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jabberwalkie34 01-26-2005 05:39 AM

editing a map
ok please help me (1) i want to open up a map in the stwbf and edit it ,basicaly add more speeders and such how do i go about doing it step by step please be more specific , or if someone made up a step by step instructions covering every detail and programs used please send me a link and (2nd) i want to make copies of the cd games wich program is good for coping stwbf ,and will nero work? thanks for your replies o is there a program yet to make the opponets a solid color to make it easyier to see them ?

Saturn_V 01-26-2005 02:00 PM

Try this vehicle step-by-step:

please read through at least the first couple of pages as I had to post some corrections (the lucasarts forum doesn't allow editing your posts after a short period of time)


jabberwalkie34 01-29-2005 08:18 AM

thanks saturn
thanks for reply , boy u guys make it sound all so simple to eddit but i guess it's not so easy. any cheats for single player for unlimmited ammo and health? or something to make the opponets stick out more?

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