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Fealiks 11-13-2004 01:22 PM

Forum Family thread #716 (awaiting Das...)
For anyone who doesn't know, it's a sort of Jerry Springer thing where everyone goes on Jerry Springer and Does Jerry Springer stuff.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fealiks:*walks on to stage*

Jerry: and here we have Fealiks from the LFC!


Jerry: So, tell us what have you come here to talk about today?

Fealiks:Well, I'm worried that my good freind, Das Mole has been seeing someone else.

Jerry: Really? tell us more. so who is it?

Fealiks Who's what?

Jerry: who's Das having an affair with?

Fealiks: Well, there's this new guy called The Bard, He's been acting really suspicious lately.

Jerry: So it was you having the affair?

Fealiks: No, no, Bard was making.. well.... rude sort of gestures to my partner, Das.

Jerry:So you're gay, right?

Fealiks: No, just interlectually challenged. Anyway, I was woried about all this, so I called the counciler, but he said I need to be with Das to book an apointment, but Das disagreed, as he did about the affair.

Jerry: well, enough of your side, let's have someone special!!

someone else's turn :D :D :D :D

DarthTDe 12-10-2004 03:28 PM

*stands up in crowd*
DarthTDe:My Mama says I'm special!

Jerry:well,then come on down!so what's wrong?

DarthTDe:I'm not Special,you freakazoid!You make me sick!*picks up chair and hits Jerry over the head,then runs up to camera and beats it into submission*((the next post is a new show in which we all come back,and Jerry's black and blue and fears us all :D ))

Das Mole 12-10-2004 05:07 PM

*Bard enters stage*

Fealiks: You [expletive]!! *Starts choking Bard*
Das: NO!!!
Das: :cry8:
Bard: *Gagging noises*
Das: Bard!
Bard: Das!
Fealiks: Moo.
Darth: WTF is going on in here?
Fealiks: Darth?
Darth: Fealiks?
Bard: Darth?
Das: Bard?
Fealiks: Das?
Das: Fealiks?
Bard: Ewok?
Jerry: Um...yes.
*All start making out*
Jerry: We'll be back in a bit!


Jerry: And we're back!

(Someone else's turn)

Fealiks 12-11-2004 01:56 AM

Jerry:Welcome back, we were talking about this relationship between Bard, Das and fealiks, so tell me, what is this all about?

Das:well, you see, my spouse, fealiks thinks I've been cheating on him for this hansome guy, Bard
Bard:you heard him! he loves me damnit!
Fealiks:nooooooooo *cue slo-mo* *dives towards bard
bard:no you do-- ggaaahha!!!!! *gets punched by fealiks*
Darth:wait! I love you aaaaaaaaall *still slo-mo diving* *diving kiss to bard*
Bard:oh, the pai--mmmhhnngmmm oooooooh yeaah--
Das:you cheating li--*still slo-mo*--ttle idiot! *flying kick toward bard
fealiks:that'd mean you're cheating!!!!!1 aaaaarrrrhhh*punches das*
jerry:*still slo-mo low pitch stuff* we'll be back after these comertials!

DarthTDe 12-11-2004 08:58 AM

Darth:no,you sick idiot *impales Das with stick*
Das:blaaaaach! *falls to floor* blaaaah! *bleeds*
Darth:he ain't dead,numbnuts!
Fealicks:*gets popcorn*cool.:p
Darth:*smacks Jerry over the head until he tries to speak*
Darth:*throws couch on Jerry* HA!

Das Mole 12-11-2004 03:20 PM

Das: *Pulls out spear-like object* God, that hurt!
Fealiks: Let me console you!
*Das and Fealiks wildly make out*
Jerry: Ooh, baby. Let's bring in another person in this fiesta o' relationships, Howie!
Howard Stern: *Enter stage left* WTF is going on in here?
Crowd: Oh La La!
Howie: I'll pay you $20,000 from IHOP if you take your top off.
Das: Who are you talking to?
Howie: You, baby...
Fealiks: You sick old perv!!!1!!one!1111!one!1 *Beats Howard Stern up*
Jerry: We'll be back soon.

The Bard 12-16-2004 10:10 AM

Bard: *sudenly realizes why he is being beaten up by a nerd* ****, man! What a ****ing stone! i need to drop off glue and acid.

Fealiks: Why you little son of a bitch i dunno why i'm saying this but whatever!



BARD: *picks up his electric guitar and starts playing a ****ed up punk song and sais*: I did not have sex whith that man. I only like goth girls, especially whith frinjes.

Fealiks: liar

Bard: **** off mother ****er

Fealiks: ok

Bard: *is getting pissed, runs fast towards Das and gives him a big fat juicy kiss, the ones u give to someone right before the orgasm.*

Fealiks: :0

Bard:*then starts pissing all over das, then passes to fealiks then to jerry but then when he was almost gettin to darth the piss stops. Bard gets buck naked.

fealiks: small penis!!

Bard: bigger than urs u ****!

das: he's right

Jerry: *full of the bards piss* we'll continue right after the comercials...


DarthTDe 12-17-2004 02:27 PM

(next show)

Jerry: now we're back with this,tragic story.
Das: what the heck are you talking about!?Tragic?!
Bard: yep,we just found out I hate you!
Das: (pulls out gun)
*S.W.A.T. team rushes in*
SWAT Leader: I knew something was wrong!
Das: *shoots Jerry in chest*

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