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Heavyarms 02-07-2005 05:58 PM

How will you tactically fight?
What forces are you most likely to implement in your strategic battle plan?

As for me, I will probably end up making several capital ships with large numbers of starfighter escorts for space stuff, and on the ground probably quick strike followed by heavy bashing stuff.

Feel free to not give away all your plans, but from what you've seen so far, what will you grasp ahold of and take advantage?

{DHU}Screed 02-07-2005 06:00 PM

Blitzkrieg style!!!!!

romano 02-07-2005 07:23 PM



Jan Gaarni 02-07-2005 08:57 PM

*yoink* :)

swphreak 02-08-2005 05:06 AM

I'm a pretty big defense whore... so I fight defensively :(

Curt-Man 02-10-2005 05:57 PM

mass TIEs for imperial space battles and mass AT-STs for imperial land battles

small forces everywhere for rebels land battles and mass x- and a-wings for rebel space battles.

sith4ever99 02-11-2005 09:09 PM

for me space battles for imps consist of:

Mass capital ships(ISD, SSD, VSD) protected by smaller capital ships and anti starfighter ships(Acclemator, small new escort they put in not sure what its called):vsd:

TIE OVERDOSE. massive waves of TIEs followed by TIE bombers from behind :tie:

Flanking. TIE Fighters/Bombers coming from sides to hit all parts of enemy ships. Or capital ships(VSD, Acclemator) hitting with TIE support

Blockade running. Not sure if this will work, but sending transports to run past rebel fleet with outside transports empty before a fleet battle.

Possible space stations use. moving fleet to surround space station allowing it to fire on enemy fleet while your capital ships do the same and protect teh station all at once.

Boarding. pretty basic, hope we can do it in EaW

well now we can only wait i guess(and do other things :worship: :rofl: )

samuel 08-21-2005 01:13 AM

Ok, this is what you do -

To attack a planet, bring in a heap of fighters and small ships, and have your capital ships hang back. Harry theirr bigger ships then, once they are distracted a tad, bring the capitals around the side or just keep your capital ships in abit and cover fire.

My defence is merely this, keep your big ships back near the planet and hold them busy as much as possible with your fighters (which will probably be destroyed, try cover them abit with biger ships) while your orbital ion cannons and turbolasers on the ground help pick em off.

Tada - a strat that prolly will prove ineffective ingame but sounds gud from what we know lol

lukeiamyourdad 08-22-2005 01:32 AM

I rely a lot on mobile defensive units(ok, that was weird).

I mean that I rely on slower more ponderous units with lots of armor supported by a few light and speedy ones for flanking maneuvers.

I like speed, but often it doesn't pack enough punch or requires a lot more microing.

The Saint 08-23-2005 01:11 AM

Quite simple, as someone more inclined to play the Rebellion, my tactics would revolve around hit and fade missions, and hero missions in which specific Hero ships are sent to stir up as much havoc as possible sticking in line with how Star Wars is that shouldnt be to hard for Han Solo and Chewie.

More speicifically though my strategy would have to revolve around small Battlegroups. Nothing large, nothing fancy keeping in line with the typical Rebel doctrine seeing as how Rebel ships are more expensive, but you get more bang for the buck as it has been said. One Mon Cal Cruiser will form the nucleus of most of the battlegroups surrounded by various other smaller warships(to be decided as they release more info about the game). The only large battlegroup I'll have is the Homeone Headquarters Fleet but then again thats just common sense.

Garbageben 08-25-2005 11:01 AM

I usually fight very defensively, because I like to secure what holdings I already have before trying to acquire more. Also I will probably be using massive numbers of fighters and bombers.
On the ground I will have defensive structures, but I'm not sure how I want to diversify my ground forces.

Jan Gaarni 08-25-2005 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Garbageben
I usually fight very defensively, because I like to secure what holdings I already have before trying to acquire more. Also I will probably be using massive numbers of fighters and bombers.
On the ground I will have defensive structures, but I'm not sure how I want to diversify my ground forces.

You and me are alot alike then. :)

StealthWar42 08-26-2005 10:31 PM

I use the same strategy for every game I play, even board games like Twilight Imperium III or Squad Leader.

I start out like an incredibly aggressive explorer. I try to get as much neutral territory as I can, without getting 1-2 turns within my enemy's movement, usually stretching myself thin. Suicidal? Probably, heh, but after I grab that territory I stop expansion and focus all efforts on reinforcing. This usually gets me a ton of territory and resources off the bat, but it's a huge risk to pull off, though it's usually foolproof. After that, I spent quite a long time just defending my territory and/or building up. After a while, I'll wait for people to attack me, so I don't look like I'm the one at fault. After this, I use one of two strategies:

a) go all out and attack whoever attacked me, mercilessly, with a vengence.
b) still play defense, hold my territory, and wait for the opportunity to strike. Since all my territories are reinforced and hold a huge force, it's not hard for me to attack any weakpoint I want to and win while still holding an incredibly strong front. I do this one much more than a) heh.

Litus_Darkheart 08-29-2005 11:19 AM

Well, seeing as it would be best to use each ship to one's advantage, here's a potential strategy for the


Keep your captial ships on a route circling the main battle. They can use their broadside turrets to decimate anything held within. Use the anti-starfighter ships much the same way: keep them moving. While they may not depend on line-of-sight since they use missiles, a moving target is always harder to hit. Send in wave after wave of TIE fighters, just like in the movies. Overwhelm their forces quickly in the center, and once you rcapital ships have cut off their supply line, the battle will quickly be yours. Basically, use numbers to your advantage.


Much like the Empire, keep your assets moving. However, utilize your starfighters in a way as to protect your bombers...thoerizing that the standard Y-Wing or B-Wing is much more powerful than a TIE bomber. Then send in several corvettes as anti-fighter, but only to serve as a distraction: their main target should always be the anti-starfighter ships. The Rebellion, while "weak," will be able to use their faster forces to cut straight through the Empire's forces, and rinse, repeat. In other words, while the Empiure attempts to line upa broadside volley, your bombers are through with their payload, and are turnign around for another: you corvetes are harrying the new destroyers, and finally your cruisers are making a B-line for the satr destroyers--cut down their maneuverability and engage them head-on. While the Empire's STar Destroyers are focused on your cruisers, your bombers are making bomb run after bomb run.

DarthSion101 08-31-2005 03:43 PM

with my Empire I will take a page from Malak's book, and use overwhelming brute force, show no mercy, and bombard every rebel stronghold into submission through superior strength in numbers.

Garbageben 08-31-2005 06:17 PM

That's kind of short-sighted of you to expect to be able to brute force your way through. Surely you don't expect to have superior numbers all the time. If not, then you'll have about 2 or 3 massive fleets running around while the other side has about a dozen smaller ones and they keep taking your planets from you. Sure the brute force might work if you had the opposing side pinned back, but I don't think it would work so well overall.

CtGtatersalad 09-01-2005 11:14 PM

Basically, I'm a defensive attacker. I'll sit back, amass a good sized force, and strengthen my automated defenses to the point where they will hold back all but the most determined attackers. Then, it's just attack and crush the opposition, strats are something to decide at the moment of battle, taking into account the enemy's forces compared to my own, and how best to counter.

jblue789 09-01-2005 11:44 PM

It depends. In other RTS games, I usually did a few small scouting rushes, and made a decently sized force and attacked with a portion of them, then drew out a few foes and had my larger group deal with them. I'll also usually just use cheap and quick-to-make forces for the majority of the game, possibly upgrading to higher level guys, but ones that are still cheap and stuff. Kinda like from zergling swarms to hydralisk swarms. ^_^ Airborne guys are great too. Of course, with EAW, well, I don't know enough of how it works and stuff to make a strategy, but my experiences with other RTS games will basically be my outline. Can't wait for the demo. :D I'll make a decision about getting the full game (if my PC can perform decently with it) from the demo stuff.

Kurgan 09-08-2005 06:12 PM

I'm more concerned about how they will implement the control of forces itself. I would think (from the trailers with their amazingly portrayed battles) that the confusion of a 3-D, ROTJ style space battle would be very difficult to control in real time.

And this game is going to be taking place between ROTS and ROTJ, but even then if there is a battle akin to the Battle of Coruscant, that's a big problem of scope. Imagine having to highlight boxes around a group of fighters and tell them to do something in that huge fighting area in 3-D. Ouch! They better have a killer intuitive interface for all this (if anyone remembers how this can kill a game, reference Force Commander).

I hope they can do it in such a way as to let players who like to micromanage things (like myself) and those who want to command the whole deal from a larger position as supreme war commander (or whatever that title would be, Emperor?) have their time in the chair and not feel they've been left out.

Is this not going to be a traditionally controlled RTS? I confess I have been out of the info loop for awhile, so it would be nice to know this. If they can do it great, but I would think previously used game solutions like non-realtime space battles or "2-D plane" just wouldn't do it justice.

Time to seperate the cutscenes from the actual gameplay here methinks!

Also, I see the game has been delayed 3 months. I hope they use that time wisely to improve the game (and not have a half-finished disaster like SWBF or Republic Commando) and make it a polished product for both Single AND more importantly, Multiplayer!

Good luck LucasArts/EaW team!

And yes, I hope there is a demo, showing off both the Space and Ground combat.

Edit: After watching the video from that Middle Earth guy I have a lot of my questions answered (though I'd still like to know how it "feels" to control the space units). It reminds me a LOT of Emperor: Battle for Dune (2001), which was based on C&C (though I guess you won't be doing resource management here).

Jan Gaarni 09-09-2005 05:27 AM

It's not 3D, it's 2.5D as they say. :)

Ships can't go up and down, except to avoid eachother so they don't crash.
Starfighters are abit more free to roam around.

The game starts 2 years before ANH, so I wouldn't really consider it set between Ep III and IV. :)

There will be a demo, I think scheduled for release in November.

As for title, I would guess you would be a Supreme Moff (if you were Imperial, but why wouldn't you? :D ), though that position only existed as a potential rank around that time, and none is known to have had this rank.
My guess is Grand Moff Tarkin would prolly have been rewarded with this rank had he not died on the Death Star, and if he had managed to destroy Yavin IV. ;)

EvergreenSage 09-15-2005 10:42 PM

My Strategy
I'm more inclined to be the Rebellion. I intend to use the Rebel Fleet as it is supposed to be used. The Rebels aren't meant to go head to head with the Empire. The Death Star and Star Destroyers are too powerful. I intend on using one large capital ship, such as the Mon Calamari, with supporting Correllian Cruisers. I'll have A-Wings as my main fighter, for I'm relying on speed to defeat the enemy. I'll also have one medical frigate which will stay in the middle of the fleet.

Gripmaster 10-11-2005 09:20 PM

i'll concentrate on my spy network so i won't be ambushed as much. Then i'll take them out, one planet at a time :vsd:

Kurgan 10-18-2005 05:00 AM

Thanks for the info!

2 Years before ANH? So they could theoretically throw in Kyle Katarn (still working for the Empire at this time?)

Gripmaster 10-21-2005 05:52 PM

its wierd. They actually do havew Kyle Katarn. But hes got a blue lightsaber and he looks rebelish. Its totally wacked :darthx

vader815 10-22-2005 04:29 PM

i think a good stragety would be to start out with only a few planets, create a large ground a space force for undefeat able defenses then have a large fleet ready and waiting for when your ready to quickley strike enemy bases one planet at a time. when your offencive army is destroyed repeat the process with the planets you've conquered

Gripmaster 10-22-2005 11:30 PM

the only way to start out with a couple of planets is to be the rebs. any big bases would be spotted and crushed early on. By the Empire!!!

WxDude 10-27-2005 09:53 PM

If they have standard ISD starfigher compliment...I'll attack with 6 ISDs:
4 ISDs with 6 squads of T/Is (or T/Ds)
2 ISDs with 6 squads of T/Bs

Or if not, then I'll have to re - work it but that's the idea for the TIE attack force.

THEredGERBAL 10-28-2005 09:56 AM

As the Empire I'll build a Deathstar then systematically wipe out all but 10-15 or so planets supported by a massive fleet to protect my baby of course. Then I've only got a few planets to watch over and they'll be so scared they'll be offering jedi witch trials whenever I blink a them.

As the Rebellion I'll ambush a lot - try to whittle down the empires best units as I withdraw until finally I counter-attack somewhere else with overwhelming forces then just lead them for a merry dance as they try to catch me.

I wonder if when planets get captured if there'll be civilian casualities - if so It means losing a world and then retaking it will be very bad - be better to hold it - if so I may be screwed as Rebellion. Oh well, doot di doot di do

Darth_Extas 11-04-2005 12:35 PM

What I will End up doing is using a massive fleet(But Small Enough to not get Heavily Pick on by Recon or Ambushs). In a way like the emporer's tactics in ROTJ I might end up showing my self open then, do an Ambush within an Ambush, But first my Tactics will be somewhat Defencive with massive Anti-Fighter Groups, as well as Tie-Craft Support. In order of gaining planets, my ground forces will slowly gain forces as I break down the Rebel Fleet. One tactic that I will do different with the Emporer's Strategy is instead of having the fleet always stay where they are. Once the Rebel Fleet "breaks off"(If there is a giant sheild generator building), I will have the SDs and My Squadrons go in for the kill. The Emporer not bringing the fleet during ROTJ(Battle of Endor) was purhaps his biggest mistake.
I as well will need a good amount of planets for this so I need to include a lot of fast/powerful fighters.
The idea of targeting heroes I will keep in mind while I'm on the tactics screen.
Note: The Fighters only break of the 2D Stategy area when they are fighting otherwise they stay in a "flat" trail.

A) Defencive Buildings
B) Fleet Build-up
C) Gradual ground force Build-up
D) Fake weakness and the Kill

Eldor 11-04-2005 08:51 PM

I would use more star fighers than anything, they seem to have a larger impact when it comes to inflicking(sp) damage. Once the enemy is preocupied with the fighters, i creep in my capital ships (few in number but of the more powerfull class, with a few support onces) and destroy the enemy captials.

But i think EaW will be an awsome game when it comes to strategy. Being able to hide in asteroid belts, and other items, you can lay traps and destroy your enemy through tactics, even if you have fewer ships and less fire power.

Theenglishguru 11-06-2005 05:58 AM

Flanking manouvers are what the rebellion would be best at, distracting the ISD's while securing starfighter supremacy, However, the Rebellion probably could just slip past large blockades and create havoc on the planet using their smaller, faster fleet, dragging reinforcements from places that would be left undefended and open for attack.

Fleet to fleet, Mon Cals would be the distraction, They're really the only cruisers that COULD survive broadsides from a few ISD's, While corvettes provide anti starfighter/Bomber support. I guess hoping that the squadrons of starfighters will be able to survive against clouds of TIE's. Frigates would probably quite good at flanking the enemy, I've always seen them as pretty weak, but maybe in the game they'll turn out different.

Hallucination 11-11-2005 06:18 PM

I don't know much about this game so I don't know if my favourite "strategy" (if you can call it that) will work. I mainly send a small army to an enemies base, get my army to shoot here and there and get out without inflicting/recieving much damage, wait for a while and go back in. It doesn't work very well but its only a game. :D

Sithxace 11-11-2005 06:49 PM

im just gonna fight like the movies fight, get a fleet of ISD's, more VSD's and lots of ties and just attack head on

for the ground, im sticking to AT-AT'S and AT-ST's with lots of troops

Jafar 11-14-2005 02:01 AM

As the Empire on a ground offensive, I would expect the Rebels to prepare for a full-frontal attack by slow-medium speed units such as AT-AT's, AT-ST's, and SPHA units. Thus, I would deploy my stronger and slower units on the perimeter of the engagement zone and lead with my repulsortanks, speeder bikes, and some of my infantry. I would attack their missile-armed infantry and artillery first. Once I put a substantial dent in their long-range weapons, I'd fall back and begin advancing with my big units. If bomber support is avaliable, I'd hit where their troops are most concentrated after pulling out of the hit and fade, then attack through the vacuum left with my fast units.
As the Rebels on a ground offensive, I'd anticipate a greeting by fast moving scout units, followed by a bunch of AT-AT's with AT-AA support. Thus, I'd rush out with T-2B's and T-4B's to draw out their defenders, with torpedo platforms backed by infantry a little ways back. Once the ground pounders start plodding forth, I'd fall back and artillery the crap out of the AT-AT's. After dropping the AT-AT's and forcing their AT-AA's to retreat, I'd send my scouts to scope out the remainder of their force, use a Y-wing strike if avaliable, then pick off their infantry using T-2B's and Heroes.

Space strategies to come soon.

FleetAdmiral AK 12-20-2005 04:35 AM

Ground I normally play defencive mass an army and then overwhelm my opponent In space I will have 3-5 fleets.

reien 12-20-2005 05:24 AM the Empire, I would have to take a page from Stalin, get a large number of troops, and throw them at the enemy, someone Is bound to get through.

As the Rebels however, more of of a sneaky approach, kinda like the minutemen of old.

Either way, ought to be fun.

Animask 12-23-2005 01:07 AM

As Imperials in space battles, Id spread out my main forces with Ties ready just ahead of the cap ships and frigates, while keeping an Inderector SD guarded by atleast 4 or 5 ISD's :vsd: :vsd: :vsd: :vsd:

Imgnryflgdotcom 12-26-2005 12:51 AM

I would use two different tactics for the imps and rebs.

For the imps... blitskrieg tactics would work the best. Heavy armor rolling through the countryside blasting away.

For the rebs... guerilla (spelling?) tactics. Hitting the imps here and there and just annoy them out of the galaxy.

shadowsfm 12-28-2005 06:32 AM

for offence i would use a balance of all units, then see what units the enemy uses alot and dont use, so i udjust to use all units to counter theirs. like maybe they dont use small crusers so i wont need large cruisers. maybe they have tons of large cruisers, so i get mor bombers.

if i was defending my planet, id hve all my units hiding in a corner while the enemy attacks my bace, then i steal all thier reinforcement points, then attack them from behind.

Lord hobo 01-13-2006 01:12 PM

well i would do a mass army and a smaller army to do distract them and then flank them with my big army

oh well this is my first post so Hi :)

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