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Hiroki 02-20-2005 06:24 PM

Enslaved (Prologue thread.)
This is the prologue thread for “Enslaved”. You will make your characters here, and here, we will role play there lives just before there enslavement, basically telling how they got into the situation they were in, in the main storyline. Simple enough, right?

Character sheets should look something like this:


You will also state what equipment you will be carrying for the prologue, though of course, this won’t be an issue after that, as they will all be taken from you upon enslavement. :p

I think that covers it then. I hope this shall be a fun and prosperous story.

Writer 02-21-2005 08:26 AM

This sounds interesting...

Name: Erin
Age: 19
Race: Celtic
Height/weight: 5 feet/ 115 pounds
Nature: aggressive
Demeanor: very calm, regardless of circumstance
Hair: black
Eyes: pale green
Skills: swordplay, firing a bow, running
Items: Erin carries a single handed sword, a bow, and a quiver of arrows in the way of weapons. As to other items, she wears a necklace given to her by her mother. It is made of silver and has ten emeralds set into it arranging evenly around her neck.

Background: Erin's mother died when she was seven years old. Because of this, she was raised much like her five brothers. She learned quickly of the weapons they loved to use and became very good at using them herself. Because of her rough upbringing, she is very strong and has at times outfought her brothers. Aside from her strength, she is also a very fast runner. This skill has kept her out of trouble, but has also plunged her deep into it.

When she was ten, Erin tamed a wolf. He follows her wherever she goes.

(The wolf can be killed when Erin is taken captive... he's not a major part of my character, though she will be angry when he is killed, if that's what you decide is to happen to him.)

Edited... how's it now?

Hiroki 02-21-2005 03:47 PM

(( Wow...this is 120 AD Wild. :p There are no reapiers...and Ami is a rather Oriental name, don't you think? Think more along the lines of Celtic names, Kenneth, Erin, Bridget. And by race, what...race is she? Is she a celt? A german? A Persian? ))

Writer 02-22-2005 06:27 AM

Take another look... I've altered it.

Hiroki 02-22-2005 07:38 AM

(( Good, and means the face she puts on for most people. You do not have to put her Demeanor, if she doesn't hide her true self, but I put that option for those who wish to use it.

Alright! Since you didn't give a specific region that she grew up in, I'll assume you meant Briton, seeing as Gaul and most other Celtic strongholds had been taken by Rome.

The wolf may not have to die, but she couldn't bring a dangerous animal with her into slavery, she could let it go before she is captured, to save it if you wish, though it is doubtful it could kill a fully armed and armored Legionnaire.

From what I see of your profile, your character is suited to being captured in battle, though know she can't join the Auxilia or be a Gladiator. They do not allow such roles for women in Rome. Celtic people did allow there women to fight at times however, so you can be captured in a battle if you wish. ))

Curt-Man 02-22-2005 02:46 PM

Name: Roy Byron
Age: 21
Race: English
Height/weight: 6'2, 220 lbs
Nature: Aggressive
Demeanor: Rough and Tough
Hair: light brown
Eyes: azure blue
Skills: Brute Strength, Patience, and no weapons combat
Items: always Wears hardend leather armour, and a daggar

Background: Grew up in "the bad part" of the town, hence he was a fighter from the day he could walk. Roy grew up to be the best fist fighter in his town, when he reached 17 he went onto bigger tournments and won them as well.

hope that's ok

Writer 02-22-2005 07:11 PM

((I'd love it if she were able to be a gladiator... it may help that she'd look rather boyish were it not for her waist length hair... she'll be cutting much of it off for a reason you'll discover when we actually start.))

LukeKatarn 02-23-2005 07:15 AM

Name: Arthur Dore
Age: 25
Race: English
Height: 5,10
Weight: 180 lbs
Nature: Chivelrious
Hair: Curly, yet kind of scruffy and long, black
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Sword play, archery, defense, courtisy, and kindness. ((I know, the last two aren't really skills, but...))
Items: Two handed sword,a short bow, red cape, iron chain mail ((If he gets far enough in the ranks of ROme, he'll get steel armor like the legionares armor.)), pants?, brown boots, and steel bracers.

Background: In anceint Europe, young boys from each family, were sent to serve rome. For years they served, untill they earned their freedom. He serves rome well. He wasn't really "captured" but instead, ordered to go to rome, and serve it for years, as a knight.

Writer 02-23-2005 07:41 AM


Originally posted by Hiroki
((The wolf may not have to die, but she couldn't bring a dangerous animal with her into slavery, she could let it go before she is captured, to save it if you wish, though it is doubtful it could kill a fully armed and armored Legionnaire.

((Maybe the wolf couldn't kill one of those guys, but he'd try and that's what would get him killed. Trust me, Erin will fight better if he's dead.))

jokemaster 02-25-2005 07:40 PM

((*Stalks into thread form airvent*
Sorry, followed WJ here. BTW, Mind if I use some of your background for my char? I really want him to have some kind of connection with another of the chars and I have a partial idea for yours.))

Name: Edward Pierce
Age: 23
Race: Celtic
Height/weight: 5'9/130
Nature: Agressive/protective
Demeanor: Charming
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Swordplay, animal handling, negotiating, stealth.

Items: Knife hidden in boot, wrist-band made by his mother, clothes, small stone the day he first met Erin and her brothers.

Background: Knew Erin as a kid, he was an enigma in the neighborhood since he never seemed to go to a house of his own except at night. Felt partially responsible for Erin's mother's death, and swore to protect her. He then admitted to her brothers that his own parents were dead, killed by bandits, and asked them for help. They trained him in swordplay, but one night he abruptly left, not to be seen again.

After that he became a thief himself, though he only robbed from those who could afford it and never killed anyone, he was caught by one man and blackmailed. Finally he grew into debt so much, the man to whom he owned the debt agreed to let him pay by becoming his slave. He died 2 year afterward and was sold by his son to (insert whatever owns every character now)

Hiroki 02-26-2005 03:56 PM

(( Well, if she wishes to be a Gladiator...hrm, okay, Rome did sanction female gladiators for a short time, so we'll say that is now. ^^ If Jokemaster wishes to have a relation to WJ's character, both must okay it. Is it fine with you WJ?

Luke Katarn, your sheet is fine, except there is no "English" at the time. There is Celtic Briton, and no, I didn't spell Britain wrong. And just a fair warning, punch a Legionnaire when you're in slavery, and you will be put down. :p

Okay, since Luke Katarn and WJ are both Celtic Britannian, lets say they were captured within the same battle. Sound good? ))

Hiroki 02-26-2005 04:15 PM

Battle 01
The wind blew harshly across the grassy plains of Britannia, it was a cold, summers eve, 121 AD. One of the few remaining free Britannian tribes had chosen to rise up against there Roman oppressors, and had launched an attack against a well defended outpost, hoping to score a major victory. The Roman army had exited the outpost that they had been station within, and formed up in there standard cohort-based formation. They waited for the Celtic tribe, who remained along the boarders of the woodland, overlooking the clear plains ahead.

Finally, they could see the approach of the Celtic Tribe. They were not in any particular formation, rather, they were scattered about, though still, in some semblance of a line. They had made there way out onto the field. The Warlord, the general of the Celtic tribe, stood at the head, a large man, with a thick red beard. He screamed fiercely at the Romans, the screams of those behind him following. He banged his sword against his shield, the swords of the other Celtic tribesmen behind him clattering and banging.

The Roman Legionaries remained standing still, waiting for there enemy to draw closer. In the back, ballistae and catapult were being drawn. Archers had ditches dug for there flames, and Generals went over any last minute strategies.

jokemaster 02-26-2005 08:20 PM

Edward stood at the front, along with the other Roman Slaves who had been found to be useful in combat. They had been givena simple choice, cooperate and get good food and shelter, or attempt to rebel and be executed. He felt bad for going against his own people, but he had to do what he had to do.

Curt-Man 02-27-2005 06:47 AM

Unfortunatly Roy had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, he had been drafted into the Celtic army for just visiting the Town, now he stood still in his hardened leather armour but with a sword and a shield, of course he had his daggar still at his side.

LukeKatarn 02-27-2005 01:37 PM

((Hmmmmm, I don't know what I should do, if I'm with teh celtics at this time or rome, I was sent to serve rome, so I dunno... But I'm supposed to be captured, hmmmmmmmmmmm... I guess I'll be with teh celtics at this time?)) I stood near teh front lines of teh celtic army, I was on my horse, in my battle armor, but on my way to serveing rome, I noticed there was a battle betwen the romans and celtics. All I did was walk into a celtic town for rest, and was drafted. AFter the battle, I was to go stright to serve rome, weather I survive teh sloughter or am captured.

Hiroki 02-27-2005 02:19 PM

(( She hasn't been captured yet. This prologue thread is to tell how they were captured. Jokemaster, starting in the Auxilia is fine, though he would have received Auxilia training, and be equipped with a oval shield, and a spear, Auxilia infantry stood in line formations, and were often used as...well, fodder to soften up the enemy. They were disciplined troops however. Well trained.

A picture of an Auxilia infantryman:

The Legion:


The Legion had moved the Auxilia infantry to the front of the army, as was mandatory. There orders were to hold the line at all costs, and die defending there positions if necessary. Deserters would be found, and killed.

"Lock shields!" The Generals voice thundered. The Auxilia quickly headed his call, locking there oval shields close together, with the ends of there spears sticking out between them.

The Archers had prepared the first volley, and the Catapult had been drawn back.

Meanwhile, the Warlord has continued to scream to encourage his men. Finally, he rose his sword into the air, letting out one last scream, and thrusted it forward, signifying the Celts to charge.

Curt-Man 02-27-2005 03:00 PM

Roy screamed and charged with them. He wasn't afreid of fighting or killing, he didn't want to die at the moment. It was firghtening running full speed at a wall of shields with spears poking out.

Hiroki 02-27-2005 06:38 PM

(( Oh and Luke Katarn, plate armor didn't exist at the time. The best armor was banded armor. Note what the Legionaire has on in the picture. Thats it. Remember, this isn't the middle ages, it's 121 AD. ;) ))

Vikinor 02-27-2005 07:25 PM

Name: Vik
Age: 21
Race: Viking
Height/Weight: 6ft/127
Nature: Agressive
Demeanor: Calm, goes berserk when angered
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Hunting, Killing, Navigating, Swordcraft, Bowcraft
Items: Sword, Longbow, Sheild, Viking Helmet, Furs

Came to brittany to sell furs and also to explore the new lands. Is part of a small Viking clan that inhabits Scandinavia. Is one of the three heirs to the throne of the clan.

jokemaster 02-27-2005 07:33 PM

((Viking, try the Vampires thread, 2 blocks down 3rd thread, you can't miss it))
When the first soldier that struck Edwards shield, not counting the one that had managed to impale himself on his spear, Edward quickly thrust the shield up and threw the soldier back, then thrust his spear forward again. He unimpaled the two bodies from his spear.

Vikinor 02-27-2005 07:37 PM

(I changed him.)

jokemaster 02-27-2005 07:49 PM

((Remember a certain character from Sith Hunters, WJ?))

Hiroki 02-28-2005 03:24 AM

(( I'm sorry, am I playing a World of Darkness: Antiquity here? :p ))

Writer 02-28-2005 07:52 AM

((JM, what are you talking about???))

Vikinor 02-28-2005 08:31 AM

(Sith Hunters? And the Celtics were alive in the Dark Ages along with the Vikings and the Romans and the Goth tribes of Germany.)

Hiroki 02-28-2005 08:44 AM

(( Just one problem VikingLarz...Vampires aren't real! :p And Luke, please correct your profile. Only Rome had steel, and even it was not fully developed. Celtic people have only Iron, and sometimes there long swords will bend after a hard impact. ))

As the Celtic army slams into the Auxilia shield wall, there impact creating a thunderous noise, the skirmishing troops stationed directly behind them throw there first volley of javelins over the heads of the Auxilia, the throwing spears impaling many of the Celts who had amassed against the Auxilia shield wall.

A Briton spearman who was charging straight towards Edward was impaled through the heart by one of them. He screamed, clutching the javelin as it protruded from his heart, blood being spat up from his mouth, reaching up towards the trees...the moon, the nature he worshiped, before letting out his last gasp of life.

Roy had several guys in front of him as he charged, many of them being impaled onto the hail of javelins. But the worse had yet to come. Not but a few seconds after the first wave, flaming arrows rained down on the charging Celts, stabbing into there chests, lighting them ablaze.

Several of the charging Celts amazingly continued charging...whilst on fire! One headed straight for Edward, he was completely ablaze, but he continued to scream his war cry, swinging his two-handed sword overhead as he charged.

Another volley of javelins came, hitting the Celtic army hard once more, followed by another wave of arrows...and this time heavy firepots rained down on them as well! The firepots burst into flames, lighting the earth itself on fire, as well as sending many charging men into flames.

(( WJ what are you currently doing? Have you charged yet? ))

Hiroki 02-28-2005 08:46 AM


Originally posted by VikingLarz
(Sith Hunters? And the Celtics were alive in the Dark Ages along with the Vikings and the Romans and the Goth tribes of Germany.)
(( Yeah...and they were for sure alive in 121 AD, which is well before the Dark Ages. This is Rome at its best. The thing is...Vampires do not exist in the real world. And this is a real world based RPG. ;) ))

Vikinor 02-28-2005 08:48 AM

(Well I guess I should go back to being a Viking and raid all of you?)

Hiroki 02-28-2005 08:53 AM

(( I don't believe Vikings raided Britannia for a good while until after this... o.O ))

Vikinor 02-28-2005 09:04 AM

(Damn. Well I guess we can tell the tale of a travelling Viking then?)

Writer 02-28-2005 09:20 AM

((No... if there's a tree nearby, that's where Erin is... caught by her hair... therefore, she's going to have much shorter hair by the time she charges. :D ))

The wolf whined, staring up at his owner. Erin moaned in pain and reached gently for a knife on her belt.

"I'm gonna hate this," she whispered. With a swift movement, she dragged the knife through her hair and dropped to the ground. Standing slowly, she put the knife back where it had been and rubbed her head.

War cries came to her ears and she ran toward them. Drawing her sword, she leapt into the battle. The wolf followed his owner without a noise and leapt at a man who moved to attack Erin.

Vikinor 02-28-2005 09:45 AM

(So......Where is this taking place? It definatley isn't Sweden.)

Curt-Man 02-28-2005 11:11 AM

Roy, from his many years dodging punches was able to dodge spears, swords, amd javelins. Roy was swinging his sword oddly, he wasn't used to a big piece of metal, so he threw it down and took out his daggar and started killing more easily like with it. All around him were dead, burning bodies, blood spattared swords and pierced shields, he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

Hiroki 02-28-2005 11:58 AM

(( I don't remember claiming that this story had anything to DO with Sweden...this is taking place in Britannia, in 121 AD...A battle is taking place between Briton Celts, and the Local Roman Legion.

Also WJ, I hate to be nit-picky, but they wouldn't move to attack you. They are in a shield wall, a defensive formation, they don't run to attack others. ;) ))

Javelins, arrows, and firepots ( Oh my! ) continued to rain down on the Barbarians as they continued there charge. Men were set ablaze, impaled, and stabbed as they battered against the Auxilia's shield wall.

The Auxilian shield wall had began to develop a few weak points in it, however, which if not taken care of, could cause it to buckle eventually.

Vikinor 02-28-2005 12:04 PM

(yes I know but britannia is close to sweden so it is possible for viking to be there)

LukeKatarn 02-28-2005 12:41 PM

Arthur charged towards teh roman shield wall, he knew not what to do now, for he didn't want to slaughter rome to much...

jokemaster 02-28-2005 01:03 PM

"HOLD THE WALL!" Yelled Edward, he saw the man coming towards him, ducked and used the shield, and the man's own speed to flip him over with the shield. The fall killed him, or at least knocked him out long enough for the fire to killh im.
"YOU!" Edward pointed at one of the javeliners who seemed to have run out "GRAB THAT SHIELD AND SPEAR" he pointed at a dead roman auxila body. "AND COVER THE DAMN BREACH. DRAFT ANYONE YOU NEED TO FOR THE JOB, JUST MAKE SURE THE WALL DOESN'T BUCKLE IN!"
Edward hit a man on the head with his spear by swinging it sideways, killing him.
"Damn it. Just hold out a little longer....."

Writer 02-28-2005 03:35 PM

((Ok, so the wolf is beating himself to death against the shield wall, growling as he goes. Erin has also charged the wall, but has been knocked away to the side of it... how's that?))

Vikinor 02-28-2005 04:27 PM

( OK. I fixed my character so its more real.)

Curt-Man 02-28-2005 04:39 PM

Roy was slicing in the the roman's weak points, like the armpit and around the neck area, he was extremly accurate with his daggar, alwasy cutting the right veins they would go down bleeding alot, he didn't care, he was alive and that was all that mattered. he didn't know where his sheild went but he was now using his fist as a weapon too.

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