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Alegis 11-04-2004 02:06 PM

Post 'BUGS IN 1.1'
Post here bugs that occur in the patch 1.1
New bugs, or bugs that already existed. If you already posted that bug then you can link to it here.

If you're not sure if its a bug or just your client, do go ahead. Also some may post htings they've only seen a few times but are there. if you got an idea when exactly it appears do so.

Remember this is for BUGS only. NOT for suggestions (i.e. 'better balancing system) or damage system etc

I'll start:
I hosted my own server to test 1.1 and noticed this text came on each other. I haven't noticed this anymore though, but havent played that much 1.1
At a certain moment after a map change everyone saw this on top of the map, a weird reinforcement table.
This is NOT a monitor calibration error. On kashyyyk docks my remote (droid sniper) fired pink blaster shots. All the other red blasters (rifle etc) were normal

I posted earlier that when in SP in historical campaign, if i clicked on "mission restart", the map would reload but IGNORE my brightness settings, they would be default (which is quite dark for me). If i just click on the brightness tab (not moving the slider) it was ok again though.

Now when in MP the map loads, my brightness settings are ignored again. Each time a map starts i need to go to video options and do the trick again.

Rends 11-05-2004 06:21 AM

I donīt know if it happened before but since Patch1.1 i stayed longer in the ingamebrowser and ALT-tab to desktop sometimes for some reasons. Yesterday i noticed (after alt tabbing a few times over 2-3 hours i stayed in the ingame browser) that in a single player mission AI wonīt use the vehicles anymore. Well this happened only yesterday and after alt tabbing a few times.


LoRdNaTaS 11-06-2004 10:59 PM

Well in the process of making the v1.3 of SWBF Stats and Status I have found what seems to be a bug in the newest release of the SWBF Server.

The Stats and Status scripts are based off what the server sends out on port 3658 and in the previous version when a map changed these variables ( Score, Deaths, Pings ) were all set back to 0. Now it seems that they are not.

I have been watching multiple servers trying to get the Stats updated and I have noticed this action happen on all of them. If this is a true bug then this will really mess up the stats on GameSpy as well as with the SWBF stats.

My previous post of relasing SWBF Stats 1.3 next week might have been a little premature. I will have to figure out away around this or everyones stats system will be BS.

I hope that they will fix this issue soon but untill then I will see if I can find a work around for this at least for my systems.

Alegis I posted this in the Admin forum if you guys want to remove it from that on go right ahead.

=[FK]=Anthem(CZ 11-10-2004 09:47 AM

Changing in Speeder
I really dont know if its bug or not but i talk about Changing posts in Speeder when you fly....Its crap...You can handle ATAT when youre alone in SPeeder and use cable....sorry for my english, I hope you know what i mean...and if someone post there here before sorry for that...
PS : Can someone say me if will be repaired this in future ?!

Alegis 11-10-2004 02:09 PM

I guess not. in bf:vietnam if i'm using a cobra alone (which is rare though) i'll switch to copilot now and then for the heat seaking missiles. It's true you can exploit this, but its done so little, i dont think LEC would fix this

=[FK]=Anthem(CZ 11-10-2004 09:26 PM

Hm but now the speder lost his substance...when you can cable ATAT alone...Iam talking only about speeder...i gunship its ok but that speeder...

Jennaida 11-17-2004 10:31 PM

Re: Snowspeeders
There is a simple fix for this problem, hit 'F2' when there's someone outside, then you can pull a comp char in. as 'well' as I fly snowspeeders, when I'm in one, I just fire the cable and rear gun, and let the computer fly around the walker. Because I always seem to hit it. :p :swear:

Secondly, Anthem, re: your sig. Don't you mean good guys 'wear' white? The current version could be interpreted very badly.

Masterme5 11-21-2004 01:27 AM

I have bugs with 1.1 and all my mods + multiplayer.1. I cant run 1.1 . i'm downloading it, then I try to run it. but I doesent work! forget it. I made it work now. 2the mods i'm dawnloading: i'm supose to wright the directory. what IS the directory???? is it where battlefront is saved on my computer?? I have no idea. my 3. multiplayer: when i'm starting internett multiplayer and join no servers are showing up! what is wrong??

=[FK]=Anthem(CZ 11-21-2004 10:06 AM

Jenna: youre right :) The old version was strange ;) Sorry for OT

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