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Mandalorian54 01-14-2005 01:37 PM

Vampires of York: chapter 1, A Few Dark Shadows
Okay, I'm redoing the old York Thread. I'm not going to make a discussion thread like I had started doing with a few of my stories.

There will only be vampires and humans, no wherewolves or any other of the creatures we had before.

If you've role played in my other Vampire stories you know my policy on Vampires. I will write them again though.

They do not fear crucifixes, garlic, or silver.
A wooden steak in the heart will not kill them.
They can not transform into bats, wolves, or myst.
They are not telepathic.
Their shadows do not act strangely.
They can not fly or walk on walls and celings.
They can see their reflections.
They do not sleep in coffins.
They do not eat food or drink anything other than blood.
Sunlight still kills them.

Rather Vampires are more like victims of a virus than cursed immortals. One bite will infect a human transforming him or her into a vampire in a few days. The body's cells become stronger and able to repair themselves at a much faster rate. They no longer have to fear death from illness or old age, their body's regeneration will make them always healthy, strong, and young. The body becomes stronger able to leap from rooftop to rooftop, lift huge amounts of weight, and survive massive injury.

A Vampire can be killed much easlyier than in many other Vampire stories, severe injury to the brain, decapitation, penetration of the vital organs. Though a Vampire will regenerate rapidly, completely healing a bullet wound in an hour, lost body parts won't grow back.

Vampirism may be classified as a virus but it strengthens a person more than anything else. The negative side of being a vampire is the lack of hunger for natural foods, only a thirst for blood is left to drive them and that they must drink about a gallon once every three days. They can no longer emerge during the day, they must live by night.

1. No Godmoding
2. No Controlling other player's characters
3. No killing other characters without their permission and my knowledge.
4. No one liners, all posts must be a full paragraph at least five sentances long. Any one liners will be disregarded, as if they were not even posted, until they are properly edited into full paragraphs.

Character Sheet

Human or Vampire:
(if Vampire,)Clan: (none, if you're not in the clan.)


Brief History:



(Be discriptive with your personality, History, Likes/Dislikes, and Strengths/Weaknesses. Keep your history brief though and list multiple likes/dislikes, strengths/weadnesses.)

Mandalorian54 01-14-2005 01:39 PM


I will continually edit this post with all of the current characters and what's going on. Keep an eye on this post for regular updates especially on characters' status and effects of certain areas.



Carth Ashby (human) - played by Mandalorian54
Jake Barento (human) - played by Curt man
Sabrina Scott (vampire) - played by Darth NeoVenom
William Turner (vampire) - played by Weiderudare
Ethan Marlon (human) - played by Jokemaster
Claire Stryker (vampire) - played by Mandalorian54


Locations / characters at:

Club White Rook / no one
Streets / no one
Rooftops / no one
Hospital / Ethan, Dane, five Hokusha human soldiers.
Abandoned Control room / Sabrina, Ryan, Jennifer
Restraunt / Carth, Jake
Hokusha House / Claire



Night 1: Carth and Jake got drunk at Club White Rook, then went to Carth's house to crash.

Sabrina and William hung out on the rooftops, William feasted on a young woman.

Night 2: Carth and Jake worked at a dock, they were attacked by three Hokusha Clan vampires, Jake shot one vampire, Sabrina and Ethan showed up.

Sabrina and Ethan killed the other two Hokusha Clan vampires, Carth, Jake, and Ethan went to the Hospital.

Day 2: Carth, Jake, and Ethan are in the hospital being watched by Informants for the Hokusha Clan, Ethan smuggled a shotgun into the hospital.

Sabrina brought two human friends into the subway tunnels to an abandoned control room to use as a base of opperations.

Claire Stryker is assigned to investigate the murder of the three Hokusha Clan scouts, she goes to the hospital with a group of men most of which wait in the lounge.

Carth and Jake escape from the hospital and go to a restruant where they await the arrival of Ethan who remains entangled at the hospital.

Claire returns to the Hokusha House to report to her commander and wait till nightfall.

weiderudare 01-14-2005 03:07 PM

So.. vampires are more like super-humans than mythlike creatures?
Sounds good to me..

Just one question.. Shouldn't a pointy object jabbed into your heart kill a vampire? It says they can't handle penetration of vital organs, and the heart is considered quite important :p

Curt-Man 01-14-2005 05:11 PM

you know what he means weiderudare :p

sounds good to me!

Mandalorian54 01-14-2005 05:40 PM

Well I was thinking that a stab to the heart shouldn't automatically kill a vampire unless it completely destroyed the heart, but now I think it would be better to let a stab to the heart automatically kill a vampire. It's just that it doesn't have to be a steak, you can stab a vampire with anything in the heart.

So yes a steak to the heart will kill a vampire, but not specially.

Mandalorian54 01-14-2005 07:28 PM

The story takes place in the city of York. Population aproximately 1 million. The city has everything a city needs, subway system, airport, a port on the river front, gangs, crime. York is full of normal life, and until recently there were no Vampires in the city. Unfortunately for the citizens of York strange things are in store.

Vampires have always remained a secret and disciplined society, careful not to be discovered by the human world. Recently a small group of Vampires has arrived in York to start a new house in the now thriving city.

You play the roles of new vampires or humans in York. What part will you play during the rise of a new Vampire house?

This is going to be less of an action story than my other ones have been in the past though there's plenty of room for gunfights and vampire slaughter, but don't over do it. This is a story after all.

Rather than making one long indefinite story going on forever, there will be a serise of shorter stories. I'm aiming to finish each chapter in about five pages, when we reach the fifth page start to wind down and end it. That way player's who's characters died won't be out for long. Also new chapters may introduce new races or clans to affiliate your characters in.

(Edit: 01/15/05 - 10:15PM)
The Current Vampire Clan: Hokusha Clan

Lead by a feirce warrior, Akshi Hokusha, the Hokusha clan was formed from the large ruling clan of the surrounding area and sent to keep watch on the city and control the Vampire activity.

All new vampires in the city will be monitered by the Hokusha clan when discovered and make sure they don't give away the Vampire's existence to the general public. Agents of the clan are sent out every night to watch the city and monitor other vampires.

Not just any vampire can be accepted into the clan either, they have to prove their worth. Usless vampires won't be tollerated, but killed. There are plenty of Vampires outside of the Clan but the Clan keeps tabs on everyone and everything going down. The Clan rules and must be respected, anyone out of line is shure to face a swift death.

The Clan has rules, they do not allow large groups of new vampires turned at once, it's too easy for them to get out of line and too hard to keep tabs on. No clans are allowed to be formed outside of the coven, such clans will be destroyed and their members killed. To be accepted into the clan you must be vouched for by a clan member and are given a trial period where you are carefully examined to see if you may be a valuable asset to the Clan. The Clan does not waste their time with loosers.

(edit: 01/18/05 11:30AM)
The Hokusha clan has one leader, Akshi Hokusha is still subject to his superiors in the Ruling Vampre Clan in the region. Akshi is the most powerful Vampire of the Hokusha Clan, he is also the oldest. Directly under Hokusha are his commanders, he has three commanders. There is one commander for soldiers, they guard the Clan's base of opperations and do most of the fighting should a battle arrise with another Clan. Another commander is in charge of monitoring the city, scouts travel the rooftops every night and make sure all is well. The third commander is special forces, he has the fewest men at his command but they are the deadliest. The Special forces are highly trained assassins who hunt down and kill whoever their commander wants.


My Character:

Name: Carth Ashby
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Human or Vampire: Human
Appearence: Short blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'0", 140Ibs, he dresses casually in geans and a T-shirt with a leather jacket when it's cool out at night.

Personality: He is very smart but a little spoiled, he takes things for granted, he is honest, he is a truly genuine and kind person but makes many mistakes. He is a talented writer and very creative person. But he has a problem with authority.

Brief History: He is in his second year of college studying to become a writer. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mom in a down town Condominium. He has some involvment with minor crime but some of his friends are involved in serious criminal activity and drug dealing.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes having a good time, partying, hanging out with friends, he likes people to think that he's cool too. / He dislikes being made fun of and told he's no good.

Strengths/Weaknesses: His loyalty to his friends is strong / He is weak to the pressure and influences of his friends because he just wants to fit in.


The moon was early in the sky and the night was young when Carth headed out to meet his friends at their favorite club, Club White Rook. As he waited in line he met up with one of his friends and they chatted as they waited to enter. The bouncer recognized them and let them go in ahead of a few people.

Once inside the pair rondezvoued with some more of their buddies, they found themselves a bouth and chatted a bit before ordering some drinks. The group of buddies were just having a fun night out, throwing their cares away as if for the moment at least there were no responsabuilites, no rules, no reality, just the excitement of the moment.

((OOC: Feel free to introduce your characters as friends of Carth's in the group but don't feel obliged if you have your own ideas.))

Curt-Man 01-15-2005 01:05 PM

Name: Jake Barento
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Human or Vampire: Human
Appearence: wears a faded navy blue long sleeved t-shirt wiht a grey-ish black button up t-shirt wiht tribal desgins on it, black cargo pants.

Personality: Is a very funny guy, liked by most. has a somewhat bad temper sometimes. tries to be a ladiesman but comes up short, also is understanding and will listen to peopels problems.

Brief History: grew up in a normal home, only his parents always fought and never liked each other, has 1 brother and 2 sisters, all older than him. is now in colllege to become a chef.

Likes/Dislikes: Cooking, hanging out with friends, fanatsy anything / people yelling at him, stuck at home with nothing to do

Strengths/Weaknesses: very encouraging and willing to put himself in trouble to save someone else the trouble / pretty foolhardy and uncautious.

Jake was already in Club White Rock when Carth came in, jake and him talked for a bit and ordered some drinks.
"so Carth, hows life treating you?"

Darth NeoVenom 01-15-2005 01:59 PM

Name: Sabrina Scott
Age: Looks 19, real age is 23.
Gender: Female
Human or Vampire: Vampire
Clan: None
Appearance: Jet black hair (shoulder left), blue eyes, slight pale in skin, 5'6, 115lbs. She wears a black leather trench coat, pants, and shirt. Black boots with silver buckles on the side and a black belt with silver buckle as well. Underneath both her arms are Glock 18s.

Personality: Sabrina is a very serious woman. She is loyal and honest to some. She makes very little mistake and is always cautious.

Brief History: Born and raised as a human, Sabrina got turned by a vampire at the age of 19 while traveling thru the woods with her friends. The vampires also turned her friends.

Likes/Dislikes: Sabrina likes a lot of things. The only thing she doesn't like is people bossing her around.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Agile due to extensive training, Sabrina is more agile than most of her people. She's very smart and is deadly with her pistols./Craves blood and sunlight is very deadly to her.


Perched on a ledge of a rooftop, Sabrina looks down at the busy streets on York. This night to her is rather peaceful. All she could hear are the honking of some car horns and some people chattering on the sidewalk next to the building she is on. Searching the streets with her eyes, she doesn't notice anything suspicious.

weiderudare 01-15-2005 02:20 PM

Name: William Turner (I just love that name.. im what?)
Age: Looks 23 (really 34)
Gender: Male
Human or Vampire: Vampire
Appearence: 6'1, 75 kg(I guess 150 pounds) Long thick darkbrown hair (shoulderlength) darkbrown eyes. Wears a black trenchoat(sorry, but you need one when your a vampire :p) black camo-like pants. Black shirt. Military-like boots. Black leather gloves.
(Feels like im totally ripping of Neovemon...:p)
A single gun tied to his tigh. Desert Eagle

Personality: Not all that sociable, William is a bit of a loner. He accepts being a vampire, as he has time to do all the things he wants to do. He is pretty serious, not liking to crack a joke in a tight situation. Relying on charm to seduce his victims, he can be sociable when he wants to

Brief History: William grew up in a normal society, going to an excellent school. He killed the vampire that "cursed" him after having been a vampire for two years. Since then he tries not to become enemy with a single vampire, even though he loats most of them.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Peace and quiet, trying to do humanlike things such as watching TV or reading a book. Prefers to suck blood from young women
Dislikes: Humans and arrogant vampires.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Being able to stay calm in most situations. Trusty when it comes to it. Weaknesses: His stubborness and taste for young beatiful women.

William jumped between rooftops, looking for a quiet spot. Spotting Sabrina, which he had met a few times here and there he walked up to her.
"Looking for a victim? Or just peace and quiet?"

Mandalorian54 01-15-2005 03:10 PM

((Curt man, please post more than two sentances. A whole paragraph at least five sentances.))

Carth greeted Jake when they saw each other and they chatted for a bit. "Life's not too bad," Carth responded. "My mom gets on my nerves though, I can't wait to move out. College is going pretty good I just love writing, and I might be starting a new job with a couple of my friends." Someone bought a round of shooters and Carth took his not knowing what it was and gulped it down like a pro. "How's life treating you Jake?"

((I'm updating my 4th post with information on the current Vampire Clan. Also a new addition to the character sheet, edit your sheets if you are a vampire.))

Darth NeoVenom 01-16-2005 03:34 AM

"Peace and Quiet..." replied Sabrina. Sabrina never liked to prey on humans for blood. When it comes to drinking blood, she goes to the hosptial and grabs bags of blood. "And you?" Sabrina asked William without turning her head away from the streets below. Sabrina stands up from the spot she was perched on and jumped down to the rooftop. She waited for William to answer her question.

weiderudare 01-16-2005 03:48 AM

"Same as you I guess... I'm also looking for.. food...I guess."
He walked up next to her, peering down at the street below. He could hear a club's boring music playing, and clubs always meant easy prey.
"I can't understand how you can drink dead blood... I mean, its cold, and not pulsating with life... But then again, I was never a fan of sushi..."
William had heard of Sabrinas odd habit. Drinking dead blood... Some vampires...

Curt-Man 01-16-2005 09:12 AM


"ah, my life is going great right now, im doing well in my part time job as a cook, and college is working very well, mid-terms coming up though, i'm not too worried, well you know me, laid-back" Jake scanned the club.
"hot damn! look at that one, she's mine, rawr" Jake said, he wiped his mouth and headed toward the young lady.

Trent comes walking back.
"yeah yeah shut up."

Mandalorian54 01-16-2005 09:32 AM

((Darth NeoVenom, Dark Stalkers are not a clan. If you want to start your own clan you'll have to do it in the story not start with it existing. The Hokusha Clan is the only clan in York currently.))

After Carth and his friends were drunk and a gradually the group shrank as people left one by one. Eventually it was just Carth and Jake.

"Come on Jake, let's leave this dive," Carth said slapping Jake on the arm, he stood up and stumbled just a bit as the rush of his drunkeness came over him. In a tipsy manner Carth stumbled towards the bar exit and then outside.

In his drunkeness Carth wound up in some alley he didn't recognise he looked around to see if Jake was with him..."Jake? Jake where are you?"

Curt-Man 01-16-2005 10:46 AM

Jake got up and stumbled out the door then passed out when he was just insde the alley Carth had entered. Jake then had a dream, a dream of people fighting other poeple, with guns, and they had fangs, they were very fast and deadly and jake in his dream was stuck in the middle fo the warring factions.

Cyborgninja 01-16-2005 11:44 AM

appearance-5'9'' weight-171 spiked black hair.balck cargo pants and a black hooded sweater and black sun glasses and two smgs tied to his waste and two combat knives

per.-quiet and dark rarley talks to anyone works as a vampire hunter

history-was raised be a martial arts master and is very dislsipilined(sp)

likes-money and young women dislikes-most other vampires

str/weak.-str-exetmrely fast and strong but over cofident

(goes for a stroll down a dark ally lookin for vampires)

Come on out u scum vampire

Mandalorian54 01-16-2005 06:22 PM

((Okay Cyborgninja, there is no price on Carth's head. Why would there be? Why would you have to take care of Clan guards either? And use proper writing, full sentances, Quotation marks for speach and don't put parenthases around your actions.))

Carth saw Jake pass out and burst out in laphter, "Jake get up you crazy fool." Carth stumbled towards his passed out friend and fell on top of him. Rolling off he sat himself up with his back up against the wall of the club, "I think I drank too much..." He struggled to stand up but his head was spinning and he couldn't concentrate on anything. Letting his head go limp on his shoulders and fall to the side he watched a couple people walk past the alley and closed his eyes.

Darth NeoVenom 01-16-2005 08:00 PM

Sabrina didn't argue with the fact that she rather drink blood from a bag than from a human being. "I don't find it to appealing....sucking blood from living things." Sabrina could tell that Wlliam thought she was crazy, but she didn't care. "I guess I'm gona head back home. Are you gonna stay here?"

weiderudare 01-17-2005 12:40 AM

"I'm gonna stay.. I might drink some tonight, or just sit and think. Good morning to you."
He sat down and stared out over the city. Eternal life was interesting. He wanted to see how the world would develop, how his family would create offspring. How he could help his family by eliminating its enemies...

Mandalorian54 01-17-2005 01:21 PM

After relaxing, for what seemed like five minutes but could have been half an hour, Carth got up and shook Jake until the other man stirred. "Come on Jake I'm taking you home," Carth said as he helped Jake to his feet. "I'm not spending the night in an alley."

They made their way to the street and Carth flagged down a cab. After helping Jake in Carth got in and let the cabby know where to go. Carth didn't know where Jake lived so they went to Carth's house. Slumping Jake over his shoulder Carth proceded to drag his weary friend up to his Condominium where they crashed on sofas. There they'd rest until morning and hangover.

Curt-Man 01-17-2005 01:38 PM

Jake woke up the next morning on a sofa, he looked around, his vision was still blurry, but he cleared hsi eyes and looked around, he recongized where he was, Carth's house. jake looked for him and found him on the sofa oppostie him, jake went over to the kitchen and got a glass of orange juice, then came back and sat down on the sofa.

Mandalorian54 01-17-2005 01:43 PM

Carth stirred and rubbed his throbbing head, "Yeah, hangover..." He said sarcastically. "Hey Jake, did you just get up?" Carth sat himself up on the sofa and attempted to flatten his protruding hair that now stuck up in all directions. "There's coffee and bagels in the kitchen if your down with that."

Curt-Man 01-17-2005 01:45 PM

"stop yelling and coffee sounds good." jake said as he put his glass down to get some coffee. Jake came and sat back down on the sofa.
"man, last night, jeez all i remember was talking to a hot girl and drinking alot, i'm kinda dissapointed that i didn't wake up with her, oh well, you do what you can right?"

Mandalorian54 01-18-2005 06:36 AM

Carth and Jake chatted for a bit before Carth had to leave. "I have to meet Chris and Alex," two of their friends who had also been at Club White Rook the night before, "They offered me some under the table work at the docks. You don't have a job do you Jake? I'm sure they'd be willing to let you in on some action if you wanted, what do ya say?"

((weiderudare, Neo Venom, continue in the night before if you want, Curt-man and I will go through today quickly and bring tonight along shortly for you guys to join. I will connect the dock work with the Hokusha vampire clan. Since you two are not in the clan keep in mind that the clan is monitoring your activity, I am also going to add some information about the clan in my 4th post.))

Cyborgninja 01-18-2005 07:07 AM

ooc-which one of u guys am I goin clash with in ally

Darth NeoVenom 01-18-2005 08:31 AM

"Alright, I'll see you later th..." Sabrina's eye caught a vampire from the Hokusha clan off a distant rooftop. "Wonder what the clan is up to know..." she said to William. "Invading privacy perhaps?" Sabrina respected the clan but didn't like how they kept a close eye on her. She looked down the street once more and saw no commotion happening.

weiderudare 01-18-2005 08:43 AM

"They have nothing better to do I guess..."
William looked down, seeing a perfect target. A young, drunk teenager, probably going home from a party.
All by herself...
"If you'll excuse me mylady, I have dinner to attend."
He made his way down to the street, keeping an eye open for anything suspicious

Curt-Man 01-18-2005 05:57 PM

"well i did just get fired, damn i can't believe i got fired!, oh well, i go for another restuarant when i complete college, and i have 2 weeks off college, so yeah of course i'll join you, let go." Jake said getting up and putting his jacket on.

Mandalorian54 01-19-2005 01:48 PM

Carth and Jake made their way to the docks on the edge of town. After following the directions Chris and Alex had given him, Carth parked the car and lead Jake to the area where Carth was to meet his two friends.

As the two young men walked they could see two more figures up ahead. When Carth and Jake neared they could recognize the other figures as Chris and Alex.

Chris and Alex shook hands with Carth and Jake, no introductions were nessesary, they all knew each other.

"We've got work for you guys, but first our boss wants to meet you," Chris said before he and Alex started leading the way to the warehouse.

Carth and Jake followed and met with the boss, it went down like any job interview. The pay would be under the table and they would be doing mostly physical labour moving crates and stuff like that, Chris and Alex would show the new guys how it was done.

They spent the rest of the day working and nightime began creaping it's way into the darkening sky.

Curt-Man 01-19-2005 05:35 PM

"whew, heavy lifting, brainless easy work and pretty good pay too, this is great, shift ends in about 2 hours right?" Jake said as he went and lifted another crate.
"i'm getting tired, and my muscles are starting to wear out."

Darth NeoVenom 01-20-2005 04:41 AM

Sabrina decided go home and not watch William fest on a young girl. At her house her hunger of blood was coming, so she opened her refrigerator and drank from one of the blood bags that were in it. She lived in a remote place on York, along with a couple of her friends. When night came the next day, Sabrina woke up and decided to walk around the town. Before she left her house, she grabbed both Glock-18s and holster them.

Mandalorian54 01-21-2005 05:59 PM

Carth lifted another crate and followed Jake, "Yeah, I think we've only got a couple hours left." As Carth set the box down inside the warehouse he wondered what was inside it. They hadn't been alone on the docks until then. The other workers had been around but now there were only a couple others and they were on break. Carth was getting curious and picked up a crow bar, "I wonder what's in these crates? Probably drugs or guns," He joked.

Just then a shadow darted across the floor with a wisp of wind. Carth wipped around to see who was there but he couldn't see anyone. "Who's there?" He shouted into the emptyness.


A pair of Hokusha scouts had been traveling the rooftops when they took a little visit to the docks. Sometimes they would catch a lone sailor or dock worker and have a little snack then toss the body into the river.

And right now they had their prying eyes on two young dock workers...

Curt-Man 01-21-2005 06:15 PM

"dude i still think you mgiht be little drunk, there is no one there, and i agree, probably something illegal in these crates, wanna open them?" Jake said with an evil grin, and then grabbed a crow bar.
"we got the means to open them, if you know what i mean."

Darth NeoVenom 01-22-2005 04:26 AM

Sabrina walked along the streets and into an alleyway. She then grabbed the nearly fire escape ladder. Sabrina looked around to make sure no one was looking and continued to climb the ladder thru each fire escape all the way to the top. Reaching the rooftop, she walked over to the side of the roof facing the streets. Sabrina looked down and didn't see anything suspicious, yet again...

Mandalorian54 01-27-2005 05:23 PM

((Sorry for not posting in so long.))

Carth laphed and punched Jake in the arm, "I'm not still drunk." Then he stopped joking, "Maybe we acctually shouldn't open these things, I mean especially if it's illegal. If they see us they'll probably kill us or something aweful. Let's just finish up the rest of these crates."

Carth started towards the warehouse door and pulled it open, then he froze. With his hand still holding the door handle, Carth's jaw dropped at what he saw. A menacing looking man with fangs dressed in black and bearing an evil glare.

The fanged man was a vampire of the Hokusha Clan and he was hungry.

From the rafters another vampire of the Hokusha Clan watched, and still a few others lurked about. They were all hungry and this was feeding time.

Curt-Man 01-28-2005 05:01 PM

Jake looked in Carth's direction and saw the man with fangs.
"oh crap!" Jake yelled then shoved the corwbar into the crate.
"please be guns, please be guns" Jake pried it open and saw 2 pistols.
"thank you god! Carth!" Jake threw a pistol at him while he took the other pistol and aimed it at the man and started shooting randomly.

Mandalorian54 01-28-2005 07:26 PM

Carth turned at the mention of his name and caught the gun, but when he turned back to the doorway the Vampire was gone. Jake's gunshots could be heard echoing through the night a mile away; unfortunately they did nothing but punch holes in the door frame, the vampire was gone.

Carth peered out the doorway but couldn't see anything through the darkness outside except his own shadow in the light of the warehouse.

"Maybe he ran off now that we've got..." Carth stopped in the middle of his sentance and looked down at his gun. A moment later he heard comotion by the dock's office building, the sound of an extremely ticked off boss about to ring a pair of necks for touching the merchandise. "We are in so much trouble."

As the boss lumbered towards the warehouse he shouted at Carth and Jake about just how much trouble they were in.

Suddenly a figure fell from the sky landing on the boss and proceded to rip his throat out. Carth stared in horror as the vampire feasted on the boss' raw flesh.

"Jake, I think we have a huge problem..."

Just then a sound was heard in the rafters...

((OOC: Feel free, Curt-Man, to control some of the NPC vampires from the Hokusha Clan.))

weiderudare 01-29-2005 02:48 AM

William let go off the girls body as she finally died. Looking around, he quickly crawled up the side of a building before heading home.

Curt-Man 01-29-2005 09:15 AM

((will do))

Jake looked up to see another vampire, the vampire jumped from rafter to rafter then jumped down a 'stairway' of crates, jake couldn't hit him at all, he was too fast.
"Carth, i just want you to know, i love you man!"
Jake was still firing when he heard a click.
"aw this sucks.." the vampire lunged at him, Jake dove out of the way and grabbed the crowbar and started swinging at the vampire.

Darth NeoVenom 01-29-2005 01:35 PM

The sound of the shot made Sabrina look up from the street she was looking at. She stepped back and few feet and began to sprint towards the ledge of the roof. Once Sabrina reached the ledge, she jumped up and landed in a kneeling position on the roof across the street. Sabrina took out both her Glock 18s and she got up from the spot she landed on.

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