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PR-0927 02-11-2005 12:18 PM

Naboo: Encounter (Version 2.0) to Be Released Later Today or Tomorrow
O.K., Naboo: Encounter (Version 2.0) will be released either later today or tomorrow. The reasons for downloading this version and tossing out old versions are:

AI bot routes have been made better.

The bleeding of troops when the Command Posts are captured has been enabled for the Imperials and the Republic. This way, the Rebels and CIS will not be crushed. This was a stupid mistake on my part last time.

The following vehicles have been modified to make them more Star Wars realistic:

AT-TE, LAAT/i (Republic Gunship- Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry), Republic Speederbike, MTT, STAP, AAT, Hailfire Droid, Imperial Speederbike, Imperial Fighter Tank, and AT-ST.

The sounds of every vehicle have been added.

Some textures have been refined. Other textures have been painted where they should have been.

A new vehicle has been added: the ILAAT/i (Imperial Gunship- Imperial Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry).

Multiplayer server information has been added.

The music now plays!!

Two speederbikes have been added for each faction.

Bot routes have been added for bots to pilot hovering vehicles over the river. I am not posistive if they work well, but I am going to make sure that it is possible for bots to do that.

New background movie.

Less landing points, so ships aren't landed on top of each other.

Better hintnodes. Some were up in the air (for sniping...).

Duh!! It's the newest version. Best of all, the version number is easy to remember, unlike 1.12 and stuff. It is just 2.0.

Make sure to download it, people!! Waterfall sound will not be added unless Psych0fred helps very soon. LOL!!


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