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LoRdNaTaS 11-06-2004 10:39 PM

SWBF Server 1.1 possible bug
Well in the process of making the v1.3 of SWBF Stats and Status I have found what seems to be a bug in the newest release of the SWBF Server.

The Stats and Status scripts are based off what the server sends out on port 3658 and in the previous version when a map changed these variables ( Score, Deaths, Pings ) were all set back to 0. Now it seems that they are not.

I have been watching multiple servers trying to get the Stats updated and I have noticed this action happen on all of them. If this is a true bug then this will really mess up the stats on GameSpy as well as with the SWBF stats.

My previous post of relasing SWBF Stats 1.3 next week might have been a little premature. I will have to figure out away around this or everyones stats system will be BS.

I hope that they will fix this issue soon but untill then I will see if I can find a work around for this at least for my systems.

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