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scumm local 02-28-2005 11:31 AM

who likes lemony snikets books?
hey anybody read any of the lemony sniket books (13 in the series 2 to be realeased)i recommend them to every single person it should be law to read em i dont want any anti fans spamming on this you cant really say no more about this youd have to have read the books to be in a conversaitioun im not saying peapole who havent read it cant post but dont make it up as you go along

Joshi 03-01-2005 01:08 AM

I read the books, they're great, especially the bit about the walrus and the carpenter... oh wait.

Actually, the movie was pretty good and considering books are usually better than movies, I may buy them and read them out of curiosity

edlib 03-01-2005 02:58 AM

I haven't read them, but I've heard good things.

Maybe someday... I have a lot of other books lined up that I need to get to first with the somewhat limited time I have set aside for reading.

Darth Groovy 03-02-2005 03:55 PM

I just like to say "Lemony Snikets" seriously. Always brings a smile to my face! :)

Skinkie 03-02-2005 06:12 PM

I heard the movie is actually a pretty poor representation of the books, but having not read them, or seen it, I'd just like to say I also enjoy saying "Lemony Snickets"

Das Mole 03-03-2005 05:14 AM

I haven't read them, but my little brother is and I think he's either on book 6 or book 7...I believe it's the one that starts with an E. I'm not sure, though. *Shrug*

PoM 03-08-2005 02:32 PM

I've seen the movie :D (Lemony Snikets series of unfortunate events) and it pretty much pwned.

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