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T7nowhere 02-08-2005 01:48 AM

How to Make your custom saber upgradeable (KotOR)
Making your Saber Upgradeable Tutorial By maverick187

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Okay the first thing is to make sure that you have the following Apps:

KotOR Tool:

GFF Editor (you can also use the built in GFF editor in KotOR Tool)

For more useful tools look here:

Okay before I start with the crystals the thing you need to make sure you have is your own custom lightsaber with properties that require crystals to take affect. If you don¡¦t have your own custom lightsaber, go here to learn how to make one: Achilles' Handy Tutorials

Also you need to know the name of your .uti file for you lightsaber, for the rest of this tutorial I will be using my lightsaber's .uti name as an example.

Now the files you need to extract are:

upcrystals.2da (BIFs-->2da.bif-->2D Array-->upcrytals.bif)
g_w_sbrcrstlXX.uti (BIFS-->templates.bif-->Blueprint, Item-->g_w_sbrcrstlXX.uti)
iw_sbrcrstl_XXX.tpc (ERFs-->TexturePacks-->swpc_tex_gui.erf-->I-->iw_sbrcrstl_XXX.tpc)

IMPORTANT: remember that when you extract any .tpc file you need to change it to .tga

Okay the first thing you need to do is open the g_w_sbrcrstlXX.uti file with the GFF editor, the only thing you NEED to change in here is the Tag and the Template ResRef change these to whatever you wish the name of your file to be for this tutorial I will change it from g_w_sbrcrstl01 to test_w_sbrcrstl01 after this is done save it and remeber to change the name of the file itself to match whatever you just named the Tag and Template ResRef i.e. test_w_sbrcrstl01 and also change the ModelVariation number to that of the iw_sbrcrstlXXX.tga number for example if the file is iw_sbrcrstl099.tga your ModelVariation number should be 99; see picture below:

*NOTE* You can change the number of iw_sbrcrstlXXX.tga to whatever you want. That is all you need to do for the .uti file unless you want to change the name which I'm sure you know how to do since you have made your own lightsaber.

Now comes the part where you basically enter your new crystal into the game, using the .2da file. So open the KotOR tool and go File>Open 2da editor and then open the .2da file you extracted a.k.a. upcrystals.2da. Or if you have the newer version of KotOR Tool than click the 2da button and go to File„³Load 2DA v2.b file„³upcrystals.2da or you can hit Ctrl + O:

There should be 6 columns in this order: (Row Label) , label , template , shortmdlvar , longmdlvar , doublemdlvar. The (Row Label) refers to just the next number in the line so if you have a brand new .2da file than you should type in 7. The label is just for the name of your saber crystal, you may enter anthing you wish. The template is for the saber crystal .uti file you just made, type in the name of the .uti which should be the same as the Template ResRef and Tag if you were good and listened to me. The shortmdlvar, longmdlvar, and doublemdlvar is for the corresponding short, normal and doublebladed lightsabers, this is where you put your lightsabr .uti file name in. If you didn't make all three versions than for the blank ones you must type **** in the column.

Note: The template does not have to be similar to the longmdlvar in any way that is just how I named my saber for the tutorial.

After all of this .2da editing is done make sure you save, IMPORTANT, before you save click on a different row, so that the save registers the new row that you created. Then plug all your files into your Override folders and your saber should be upgradeable.

Congrats you have an upgradeable saber,

Questions or Comments are welcome as well as any advice, corrections or tips. Thanks. You can contact me at Holowan Labs

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