I prefer to use numbers all the time anyway ;)

Oh, and weider, yes, your name is too stormie-like. Change it to Alpha 379 ;)

Also, while I'm in OOC, :D I'm going to make it a bit mroe organized by listing all of the current squads and the guys in them.

Alpha Squad
joetheeskimo5 (Alpha 411, Commando)
MarcusLeCoy (Alpha 662, Officer)
weiderudare (Aplha 379, Private)
JoJoBinks (Jedash, Jedi)

Charlie Squad
Reclaimer (Charlie 90, Commando)

Curt-Man (Sith (leader?), Assassin)
jokemaster (Sith, Officer)



Kin nodded at Charlie 90. "Very good. Arm your men. We're leaving on our first mission immediately, once the others arrive." ((I'll give it a day or for a few more people to join, and then we're leaving.))
He turned to Jedad. "Thank you for your assistance. It is always helpful to have a lightsaber by our side, especially because we will be tracking two Sith."
"Sir, we're coming into orbit," A voice crackled in the com. It was Terris Moloki, the head officer. Or, in more formal terms, Alpha 662. "397 and I will be arriving shortly."
"Good," Kin replied. "Tell him we're leaving in an hour."
Kin adjusted his helmet and began attatching weapons to his belt. "Oh, and Terris?"
"Yes, sir?"
"I forgot to pick up the infrared filters for our helmets. Drop them off when you arrive."
"Roger that." Terris cut the connection.

JoJoBinks 10-26-2004 01:25 PM

(OKay I'll be just assigned to Alpha squad to help them)

jokemaster 10-26-2004 04:09 PM

Suddenly a hand whirled Jen around. It was the jedi, heavily injured and obviously dying. He spoke: "Touch my brother....and I will reach out from beyond the grave and kill y-"
Shots rang out and the man who had captured him threw the fallen jedi's body off Jen. Meanwhile in one of the sabacc games Per fainted and was carried back to the ship by his friends. The man started to explain.
"He killed the guards escorting him. All 10 of them, but he was injured in the process. Oh well, he's done for now. I'd recommend finding his brother, he may still be on your ship. But as promised, you're on your own now."
With that the man walked out and disappeared.

Curt-Man 10-26-2004 04:09 PM

(just a sith captain, right now :p)

"damnit! he was strong, take him off my ship, i do not want that body on my ships" wiht the jen walked off to her ship and to the bridge.
"take us off luietenant(sp) and set a course for Geonosis."

Reclaimer 10-27-2004 03:27 AM

Charlie 90 told his men to follow him. They head up to the Armory, and break open a container, C1 492.
"Sir, I got it." Charlie 34 said.
"Break it open solider." Charlie 90 replied.
The pressurized seels broke off, and the container poped open, revealing the Republic's New Prototype Weapons. Charlie 90 picked up a MPGTS(Missile Perppelled Grenade Targeting System)which was basicly a new RPG, but better.
"Sir, the squads locked and loaded. We're ready." Charlie 67 reported.
"Affermitive. Charlie Team, move out!"
The Commando Team head down the hallway to the docking bays. He sees that Alpha is already preparing, so his squad does the same.

weiderudare 10-27-2004 05:24 AM

((JM:since Joes clone was a mercenary,I thought I just make my a real one too... Dunno, was tired when doing it anyway...))

jokemaster 10-27-2004 01:07 PM

Per made a quick recovery and the ship took off. After his shift on the bridge ended he walked down to the belly of the ship. He reached a door that seemed like the one found in storage areas. He opened the door, said a password, and punched a code in. The door opened to a room much larger than a storage area.

Called 'The Belly of the Beast' it was a hangout for the crew and some of the officers, the number increasing as more and more crewmen were promoted. It was illegal and kept seceret from the senior officers, but most of them knew about it and had either gone there to hang out some times, or were smart enough to figure out that if they closed it down morale would sink like a Hutt in the water. It contained, among other things: A bar, a lounge, a dance floor and race tracks with swoops, along with a simulator to those not brave enough to do the real thing. Per went straight to the bar. His friends joined up.
"Hey what happened to you back there? I had to jump on top of your winnings to keep these bastards off the credits."
"Oh, so that's how they got in your pockets...."
The friend smiled sheepishly.
"Seriously, what happened?"
"I don't know, I felt pain in my head then fainted."
"The pressure's getting to ya."
"To your health, may a stroke because of job pressure kill us before blasters do."
"I'll drink to that."
They drank happily, but as the minutes passed, so did Ankip's protection of him, soon enough his presence in the force was like a beacon for Jedi/sith nearby. Luckily he was safe for now, protected by the countermeasures installed by the crew to keep the captains from discovering their hangout.

Joetheeskimo 10-27-2004 01:31 PM

((Alright, times up. :)))

"Both squads are here! We're moving out!" Each clone trooper heard in their comlink. "Form up!"
The clones took less than three seconds to step into formation, with Charlie 90 and Alpha 411 at the head.
"The ships are docked in the hangar at teh opoosite end of the base," Kin said to 90 next to him. "We've got enough room to transport your troops, but you can use your ship if you want. the first option is more effecient, but it may be better for us to split up if we're under heavy fire." Kin waited for the other commando's decision as they marched down the corridor.

Reclaimer 10-27-2004 01:46 PM

"We'll keep my Dropship as a back up." Charlie 90 said. "Just in case we get in some trouble."

JoJoBinks 10-27-2004 02:43 PM

-Was sitting quitely in the back of the ship-

Joetheeskimo 10-27-2004 03:30 PM

The two republic ships rose from the ground and, as Kin fired the thruster, shot through Courascant's atmosphere. The sides sealed as they entered space.
"Okay, here's the mission," 411 said into the com connected to Charlie 90's ship. "We're tracking down a Sith named Jen. Her last location sighted was Bastion; we're headed there to try and find her. She has a collassal cruiser, though, and I've no doubt she's got quite an army at her disposal. We're hoping to infiltrate the ship and get her to come quietly with us." Although Kin was only repeating orders, he rolled his eyes at himself. Sure, a Sith is just going to come "quietly" with some republic troopers and not call for any help. "I feel we should not underestimate the power of our opponent, but I have never failed a mission before," Kin said aloud, his face grim behind his silver-blue helmet visor. He entered the coordinates for Bastion in his ship's piloting computer.

Reclaimer 10-27-2004 04:04 PM

Charlie 90 reviewed the plans to both Squads.
"Once we infulltrait the ship, Alpha will exit to the West Hallway down to the Security Room, throught the West Troop Barracks where they'll plant demo charges, and finally making it to the Bridge down the North Hallway."
He took a breath and began again.
"Charlie Team will go East to the Engine Room, be carefull! If any Blaster fire errupts in there, the core will overheat and expload. Use low presured rifles like the MK937 or Blaster Carbine. Once throught the Engine Room, Charlie will plant Demo Charges in the Armory and Troop Barracks, then roundevous with Alpha in the North Hallway."
Marcus looked at the Troops and started again.
"Emeny resistance should, and will most likely be high. We're in a cramped space so be carefull. Dismissed.

Curt-Man 10-27-2004 06:45 PM

Jen called a meeting in her quarters, for all of the major officers.
"you've been called here to be asked, no ordered to keep your troops in line and in focus, the enemy could strike at any time, and we never know when, so always keep a keen eye and a quick mind." a sith officer sighed and rolled his eyes jen force choked him.
"do not show your insulence(sp) infront of me again." she dropped him and he gasped for air.
"you are dismissed.

jokemaster 10-27-2004 07:14 PM

Per, who attended the meeting, spoke.
"Honestly ma'am, with all due respect, we've been running a tip-top ship here for the last, oh three or so months. Probably longer, but that's how long I've been here. My men, and Locke's men" He nodded at the friend who sat next to him on the bridge "I know for a fact are always ready, and have proven themselves in many difficult situations. Most of our captains have not been as skilled. I understand that you're new here, and, by your age, this is probably your first command, and want to affirm yourself and your position, but I assure you it is not necessary. These men will follow you anywhere, except to a senseless death. Trust us, these men are as loyal and skilled as you could get. With that said, allow me to welcome you and wish you luck with command. "
Locke stared at him, hoping the arrogant cocky Per wouldn't get killed on the spot. Meanwhile Per got a feeling that he had reason to distrust Jen. (AKA the force warns him about the whole, she murdered her brother thing)

weiderudare 10-28-2004 05:29 AM

379 stared into the wall infront of him, checking his equipment as usual.
"An army, a sith and a cruiser. Roger That."
He yawned behind the helmet. He was sure that Alpha would make it again, they always did

JoJoBinks 10-28-2004 07:01 AM

-Says to Kin in person-

"So I am guessing I'll have to weaken the sith for your team and Charlie squad to take the sith prisoner?"

(Jedash deosnt' know fi the sith is boy or girl so he just said the sith)

Curt-Man 10-28-2004 07:03 AM

"mmm hmm? i have heard humors and felt things about a secret hideout, i do NOT want drunken soldiers when a battle arises, and i know your two commands have been well, but i was mainly talking to the officers who have been slacking off, like the bunch that left, so if you didn't hear me the first time, you are dismissed." jen turned around in her chair and started meditating.

Reclaimer 10-28-2004 12:51 PM

"Correct Master Jedi." Charlie 90 said.
Marcus fashioned his weapons and prepared for the assault.

jokemaster 10-28-2004 01:12 PM

Hiding a smile, Per and Locke bowed out of the room once outside Locked said to Per.
"I'm guessing a code blue?"
"Yup. Temporary, of course."
"Of course"
Locke ran down to the belly and gave the code. The people there groaned, but threw their drinks to the trash. All the liqor drinks were in a cabinet, and that was immidiately locked. Every captain who came close to finding it complained about the same thing, and this usually stopped suspicious activity.

Joetheeskimo 10-28-2004 03:25 PM

After about a half hour, the ship landed on Bastion. 411 turned to Jedash. "Jedash, you're probably better at disguising yourself than us," he said to the Jedi. "You have a better chance of getting some asnwers than us, because this planet isn't very friendly to the Republic. Try not to use the Force or your saber in front of anyone, and maybe you can ask someone if they've seen Jen." 411 put back on his helmet and dropped Jedash off, then raised the ship off the ground and landed in a more hidden area.

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