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PR-0927 01-10-2005 04:44 PM

Naboo: Encounter
Yeah, it rox!! Here is the link to the thread:


PR-0927 01-10-2005 04:56 PM

Crashing errors till happen when I try to be on the Imperial side or the Republic side.


PR-0927 01-23-2005 04:19 PM

Sent, to SWBF Files. I'll post a link tomorrow. Now for studying...

Also, just go there to look for my map!!


PR-0927 01-23-2005 04:25 PM


OD-Nile-X-Z-N 01-23-2005 04:41 PM

Nice, Haven't downlaoded it yet but the screenies look great:D. Im about to read the tutorial that comes with the mod tools and see if I can make anything. Wish me luck :jawa.

PR-0927 01-24-2005 07:07 AM

Thanx. Those pictures are outdated. Good luck on your mapping and modding!!

This map release is just version 1.0.
1.1 will be the LOD and texture distance fix, other small error fixes as well.

1.5 will be the sound fix when new tools come out.

2.0 will be if the Hovernaught is ever fixed and added.

2.5 will be final version (ifpossible). It'll fix any remaining bugs and will have the AT-PT if ever fixed and added.

Hope you enjoy my map!!


Raxor 01-25-2005 03:35 AM

is there a reason why the ground around me is black :(
ive had this on the endor map as well...

PR-0927 01-25-2005 06:46 AM

It's your computer. Try reinstalling SWBF. You also may have edited the game files.


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