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strikemas115 11-21-2004 08:02 AM

I Need Help!
I just got Knights of the Old Republic for X-box and played it last knight. When my little brother played it, he somehow over-wrote my file. Could someone please tell me how to create a second file on the game? By the way, neither of us saved the game on our own, it autosaved. I also still have +5000 blocks on my X-box (hopefully that will help you come to a conclusion). Thank you for taking your time to read this post.

Darth-Destroyer 12-04-2004 05:06 AM

this belongs to the padawan lounge i think
you mean you want 2 saved games for your brother end your self so just load 1 saved game or autosaved game en save on a other slot if that is the antswer you need do someting with it :mob:

Poocho 12-11-2004 04:07 PM

Or did you perhaps have the same problem as the guy above who wrote the "Files" thread had? I had the same problem, and the Moderator who replied supplied the answer. You may just smack your head like I almost did. :p

Just my thoughts,
Poocho :)

Faquid 12-14-2004 12:10 AM

hmm I think your are in trubble man, becouse there is only one autosave file and it doesen't matter how many chars you have. I know this becouse I have mayby 4-5 chars and I have looked in the save catalog with FTP and only one autosave.
Same goes for the first game i think, so here is a tipp save your one games often and in many slots.

Hope this helps you out man, sry for your lost save file but there isn't anything you can do about it :(

Blessèd Sith 12-14-2004 12:37 AM

You need to save your game a lot, and in seperate files. The autosave is just a precaution, in case you forgot to save at a critical point and need to get back to that spot fast. You can't rely on the autosave, even if it's only you playing. Especially since there's glitches you need to watch out for.

Multiple files are good. Also, for each character there's a save screen of their own, so there's no threat that your stuff will get saved over by someone else . . . unless you only use autosave. Because autosave is only for the person currently playing, as I said, as a safety.

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