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lwwiz 12-13-2004 08:04 AM

War Zone Mod Is Back
Well I have re fired up my war zone mod in hopes that this time I can find some people to put weapons and vehicles in game. Do I have any takers on helping out. I already have 3 pampers plus myself and a guy who is doing terrain and such. We already have modelers. All we need is someone to put vehicles and weapons in along with someone who can edit the main menu.

Thrawn42689 12-13-2004 01:37 PM

Please remove your sig images...


Ac1dLoRd 12-13-2004 01:56 PM


lwwiz 12-16-2004 09:54 AM

Nobdy else wants to join? Cmon guys I need your help to make this happen.

razorace 12-21-2004 08:06 AM

Please use the Editting Requests forum for recruiting.

lwwiz 12-21-2004 08:09 AM


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