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Metallus 03-01-2005 06:20 PM

Voodoo Vince
Has anyone heard of, bought, or tried out this game? I found a demo for it on Crimson Skies, and I think I saw some sort of preview for it at one con or another. Seems like a decently unique platformer that people waiting for Psychonauts might enjoy. It was made by a small developer and put out by Microsoft in 2003 sometime...

Anyway, I love the concept. Since you're a voodoo doll, your special moves involve inflicting pain on yourself to defeat vast amounts of foes. The style's great, and I loved the music that played in the demo (New Orleans-y jazzy kind of stuff). From the demo, the game seems a little heavy on the "pick up 100 shiny things x or y to get z" for my taste.

Jake 03-01-2005 07:50 PM

Voodoo Vince is pretty good but not super amazing. I mean, it's a fun little platformer but it doesn't really deliver on its potential in my opinion. That said, it is funny from time to time, and Dave Grossman apparently helped a bit with the writing of it in the later stages of development.

Bucky the Bear 03-01-2005 09:28 PM

I must agree with Jake's assessment that Voodoo Vince is "a fun little platformer but it doesn't really deliver on its potential." It has good humor, good visuals, and great music and overall style, but the gameplay is just average and a little too easy, IMO. Still, for the cheap price, that it's going for, it's a pretty good game to add to your collection.

Alien426 03-01-2005 10:18 PM

There's gonna be a PC game called Stubbs The Zombie. It seems to have a similar premise, but I think it has more potential. After all, zombies can do a hell of a lot of things more (and have more movies to draw inspiration from) than voodoo dolls.

Joshi 03-03-2005 12:55 AM

I spent about half an hour in my local Virgin Megastore playing this game. It was pretty good up until the bit where I didn't excecute the perfect jump and had to start all over again. This happened repeatedly because unless you did it exactly right, you're screwed so it became a little repetitive and annoying to say the least.

Still, quite enjoyable if your into that sort of thing.

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