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LukeKatarn 03-01-2005 12:04 PM

The Rise of the Gavor
I had an RPG called The war of a Life TIme, and this is just a prequal to that. I'll get started later.

Redwing 03-01-2005 01:11 PM

You should probably start a new thread when you actually have something to put in it, in the future. ;)

LukeKatarn 03-01-2005 04:51 PM

((Alirght, well, here I go.))

Prologue For Glory or Gavor?

Gomnia was a strong man, but he always searched for something more. The night was cold, as Gomnia lay in his bed. He always thought there was something more out there, and he was right! Gommnia suddenly awoke from his sleep, the sound of Lightsabes agenst flesh were heard, the Jedi were here. He rose out of bed, his clothes by his bed side. He put on his black pants, and his dark upper body cloak. Over that, his dark black cape was put on, and he swung it around his body. His right arm could not be seen, and most of his back side was not either. He stuck on his black gloves, and pulled out his personal vibrosword, and put it in it's scabbath, which he attached to his belt, and put on. His custom built blaster rifle was strapped over his back, and he walked out the door. One of his men fell before him, and he could see a Jedi. From a shaft above him, the Jedi's young apprentice came out, Gomnia moved out of the way. "You're dark ways end now Gomnia." The Jedi Master said. "You corrupt Jedi, you are not takeing me down today." I took out my Vibrosword and it clashed with the Jedi's Light Saber. The Jedi pushed me back, and I got up. "Suit yourself Jedi." Gomnia closed a hidden door in teh hall and the Jedi was sepperated from Gomnia, his apprentice as well. Gomnia walked down the hallway as the Jedi cut through the door. Gomnia went through teh Garage door, got in his speeder, and zoomed off. All of his stuff that mattered to him were in the air speeder. Gomnia drove off towards his private space port. The Jedi were waiting, outside. Gomnia landed inside the bay, and got in his shuttle. His pilot was ready, and it left, towards Gomnias big capital ship outside of orbit. The Jedi were already assaulting the ship, but the yweren't doing much good. Once hsi shuttle was onboard, Gomnias ship entered hyperspace. He had barely escaped from the planet of Zel'Morkol. He was now headed for Correlia, but surpriseingly, the coordinates were wrong, and the entered unknown space. Gomnia had entered the bridge when they exited hyperspace. "What's going on here, I don't see Correlia!" He went to the pilot, put his hand over his neck, and choked him. Gomnia threw away the pilot, he was furious. He looked out the bridge windows and saw something shineing, he had a wierd gut instinct, that it was safe to go there. He entered teh ships docking bay, and went in his personal ship. He launched towards the shineing object, when he got there, he had found the first taste of Mana. An anceint thign of the Galaxies, lost millions and millions of years ago. He knew nothing of this, but knew it was power. He could tell the galaxy about it, and become rich and famous, or he could use it to take over the galaxy and still become rich and famous. For Glory, or Gavor, to be, or not to be((Sorry, I had to have that line in, I just did some of stupid old hamlet today, I couldn't ressist.)), Gomnia liked the latter.

A glimpse of chapter 1: "I have found a power, that could make us rulers of the galaxy!" "My followers, we are a new faction to thsi great war, a new species! We are the Gavor, and we will rid the galaxy of all Jedi and Sith, and rule the galaxy ourselves!"

Vikinor 03-01-2005 05:43 PM

No offense but I couldn't keep up with the story. Maybe it's just me but I had no clue what was going on. Other than that it seems pretty good I guess.

LukeKatarn 03-01-2005 06:00 PM

OOC: I can see why, you have to read the originiol "War of a Lifetime thread to know who Gomnia is. And teh whole Mana thing, and everything.

Vikinor 03-01-2005 06:04 PM

Makes a little more sense now, but that thread was long i only read to like the 2nd page. So is there anything that is beyond the 1st two pages that are key factors in your story?

LukeKatarn 03-01-2005 06:09 PM

OOC: Nope. Only thing that really matters is the intro.

JoJoBinks 03-17-2005 09:42 PM

Okay here is mine, sense I played Reaper, it's going to be from his point of view, starting before the rp way back to his creation.

Chapter I, The Beginning and End.

I opened my eyes, as I looked through the glass tubo filled with some sort of liquid I was in, I could feel I was no longer what I use to be. As my vision unblurred I saw a man standing there, grinning at me, he was guarded by two armored guards. The man spoke:

"Greetings project 115, codename: Reaper, you are going to be known as that. Now, Reaper, you were made for destroying all the sith and jedi, the end of the Force Age, into the Gavor Age." Then the man grinned, pressed a button, and left the room. I blinked a few more times. Before I knew it the tubo drained and it opened up. I walked up, I then realized I was huntched over, but that couldn't be right it seemed liek was I 5"10, which I was when I was before. I then stood up straight and I seemed to be a giant!....To be continued! I would continue but I gtg, so lol

LukeKatarn 03-17-2005 10:07 PM

Chapter one: Gomnia walked through the doors of the ship. Gomnia had sent the scientists a sample of mana to help them create a super robot. The ship was about to leave hyperspace as Gomnia arrived in the hanger. He suddenly stumbled alittle as teh ship came out of hyperspace. He walked to his ship and got in. He headed for the near by moon. It was a science station. ((Jojo, it's ok to post your fan fic on my thread, but my story will kindof interact with yours. Without really doing so.)) A science lab was here. The yhad already invented a super robot, but it had no suitable energy source. Teh mana I sent to them shoudl of helped them activate the robot. I was in the sci lab, and I walked into the robot lab. I looked at the robot which was now ativated. "Ahhh, Reaper. I am Gomnia, and I expect great things from you." "I will do as you say Gomnia." "Good, your misison is to help me take down the Jedi." Gomnia walked out of the room and told the scientists to bring Reaper to his capital ship. There was to be a big rally about his new faction, and it became well known all over the galaxy. At the rally Gomnia spoke "I have discover a power tha twill help us rule the galaxy!" The crowd cheered "GOMNIA GOMNIA..." Reaper was on a work bench, and gomnia took a cover off of it. "This is Reaper, and he will bring teh end to all Jedi and Sith everywhere! We are the Gavor, and we shall rule the Republic!" Gomnia released Reaper. "Let me show you this droids power." Reaper leaped in the crowd, landed on a Jedi, and threw him at a Sith. A mob started and all chaos went loose. Reaper was strong, and fended off all the Jedi and Sith in the crowd. "That is just a taste of Reapers power!" Reaper jumped back up and went back on the work bench, and was strapped down. "That is just a taste of what mana can do, and soon the Gavor will begin mana mineing operations everywhere! GLORY TO THE GAVOR!" The croud started cheering "GLORY TO THE GAVOR! GLORY TO TEH GAVOR!..." The rally was a sucess, and many people signed up to join the Gavor. The Jedi and SIth, now informed of this, by the surviveing jedi and sith of the onslought, were prepareign to take action.

JoJoBinks 03-22-2005 06:04 PM

Reaper closed his eyes as he lied there straped down. Once out of the crow'd sight, he started to struggle and try to get out. After several minutes of struggling Reaper broke the binds and got up. He looked around then started running down the only way he could, donw the long dark hallway which he came from. Reaper jumped on the ground, his arm and leg joints moved and he jumped on the ground and run like a cheetah down the hallway. Once at the end he had two options, go left or right, left leading to a heavey door and right leading to the lab which he came from. "Hmmm.." Reaper said as he thought a moment, he then went in the lab and looked around. "Ah!" Reaper said as he spotted something on a workbench, he grouped three double bladed red lightsabers, attatched them to his waist area and run st the door. He rammed into the blast door and took it down. It lead to a short hallway, then an elevator at the end, on the sides of the room their were cages of different creatures, mutated. "Sciene projects.." Reaper murmmered. He then stepped onto the elevator and it went down. Once at the bottom, there were two armed guards. They looked at Reaper in confusion, then readied their blasters, both shaking in the hands, one shot and missed. Reaper grabbed down with his left hand, then slammed him into the other one and went right. Reaper saw up ahead an airlock, and passing by was a small shuttle, going slow. Reaper went into his cheetah like state and ran down to the airlock and busted it open with one ram into it. Reaper flew and landed on the shuttle, he then forced the door open, walked on board, then forced it closed. Reaper looked around, dark dim red lights, only a few chairs. "A dropship?" Reaper asked himself. It didn't matter. Reaper turned to the dropship cockpit doors, forced those open, with a quick slash with his hand cut the pilot's neck. Reaper grabbed the man by his arm and threw him back. "Heh I suppose this new body is useful.." Reaper said, and he would've grinned if he could have. Reaper sat in the seat of the dropshop and set a new course, to Coursant, his home planet. Reaper watched through the cockpit as the stars looked as if they were smeering as he enter lightspeed....

LukeKatarn 03-27-2005 10:18 AM

Chapter 2: TTfM ((The Trip for Mana.))

Afer the sucessful rally, Gomnia was walking along the hall way to the docking bay. He had to "harvest" some more mana. The only thing was, he had no idea where it would be. His Vice-Capain came running up to him. "Sir, we can't find any more signs of Mana. I take the blame for everything." "Good, because that is the end of you." Gomnia turned to the vice captain, put his hand in his face, then a beam comes shooting out, and goes through the captains head. He died once it touched his head. Gomnia walked on, like nothing had happened. Gomnia found COmmander Olenol and started talking to him. "The Vice-Captain had a little... "accident", so you are the vice-captain now, Olenol..." Then Gomnia walked away to his Shuttle. He flew to his capital ship and flew off. His next destination, the incorrect coordinates of Correlia. He flew there, and there it was. The shineing essence, locked in an altar. Altohugh it wasn't shineing any more, GOmnia had taken all of it. SO he looked in there for a clue to the next altar. He found it, a map. A map of... where...

ONE altar is. Maybe this next one will have the full map. He studied the map, and noticed the next altar was in unknown space. He took note of the planet it was near, so he wouldn't get lost. It was now time to move out. Soon they would make their move.

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