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Mandalorian54 11-28-2004 12:36 PM

Star Wars - Alternate Universe (Part1-Journeyman Protector)[Rules, Info, Discussion]
Edit: Here's the character sheet from below that you need to fill out to join.

Character Sheet

Physical description:
Weapons and Armor:
Other possessions:
Brief Background:



Hand to hand
Heavy weapons
Thrown projectiles

Retractable blade
Flame thrower
Grapple wire
Fusion cutters
Conscious missile
Helmet sensors
Jet pack


This is where the Rules will be and where everyone can give their ideas for the story. I have a lot of ideas for a series of stories that could go on indefinitely. So I’ve divided the discussion into categories, here’s a list of all the categories. This list will be edited as new categories are added. Please if you feel anything is too restricting or controlling let me know and we’ll discuss changing it.

Time Zones
Fighting system
Strengths and Abilities

1: No Godmoding, if you do we will refuse to acknowledge your character.
2: No one hit kills or captures.
3: No OOC chatter in the story thread, OOC in this thread only.
4: No controlling other players’ characters’ actions without the other players’ permission.
5: I you’re in a fight you must wait for the other player to post before you can post again.
6: You’re characters can die but not without you’re permission and my knowing. You have the right to refuse to allow someone to kill you’re character and agree upon another form of defeat.
7: You may control more than one character, there is no limit but try to keep it reasonable.
8: You must fill out a character sheet for every character you make.
9: No creating items on the spot, you have to state that you have something before you can just pull it out when you need it. If you’re in a fight and someone pulls out a weapon they never said they had prior, that person has to edit their post removing the weapon.

I’ll make the rest of the rules later. Anyone can suggest rules and I may be willing to change some of the rules if someone doesn’t like them.

What would you like in a character sheet?
I’ll put what I think would work, let me know if you want to add stuff or subtract stuff.
In your Physical description put: hair, eyes, and skin color - height and weight - scars, piercings, and tattoos.
In your Personality put: likes and dislikes - character traits and flaws - personality quirks – and whether or not you’re good, bad, or neutral.
In Experience put everything that gave you skills and training in the past.
Putting your weapons, armor, and possessions will stop people from coming out with random stuff at convenient times making it unfair for others.
Brief Background just so we know a bit about your character.

Physical description:
Weapons and Armor:
Brief Background:

(Time Zones)
In other stories I’ve experimented with a time period for people to follow, I didn’t think it worked very well but I have an idea for a new method to keep track of time and make sure everyone goes at the same pace. Rather than minutes and hours we could go by parts of the day, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Late Night, and Early Morning. That’s just an idea though, let me know if you think it’s a good idea or if you have a better idea of your own for how to keep track of time.
Of course it won’t be the same time zone on other planets… Well for this story at least we’ll all be on the same planet. We’ll work out coordinating planet time zones later and maybe have a Universal space time zone. We won’t worry about that in this story though.

I’m thinking about designing architectural drawings of all the places in the story. For the first story we won’t worry about that though, but on another more organized site specifically for Role Playing each story is like an entire forum, and each area in the fictional world is a thread. You post in the area you’re in and when you travel to a next area you post that your traveling and then you start posting in the next thread. It just makes it easier to write when you have maps of the areas that you’re in so there’s no confusion as to what’s where and no one conveniently makes random items to aid them. Like if you’re in a bar fight rather than just picking up a stool and bashing the guy, or jumping out a window, there could be no stools or windows in the part of the bar you’re in. The map lets you know what’s where. It’s kind of like doing math on paper versus doing it in your head. Anyway this is all just thoughts in my head that I felt like sharing, we won’t actually explore this element in this story. Another aspect to later explore will be a continually edited first post of every area listing any damage to the area or changes from what’s on the blueprint, and a list of everyone in the area and where they are unless they’re hidden. Nothing hidden would be listed but could be found if a person looked in the right place.

(Fighting System)
Killing each other will be allowed but not without me and the person you’re killing knowing, and if the person doesn’t want to be killed think of some other way of defeating them and sparing their life. If it comes to a point where someone earns a kill but the person being killed doesn’t want to die then we all think of an alternate outcome to the scenario. Also the person not wanting to die may have something alternately happen to them such as getting an arm or leg sliced off, or their eyes burnt so they can’t see, something crippling that puts them at a serious disadvantage later on unless the killer is merciful and simply knocks them out or binds them or something like that. When fighting someone you have to wait until they post a response before you can post another attack, the fight goes back and forth taking turns, msn might be good for making a long fight shorter and then one of you can copy the whole msn convo and post it as a fight. If you guys want we could do something like all make new msn addresses and post them with our character sheet so everyone can see them and they won’t be our personal e-mails.

(Strengths and Abilities)
We’ll have to figure out some way of making more experienced characters stronger than new characters and things like that. In writing any newb can come along and start a fight with the most powerful character and just stab or shoot him or something, so there has to be some system of strengths and abilities. I was thinking everyone could choose something like three strengths and(or) abilities to be at level 1, and everything else would just be at par, then as the story progresses people could earn more points. What do you guys think?

Okay well there’s a lot to digest but this is what I’ve got so far. Please everyone who want’s to join just post and tell me what you think and that you’re interested. Don’t fill out any character sheets yet because it may still go through changes.

Curt-Man 11-28-2004 05:31 PM

wow thats alot of stuff, i'll go by section.

i like it everything there is good, very detailed..

Time Zones:
hmm, well its pretty good idea, altohugh it might be eventually discarded if this thread thirves and goes on for a while.

i like it, sounds a little confusing though, maybe you could clear it up a bit?

Fighting system:
again a good idea i like it.

Strengths and Abilities:
once again a very good idea.

over all this thread seems like it will very interesting and fun.

Mandalorian54 11-28-2004 05:50 PM

Well I'm going to draw some maps or blueprints for the main area's so that it's easy for people to write in relation to where things are.

Darth NeoVenom 11-29-2004 04:07 AM

The new time zone is better because it's organized that way.

Fight system is good, but I do have one question. Can we kill NPC characters such as Stormtroopers, Rodians, Weequas, and others with one hit? Or do we put a post such as this, "...Darth NeoVenom slashes towards the republican..." and leave it in a way that you'll decide whether or not that character dies?

In my opinion, I think it'z better for everyone to do your actions in a way that Mandalorian54 decides what happens to a character such as a non-important NPC. :D

Gaining level, that'z a little bit hard to do (in my opinion). It should just be common sense....A Jedi Master is stronger in the force than a Jedi Padawan, A Sith Lord is stronger in the force than a Sith Apprentance, A highly trained Bounty Hunter is more accurate in firing than a Bounty Hunter just starting out, etc etc...unless you Anakin Skywalker (who no one's going to be :D ).

The whole Map idea sounds good, but wouldn't it be rather hard drawing out every single location we're in? You can post a brief description of the location and what's in that location and that will be good enough. Then after you give the description of the place, we'll post our actions. I think it will be easier to do that than to draw blueprints.

Everything else I haven't covered are good. :)

Another question, all our characters are going to start as "beginners"? Cuz I was planning on putting in Darth NeoVenom as a Jedi Master (Not a Sith), and then as your story progresses, he slowly heads towards the Dark Side.

Mandalorian54 11-29-2004 09:55 AM

Killing NPCs...hmm...

Usually in most stories I see people posting alot of hit and run action filled with diving one hit kills and taking cover without really any differnece in skill from one character to the next. (Take the Matrix rp for example) I think it's fine for people to one hit kill random NPCs but I would have to say if someone creates an NPC someone else shouldn't just be able to off him in the next post. It's not really necesary for me to determine wether or not it's hit or miss.

I do however think a skill system is necessary and that everyone starts off inexperienced. You get three points to put into your skills which there will be a list to choose from and every story you go through you get one or two more points to put into your character. Things like strength, speed, and endurance, which I've already stated in a previous post. The person with more points in strength would win in a struggle, the person with more speed would out run the other, the person with more endurance would last longer in a fight.

That way who's stronger, faster, and more accurate with a blaster is clear and everyone earns strenghts for their accomplishments. I just think it's a fairer system. If every new comer could just start out as a Jedi Master it would be cheap.

It's not about wining anyway, it's about having a good time. A major factor in any story is character development, so start of as a normal guy and work your way and earn your way to the top, developing your character along the way stat point by stat point job by job.

As for maps, I'm not going to spend hours on each map making them super detailed. I'm just going to sketch stuff out and then redo it using paint. The maps won't be detailed to each individual item on a shelf, but they will help. A description of each area in the first post I'm going to do also and I was thinking of constantly updating the first post to show who's in the area and other important details so every time someone goes to that area they check the first post and without having to scroll back to find who's there they know from the first post. It's easier for everyone.

But we're not really going to worry about it on this site since we just have one thread for the whole story.

Redwing 11-29-2004 10:11 AM

My main question is how you are going to handle the experience points/level/skill system. :) How would a person consistently get more points? This could especially be a problem if you get a person who isn't even a fighter (ya I know, with this crowd? ha :p) or at least characters with drastically differing agendas.

Hiroki 11-29-2004 11:26 AM

Yes, I think all of our characters should start out fairly "fresh". I was going to make my character a colonist, since that’s what the Mandalorians where first when they crashed on that planet, human colonists. As a colonist, he wouldn't really be a marksmen, he may be able to fire a blaster straight, to hunt for food, but he would naturally have more colonist skills, such as terraforming and such.

I think it would be a lot more entertaining also, if, since the stories will be happening in different expanses of time eventually, we would have to make new characters, as the old ones would have at least died of old age.

Darth NeoVenom 11-29-2004 12:12 PM

I am also not sure how the point system is going to work out, but we'll see. I guess I'll make a Jedi Padawan. What time period thing RPG is going to take place in?

Jedi Malastar 11-29-2004 01:22 PM

If this is in an alternate universe then maybe you could one small things that didnt happen in the star wars universe. Like Han Solo and crew never destroyed the shield generator and the rebel alliance was crushed. Or there never was a Palpatine to begin with so there never was the empire. Those just some minor suggestions.

Maybe the number of posts we do could be the number of xp we get. The posts could be determined by your discretion. So if theres a one or two sentence post then they wouldnt get any points, or maybe quality over quantity, so like if you think they accomplished something important then they could get a skill point. There could be a different post which would list our characters levels. After every day or week you could update that post and give us our skill points to whichever one. Maybe something like that.

With the timezones it probably would eventually get discarded. But if not I agree with the time of day, how much light is in the sky pretty much.

Mandalorian54 11-29-2004 01:25 PM

Physical Attributes

Hand to hand
Blunt weapon
Heavy guns

Piloting (specify type of vehicle)
Working (specify field of work)

Something like that, you have the underlined catagory and you list everything your trained under and the number of points put into it. Things like how smart your character is will be in your personality. Also your characters age as time goes on, and every single character will die. If not in battle then of old age, and not many warriors die of old age. And once you get old weakness and sickness might prevent that character from participating in battle. The story won't be entirely based on fighting though but the skills mostly will, non-combatants will just focus more on building there character from the writing aspect than the skills and fighting aspect.

Also if anyone can think of more skills to add let me know.

(And something not related to skills I was just thinking about character's dying. It will be easier for people to let go of characters if they have more than one, since there's really no limit to how many you can have it shouldn't be a problem. But the character sheet is fairly long and characters start off low level so you want to survive and become powerful. Anyway just more speculation.)

Hiroki, I didn't know the Mandalorians started out Colonists. I've read loads of stuff off the internet and books, where did you find this out and is it something most people know or is this rare stuff? Well then in the story you're just going to have to help out with the colonization of Mandalore since I'm uneducated in that area.

But this story isn't on Mandalore so there's no need to be a colonist yet. That can happen in the second or third story.

Yes we will all need to make new characters as the old ones die of old age, also when this gets to a higher level and onto this other web site I was thinking of having several systems going. One set of Threads will be everyones characters all over the galaxy, and other threads will be "stories" where some characters go off on missions or quests or whatever. I also want to have these brief archive stories where everyone can read what other people did without all the useless stuff.

Darth Neovenom, we're starting at a point where the first of the Jedi will arise, possibly a hundred years before Episode 1. I haven't settled on a time to start but I think a century will be good. If you want Darth NeoVenom, you can be the first Jedi and then later turn to the dark side and also that same character will be the first Sith, if we do that I think you can have a little more attributes to start off with than a regular character so that you don't have to go through boring early stages, and you can write about your past adventures and how you got your skills later.

Anyway lets not get too complicated too fast. We need to make a skill system though for this story and then I guess people can start making characters. Let's just focus on this story and I'll spring the rest later.

Are there any questions or ideas on making characters before we nail that down?

Also this story is going to take place 100 years before the events of Ep1 on the planet Concord Dawn where My character Supplimenting Jaster Mareel will be introduced to a few other future Mandalorians.

I have a plot idea, do you guys want me to tell you everything so you can help plot with me, or do you want to be fed gradually as the story progresses so you won't know the consiquences for your actions and things like that. I'm thinking I should let you guys know so it can be a more co-ordinated story and less of me leading you guys.

Redwing 11-29-2004 01:41 PM


Originally posted by Mandalorian54
Darth Neovenom, we're starting at a point where the first of the Jedi will arise, possibly a hundred years before Episode 1. I haven't settled on a time to start but I think a century will be good.


Also this story is going to take place 100 years before the events of Ep1 on the planet Concord Dawn where My character Supplimenting Jaster Mareel will be introduced to a few other future Mandalorians.


This is REALLY alternate universe then---! Considering the first Jedi popped up around 25,000 years before Episode 4...

Darth NeoVenom 11-29-2004 01:41 PM

I some what get an idea, since I use to play AD&D in person in campaigns. I do have a Star Wars RPG book and they list various skills, some you already mention. Do Jedi and Sith get core (piloting, lockpicking, etc) and force skills? Sorry for making things more complicated. :D

Mandalorian54 11-29-2004 01:42 PM

Helo Jedi Malastar, thanks for expressing intrest.

This is an alternate Universe so the Rebellion could easily loose to the Empire, they are an inferior force after all. But it's even more alternate than you seem to think, Han Solo is not going to be in this Universe, niether are any of the characters from the orrigional Star Wars. All new characters will be played by us and we will control the outcome of the universe.

Also the number of posts being your experience won't work. Some people can't post as often so it wouldn't be fair for them to be weaker when it's something they can't control. A system of posts eaqualling experience may also bring out spamers and alot of useless posts just to get experience.

You may have noticed I've been here since July 2002, over two years and I only have a little over a thousand posts. Where as some people reach a thousand posts in a matter of months. But am I less experienced than everyone with more posts?

As for the time zone, that'll just be more general so that we know if it's dark or light or how much time till it's dark, stuff like that. Rather than it all being at a generic time somewhere in between day and night.

Mandalorian54 11-29-2004 01:52 PM

lol, I did not know Jedi started 25,000 years before ep4. Perhaps we can fix that up. Mabee this story should be 1,000 years ago. Or mabee we should just start a story 25,000 years ago and be the first jedi? I'm not super familiar with early jedi sith stuff though. I know a little about the war of the Sith where they had all these strange rules and Sith swords instead of lightsabers. Mabee we should start there?

Really I don't mind waiting for the Mandalorian story, I don't mind doing a Jedi Sith story 25,000 years ago.

Acctually now you've got me thinking...if we did something 25,000 years ago with early jedi and sith we could all start off as already established Jedi or Sith Masters and do a whole war of the Sith vs Jedi or something...I'm just not familiar enough with that time frame though, mabee if you guys could post some links to older star wars history for me to check out. Please throw in ideas of your own too.

Darth NeoVenom, I've never played AD&D this is all off the top of my head and some related to other story sites I've been on. If you could give us some info from your RPG book like on skills and stuff, that would be usefull. And Never apologize for making something complicated. ;)

Jedi Malastar 11-29-2004 02:58 PM

Here's a little timeframe-but I dont know if it will matter or not since this is an alternate universe. (BBY mean Before Battle of Yavin)

25000 BBY-Hyperspace travel developed and Galactic Republic is formerd

5000 BBY-Great Hyperspace War-Dark Jedi defeated and discovered ancient people called the Sith-they adapted into their civiliazation and become one. The Sith had a civil war eventually and when they were under control again they attacked the Republic. The Republic won. The leader of the Sith, Naga Shadow, fled to Yavin 4 with his Massassi warriors and buried himself in a tomb with the prior Sith Ruler, Marka Ragnos.

4400 BBY-Freedon Nadd-A jedi named Freedon Nadd went to Yavin 4 and awoke the spirit of Naga Shadow. Nadd fell to the darkside, he made himself king of the planet Onderon.

4000 BBY-Republic Space expanded to the planet Onderon and some jedi dealed with it. Two Jedi named Exar Kun and Ulic Qel Droma fell to the dark side and were enemies but united to bring back glory to the Sith.

3996 BBY-The Sith War-The Sith destoryed a cluster of stars with a powerful ship which in turn destoryed the Jedi library world of Ossus. Ulic Qel Droma came back to the light side and the jedi attacked Yavin 4, after Exar Kun had trapped himself in a temple, the jedi won. 10 years later Jedi Ulic Qel Droma fled to Rhen Var and was killed there.

2000 BBY-Some Jedi broke away from the republic again but their rebellion was ended because they killed themselves. One sith lived, Darth Kaan, his disciples fought the jedi and on the planet Ruusan a weapon called a thought bomb killed both the sith and jedi armies. This created the Valley of the Jedi, where if you go there you will get force powers, like Kyle Katarn did in the Jedi Knight games. Only one sith survived, Darth Bane, he kept the sith alive and in hiding with having one master and one apprentice. They stayed in hiding until The Galactic Civil War.

Mandalorian54 11-29-2004 03:53 PM

That was useful, thanks Jedi Malastar. Perhaps you could give me some links to read about that stuff?

I just need to know about the kind of tecknowledgy and civilazion and just the way things were back then so I can write about it.

By the way, where would the Mandalorians fit in the time line? I heard once that it was 1,000 BBY.

Hiroki 11-29-2004 04:35 PM

No, Mandalorians where in KOTOR, which happened around 4,000 years before Yavin. And they had already been Mandalorian for a long time.

Mandalorians aren't just humans who took the title, there colony ship crashed on Mandalore, a near inhospitable world. There, over thousands of years, they evolved into a different species almost, because the climate forced them to "toughen up". I would say they where sent off on the colony project about 22,000 years before Yavin. And there ship had some sort of problem, which caused them to crash on Mandalore.

Before that, they weren't soldiers or anything. Just normal men, colonists, workers, volunteers who desired to see the galaxy.

As for the Jedi Order, they formed about the same time as the Old Republic, but they started out as scholars, and philosophers, not fighters at all. They had devoted there life to studying the Force, it took them hundreds of years to figure out how to actually “use the Force”. Tech around that time was a lot more primitive as you can imagine as well.

Jedi, even after they became philosopher-warriors, didn’t use lightsabers. The technology didn’t exist yet to even build protosabers. They used swords of some sort. I’m not sure what, but they where basically metal blades like we have here.

Blasters where also in there baby stages. I forget exactly what they where called, but the primary blaster of the day was some sort of blaster-funnel thing. Sort of like the Matchlock Aquaribus of blasters. It may not have been as accurate as projectile weaponry, or had as high of rate of fire, but the power of its blast, when it did hit, and the speed of the laser bolts they fired (( YES, blaster bolts ARE faster than bullets, even though they may not appear so in the movies, it is proven fact that they are. )), outweighed the loss of accuracy and rate of fire.

Starships would have been smaller, much smaller. And Hyperdrive wouldn’t have been quite as sophisticated as it was in “modern” Star Wars. Though, interestingly enough…Coruscant was already covered completely with city in that time.

The first Sith came when there was a fissure in the Order. You see, in the beginning of the Jedi Order, they studied both the Light and Dark aspects of the Force. They realized both had qualities that could be used for “Good”, even the “Dark”. However, some Jedi felt that the Dark was overall superior to its lighter counterpart, and, with most of them being human, naturally started to have selfish desires, for using it to there own ends.

Eventually, the other Jedi of the Order found this out, and a great war began, the winner being the one who would “inherit” the Order. Well, the Light Jedi defeated the Dark, and banished them from the Order forever. Perhaps more out of spite than logic or need, the Jedi banned the study of the Dark Side from the Order.

The Dark Exiles eventually found themselves on a world inhabited by Insectoid life forms known as there Sith. Fascinated by the Dark Magic these Sith practiced, the Dark Exiles quickly enslaved the race of insects, proclaiming themselves the Lords of the Sith. The rest is history. At least for now, since that is what you really need to know for Part 1.

ApologeticII 11-29-2004 05:15 PM

Mandy, You must be like the speilsburg(sp) of rpg's, don't start very many, but they sure as hell rock.


Very Detailed, mabye we could have the option of "drawing" or "refrencing" a char? Like I did with my "dragonoid" characters? I know most of us must not be the best artists, I sure ain't. But hey mabye there is a picture that looks somewhat like your char andyou could post it?

Time Zones:
Ok, if we're going through the thread by days...then how could our chars die of old age, unless we are forced to:
1.make chars
2.go through the story quickly
3.make the thread last thousands of pages

Just a question

So, ur doing a drawing of the map, and we're suppose to...give coordinates to where we are generaly? Like "I'm in b43" or somthing? It just sounds a little...ify ya know? or could you go into a little more detail? :D

Fighting system:
We might also need to set notices on major injuries like getting blinded?

Strengths and Abilities:
I like the skills but here are some of my Ideas:

Coordination(Ability to block more hits/ catch things such as blunt objects, a person with low coordination is like 1-5 1 being a little leaguer with a rubber bat 5 being like a ninja)


So yea, Just reading this thread is like watching a trailer to an up comming cool movie. But here's another question, Is this thread a discussion of an up comming thread or site or already made thread or site?

Mandalorian54 11-29-2004 07:03 PM

Thanks Hiroki that was really useful stuff, where do you guys find all this out? I did see a book about the insectoid Sith and their human Sith Masters who enslaved them and they had Sith Swords instead of lightsabers but I didn't read it I just looked at some of the pictures. I didn't bother reading it because it was a picture book and the art sucked so it didn't catch my fancy.

If someone could please give a url or something I really need to check out all this old stuff if I'm going to write a story about it.

ApologeticII, I would say I'm more like Chris Claremont. I start alot of good ideas but they don't go anywhere. I hope to change that though. A wise man once said, "The first step to correcting a mistake is knowing your mistake."

You can make up your own alien race if you'dd like, link us to some drawins if you want so we can better visualize what they look like.

We are going through this thread day by day but first we'll start with a short story to get things going, one that's only a couple of days, a week at the most. Our characters will grow old and die as we make more and more stories. After a story or two though I have another web site easier for making stories that if this is successful we will bring over there. There will also be stories still here though. And then there will be more than one going at the same time where people can have multiple characters in each story. Just make sure you don't have more characters than you can handle.

As for areas we won't worry about that until it we go to the other story site. But there will be threads named after areas and you post in the thread/area you're in.

If you get major injuries your character sheet will be edited to list the injury.

Perhaps unique abuilities like catching something thrown at you can be incorpirated but require more than one point to purchase and have a limit of three levels. Something like that though we'll work out later. Nice sujestion though I'll keep that in mind and it gives me more ideas.

Mandalorian54 11-29-2004 11:04 PM

Crap, I was editing my above post and clicked reset because I wanted to Preview it and they're in the same place, so now I have to recap. There goes a couple hours down the tube...grrrr...*kills computer*

Okay I'm getting a pretty big idea after reading about the Mandalorian history, and I've been thinking tons so here's what I've got.

The War gainst the Vuana was a war that lasted six thousand years in which an alien race invaded the Mandalore systems...

Here's a paragraph from a web site:

"The intense war continued until the year 13295, when the Mandalorians finished the mass production of several biological agents designed to annihilate the Vuana and implemented them along with a colossal assault upon the aliens. The Vuana's space defenses were taken out by the Mandalorian fleet while planetary defenses were destroyed by hundreds of elite warriors wearing the special Mandalorian Battle Armor. After the Mandalorian teams were exfiltrated from the Vuana planets, the Mandalorians sent mechanically controlled battleships to all Vuana planets to crash into the surfaces and release the deadly biological agents. By the year 13300, xenocide upon the Vuana was compete."

Our story will take place in the year 13,295 , the first attack on the Vuana by the Mandalorian Fleet and Elete warriors wearing Mandalorian Battle Armor.

What do you guys think?

weiderudare 11-30-2004 06:11 AM

Well.. I like all of it....even though it means the rpers need to devote themselves and not be uberpwningroxx0rs... Yay! for that.
Looks good, and since I got no real critics, I'm just gonna crawl back into my corner.

Darth NeoVenom 11-30-2004 07:43 AM

I'll try and participate in this RPG. I've also decided to change the character I was planning on being. I'll be a bounty hunter in making, who later on in years becomes a Mandalorian, who is an ancestor of Zofire. I think it will give a bigger background on how Zofire is tied to Mandalorians. If that'z alright with u, Mandalorian54. :D

Mandalorian54 11-30-2004 07:53 AM

I want to shorten the events of the history of Star Wars so that characters can experience multiple events. The total length of the populization of the Galaxy still has to be 25,000 years but rearange important events.

In 28,000 BBY the Infinity Emipire of the Rakata collapses.

In 25,000 BBY the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order are founded.

24,500 BBY the first Jedi War which lasts 100 years until the Dark Jedi loose and the Sith Empire begins.

17,000 BBY the colony ship Mandalore accidently hyperjumps to an uncharted system and crashes on the only inhabitable planet.

I'm going to change the date of the colony ship Mandalore's accident to 5,000 BBY. The ship will have a population of 1,000 people and our story will start with our crash on the planet aptly dubbed, Mandalore.

Our story will take three weeks in which time the Juannar come with advanced technology and then the Vuana come and a battle takes place.

After defeating the Vuana our story will end.

The next story will be years later when the Vuana return and a six hundred year war begins in which Mandalorian battle armor is developed.

Okay what do you guys think of that for our first story?

Darth NeoVenom 11-30-2004 08:06 AM

Sounds good to me.

weiderudare 11-30-2004 09:06 AM

Have seen alot worse....I'll easily give it a try.

Hiroki 11-30-2004 09:42 AM

Why the quick boost in time? The Mandalorian Empire wouldn't be nearly as Developed by the time of the Sith War's ( Exar Kun and the KOTOR one ). And 5000 BBY is the time of the Great Hyperspace war.

I think you should start it at 17,000 BBY, as they first had to overcome the extreme hardships of Mandalore itself. That was a handful; and a story in itself. We could end it with the comming of the Juannar. They wouldn't have had time to actually "evolve" into Mandalorians your way. Thats my suggestion. :)

Edit: Also, so this isn't a problem later...Boba Fett was very special. He was an independent Bounty Hunter. He was the only one to use a Jetpack...I have never read of another Mandalorian using a Jetpack.

Darth NeoVenom 11-30-2004 10:52 AM

Well Jango Fett used a jetpack as well, but I guess those were only the Fetts.

Black Knight of Keno 11-30-2004 11:18 AM

Hiroki, Jango Fett... If we take the newer Episodes(1-3), then we can say that Boba wasn't really a Mandalorian, but a clone of a Mandalorian. Jango Fett was the first in history to use a jetpack in mercenaries a.k.a bounty hunters

Mandy, I have nothing more to say that I have and will allways admire your interest and skills of making the spine of a good RP.

Hiroki 11-30-2004 11:19 AM

Yeah, well. Boba, Jango, whatever. You know what I mean. :p

ApologeticII 11-30-2004 12:30 PM

So, basically our first story will take place as the Mando's are "evolving"

(Correct me if I'm wrong)

But I forgot to add:

Skill point earnings

The skill points might be earned through actions such as defeating a more powerful player/doing something great in a certain feild. You know, more accomplishment earnings than anything else.

(Of course this may have been said b4 ^_^'

Jedi Malastar 11-30-2004 01:32 PM

So is this gonna be in an alternate universe setting or not?

Hiroki 11-30-2004 02:31 PM

I think we should try and keep history up to the start of this story pretty much the same as it happened acording to the EU.

Mandalorian54 11-30-2004 06:48 PM

I want to quick boost through pretty much every event in Star Wars History. If you take the movies for example, no matter what timeline you look at there's so much more going on in the movies than in the EU history, so I'm basically combining everything so we can experinece a fast paced active campiegn. There's just too many thousand year wars and stuff we'dd have to go through sixty characters to finish one war. I'dd rather do two or three wars with the same character, and then his son go through the next few events. Rather than One event every sixty characters Three events every character.

I don't mind if stuff isn't as developed, it won't make it any less fun wether or not the war is fought with ten billion soldiers or ten hundred. While a war with ten Billion soldiers is a cool idea, it's not so much fun for the individual.

Anyway, to make up for compiled events, we can extend other events. They had like five thousand years of peace and technology advancement and expanding to other planets, then six thousand years of war, then a couple hundred years of peace, then more war. I think we can just shorten the wars and rearange some of the events, and lengthen some peace and prosperity etc...

If we kept the timeline the same, where would we start? I don't want to do a whole story about surviving in the wilderness. We can't do a whole story about a war either cuz there's a two hundred year war, a twenty year war, and a six thousand year war.

Also, I don't want to go though the whole history of star wars, I want to make my own history. I want to take as little of what exists as possible while still keeping it "Star Wars".

weiderudare 12-01-2004 06:27 AM

Well, surviving in the wildenress is pretty hard...I mean, we all need to know alot about the planet etc...

Maybe, when(if) we move, can anyone create these kinds of RPGs? Cause I got a story Im writing that is set in an alternate future of the STar Wars. (No stupid Yuuzhan whatevers. Empire über alles!)

ApologeticII 12-01-2004 12:26 PM

Basically, You want a story thats not nessecarily "Star Wars" but has the "force, weapons and technology" of star wars. Basically like someone ELSE had Georges Idea and made it thier own... ^_^

Mandalorian54 12-01-2004 12:57 PM

weiderudare, I'm not saying surviving in the wilderness is a bad idea for a story, I'm just in the mood for something a little more exciting. Mabee later when the serese expands we can do it.


Orrigionally posted by ApologeticII
Basically, You want a story thats not nessecarily "Star Wars" but has the "force, weapons and technology" of star wars. Basically like someone ELSE had Georges Idea and made it thier own... ^_^
Isn't that what I said? ;)


Okay acctually I'm starting to get more ideas about doing it at the acctual length the time line says...

I'm thinking we can do something at the begining of the war and the story will be centered on one key battle and be about the heros of that battle who's names are listed in the history books for their great deeds.

"The Vuana were lanky and tall with a skin color of deep turquoise, ranging from eight to ten feet in height and possessing two legs used to walk and two arms to manipulate objects. The Vuana's skin was completely smooth, and they contained no facial features or sexual organs. To consume food, the Vuana placed their arms into a liquid and would suck out the nutrients."
(Excerpt taken from,


The year is 7603(since the day of the crash), Suddenly and out of no where a race of aliens called the Vuana attack the Mandalore system.

At this time Mandalore had only a small military and struggled against the Vuana's invasion force. Drafting began imediately in an attempt to raise a stronger defensive force and military production increased drasticly in a short time. The Mandalorians took heavy casualties despite an army at least three times the size of the Vuana. The Vuana were simply too advanced.

You start as a Mandalorian soldier instantly put on the front lines with no fighting experience, or a drafted recruit with no control over your fate which was most likely untimely death at the hands of vicious aliens. Perhaps you are a Vuana come to this part of the galaxy to invade the inferior race of Mandalorians and Juannar, the disgusting poluters of your soon to be newest colony.


How does that sound guys? Ideas of the first attack are already forming in my mind...I'm eager to start after all this plotting so I think this is a good place to start and just need to quickly nail down some of the rules and character sheet requirements.

I also got this new idea from a story on another site, so that people can post more actions without having to wait for other players they post, Example:
"If the enemy doesn't see them they make it over the hill where they begin to set up portable gun turrets on the enemy location. If the enemy sees them and fires at them they jump behind cover in the terrain taking some wounded depending on the enemies response, unless they are close enough to make it over the hill only taking minimal casualties."

Then the next player posts wether or not they saw them and what they did. If the next player didn't see them he might send out some troops out that would be vulnerable to the enemy or something, but if he did see them his reaction would determine how many losses they suffered and weather or not he saw them soon enough to kill or wound any of them.

If the enemy saw them the first 'IF' phrase by the first player would be disregarded but not need to be edited out or anything. If the enemy didn't see them the second 'IF' phrase would be disregarded.
That sort of thing if you get the idea, if you're still confused I can give some more examples and answere questions about that.

Mandalorian54 12-01-2004 09:28 PM

Prologue – Rules, Character Sheets, and Role Playing
Vuana 20 Year War
Alternate Star Wars


1. No Godmoding.
2. No OOC chatter in the story thread, OOC in this thread only.
3. No controlling other player’s characters without their permission.
4. Your character(s) can die.
5. You can kill another player’s character if he and I agree to allow it.
6. No one hit kills.
7. You may refuse to allow your character to die at any time.
8. If you refuse to allow your character to die you must choose one of a number of alternate defeats I or your attacker offers. You may suggest alternate defeats of your own but neither I nor the attacker have to accept one of these.
9. You must fill out a character sheet before you can post in the story thread and I have to approve it.
10. Having fun is not a rule, it’s the reason for the story.

Character Sheet

Physical description:
Weapons and Armor:
Other possessions:
Brief Background:



Hand to hand
Heavy weapons
Thrown projectiles

Retractable blade
Flame thrower
Grapple wire
Fusion cutters
Conscious missile
Helmet sensors
Jet pack

Choose up to three skills and list them under skills in your character sheet. You don’t have to pick any skills if you don’t want to. You may not choose the same skill twice. If you choose piloting you have to also choose the type of vehicle, tank, fighter ship, battle ship, or something else you can think of.

If your character is a Vuana you can make up your own skills, weapons, vehicles, rank, and occupations.

Mandalorians have, recruit, trooper, squad leader, platoon leader, protector, enforcer, commander, and the highest rank of military command is given the title, Mandalore.


Okay, that’s it, we’re ready to start as soon as people fill out character sheets. If there are any questions or if anyone wants to add anything anywhere let me know. If you have an idea for a cool rank to replace trooper, squad leader, or platoon leader, let me know cuz I think those ranks suck. If anyone disagrees with any of the rules or thinks of good rules let me know, if you want to add something to the character sheet please don’t hesitate to share your ideas.

Also any ideas on plot points, let’s hear em.


I’m thinking that the Vuana break out of hyperspace above the planet, Thaldoria and lay waste to an orbital space station. There’s a battle outside Thaldoria’s atmosphere in the nearby space and ships retreat to the planet surface while more ships take off from the surface in defense. Also ships from a space station on the other side of that solar system’s sun send for aid to Mandalore the home system and Aldacore in another nearby system. The Vuana land on Thaldoria’s surface and try to secure a beachhead for the invasion force to land. Meanwhile parts of the planet are being evacuated, there is chaos and the military desperately outnumbered and out teched tries to hold out until reinforcements can arrive.

Will Thaldoria fall? Or can they hold out? The story ends when reinforcements arrive at which point the Mandalorians will either come to the rescue of their besieged brethren, or find Thaldoria in ruins with a strong enemy already fortified.

Darth NeoVenom 12-02-2004 03:46 AM

Name: Ziltro Maximus
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Rank: Trooper
Race: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Occupation(s): Soldier/Bounty Hunter
Physical description: 5'11, Medium built, Dirty blond hair, green eyes, light skin, usually wears black pants, with a dark blue short sleeve shirt (depending on the climate).
Personality: Cautious and stands his ground when danger comes. He is also a laid-back type of person, takes things easily.
Experience: Has fought and been involved with a couple of small missions.
Weapons and Armor: Dual blaster pistols, a couple of gernades (thermal if exists at the time), and a silver blade. Ziltro wears a Mandalorian armor that is silver and black, as well as a black cape.
Other possessions: A necklace with a symbol bearing his family's name.
Physical: Agility
Fighting: Pistol
Mandalorian: Jetpack
Brief Background: Ever since Ziltro was young, his father, and his father's father have been involved with missions involving Bounty Hunting. They also got involved in war, whenever their fellow people needed help. Ziltro's Great Grandfather died in a war when Ziltro was the age of 12. Ziltro and his family moved to Mandalore when Ziltro was 13 and they lived there ever since. Both Ziltro and his father both trained on Mandalore under the Mandalorian army, a couple of weeks after they moved onto the planet.

Curt-Man 12-02-2004 04:34 AM

Name: Besla Baratny
Age: 23
Rank: Trooper
Race: Barabel
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Barab One
Occupation(s): Soldier, previously Droid shop owner
Physical description:has green and black scales, is medium built with claws(
Personality:has a very odd sense of humor, is very dsiciplined and serious.
Experience: was trained how to fight by her father and has been on 1 mission
Weapons and Armor:single blaster pistol, grenades and a knife
Other possessions: Barabel Bracelet(very native indian looking)
Skills: Physical: Speed, Fighting: Hand to Hand, knife
Brief Background: Besla grew up with her father as a droid shop owner, but besla always wanted more, when her dad died of a disease, she had to take over the shop, but when the mandalorian army started drafting she took it up as soon as she could.

Mandalorian54 12-02-2004 06:03 AM

Neo Venom, three skills in total, not in each catagory. Also you don't have to choose one from each catagory just any three you want but only three.

If it's a skill that your born with because of your race than yes you can also have that. If you want to make up your own race please don't give them too many skills it won't be fair.

I'm just wondering Curt-Man where Barabel One is? Is it close to the Mandalore system and should it play a significant role in the war?


My character:

Name: Joth'loel Torscier
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Rank: Protector
Race: Mandalorian
Homeworld: Mandalore
Occupation(s): Military
Physical description: Medium build, black hair, brown eyes, very slightly browned skin.
Personality: He has a strong personality, honest, disciplined, kind, everything a strong Mandalore should stand for.
Experience: Military for 16 years.
Weapons and Armor: Mandalorian Battle Armor, Deth'lau Sword
Other possessions: none
Skills: Physical: Leadership, Fighting: Sword, Mandalorian: Jet Pack
Brief Background: Advancing through the ranks quickly Joth'loel proved to be skilled from his first rookie years, though a member of the army for 16 years Joth'loel has never had to kill anyone.

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