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Kurgan 03-05-2005 05:06 PM

Multiplayer Info (PC Version) -updated
Okay, I'm compiling some useful data from the Multiplayer portion of the game (mostly differences from Single Player) and to help inform people thinking about getting the game (now that I finally have my copy).

If a patch comes out and this stuff changes, I'll update it when I get time!

Here's a link to my new Boot Camp site , which will be devoted to Multiplayer strategy and information for RC on the PC. ;) It contains pictures of the various weapons and gear usable in MP as well as some other useful things with more being added as I get time.
  • Game Modes:
  • There's 10 Deathmatch maps included. Team Deathmatch uses the same maps. The DM map count actually includes the CTF maps as well (without the hologram flag projectors, thus leaving only 10 unique MP maps in the game).
  • You CAN load a Deathmatch map and run around alone to test out guns, explore, etc. I did this by creating a "LAN Game" and then loading up the map. It may be possible to do this in Internet game as well, but I have yet to confirm.

    So far it seems that only DM can be loaded solo for the purposes of exploration.
  • You can't start a Team Deathmatch if you're alone (only spectate). At the start you can choose the Republic team, Trandoshan team or autoselect.
  • There are 8 CTF maps (they appear to be designed with CTF in mind, however they also appear in modified form in the DM map cycle, so there are really only 10 unique MP maps). Like Team Deathmatch you can't explore the map alone (only spectate until others join).
  • In CTF it's Red (Trandoshans) vs. Blue (Commandos). For the flags you get a hologram projector of your color (that projects the symbol of your faction and what I assume is a hologram of a standard helmet your soldiers use).

    In CTF, like other games you can tag a dropped flag to return it (unlike Assault where it takes time to return on its own). As below with Assault, the flag limits you in certain ways while carrying it.
  • Assault uses the same (8) maps as CTF and appear to be identical even in the flag placement.

    Calling it "one flag CTF" isn't very accurate. It's more like Reverse CTF, in rounds. Here's how it basically plays:

    Round 1: Red attacks while blue defends. So they try to take the red flag into the blue base and have a time limit (default is 4 minutes). If they capture, Red gets a point. If Blue holds them off for the time period, they get a point. Once the outcome is established, the roles reverse. Now Blue attacks and Red defends. Once this outcome is decided, Round 2 begins with another set of attack/defend. Typically there are 3 Rounds to a match but this can be determined by the admin.

    The match goes to whichever team got more points. Again, you can't explore the map alone, only spectate until other human players join.

    A lot of matches end up in a tie (not sure how to fix that).

    Weapons & Gear:
  • All of the SP weapons seem represented in the maps, except for the fourth type of grenade and the Geonosian Elite gun (perhaps it was just hidden somewhere and I didn't find it... I just did a 5 minute run through of each map once).
  • Ammo/clip counts for the weaopns are slightly different from SP, which makes sense from a balance standpoint.
  • You can't "adjust aim" of the pistol or standard rifle like you can in SP.
  • You can't cycle vision modes and your HUD seems to be preset to a minimal display (I could be wrong about the latter).
  • Melee works fine in MP. They do a lot of damage, but they are NOT one hit kills. Likewise they rarely if ever "splatter" your visor like in SP.
  • You can detonate "live" grenades early by shooting them.
  • In Deathmatch you seem to only be able to be a Republic Commando. You spawn with full health/shields, 2 Thermal Detonators, your Pistol (drains the clip in 8 shots, recharges just like SP), and your standard rifle with Blaster Attachment only.
  • "Rocket Jumping" doesn't really seem feasible.
  • You are limited to carrying TWO WEAPONS (+grenades). This includes attachments! You'll find Sniper Attachments and Anti Armor Attachments as pickup weapons. You have to drop a weapon in order to pick one up! So you could have like an Anti Armor and Sniper, but nothing else. I've seen Pistol pickups on some maps, but unfortunately you can't pickup a second one and go pistols akimbo (darn!).
  • It seems like you're limited to a max of 5 of any grenade type. You get 2 grenades per pickup.
  • It seems there are only three grenade types in MP (at least in Deathmatch). EC Grenades (blue silvery pillboxes), Sonic Detonators (half glowing yellow lightning bug things), and Thermal Detonators (the familiar red lined brown baseballs).
  • Bowcastor lacks the "charging up" animation that showed you in SP how powerful your shot was going to be. Instead you just get the steam leaking out and you have to time it yourself.
  • Instead of Bacta Stations, you have little glowing containers of Bacta lying around that restore your full life when you run over them.
  • Similar to Single Player, the bigger the gun, the slower your movement speed. The pistol lets you run around like a maniac, the Wookiee Rocket Launcher or the big trando heavy machinegun really slow you down.
  • There aren't any "shield pickups." Your shields regenerate automatically over time, just like in SP. You take shield damage first when hit, except from falling (and possibly headshots). Typically a glancing blow like a grenade blast nearby (but not too close) can wipe out your entire shield without killing you. A second good hit will take you down. Trandoshans's shields glow red when hit, while Commandos's glow blue.
  • Side to side "dodging" appears to work just like UT.
  • You get a full menu of taunts and orders, similar to JA's Siege (though a bit more). We'll need to find a way to bind these to keys so we can use them quicker.
  • When you empty a gun of ammo, you still hang onto it, and it'll keep clicking if you try to fire. The good thing is that you can hang onto a gun to use as a melee weapon, since you can concievably run out of everything and have no means of attack otherwise. If you drop the weapon in order to pickup another, the empty gun sinks into the floor and is gone.

  • The Default skin (sans accessories like the default Trando) is a Clone Commando with the green stripe. If you go into "Customize" menu at the start of the game you can configure your look. You get the two basic models: Clone Commando and Trandoshan. You can then select the skin (basically clothing colors for the Trandos and Armor painting for the Troopers) and then you can select from a few voice files and attachments (bolt on shoulder pieces, leg plates, masks, arm clips, etc). The default Trandoshan wears a kind of reddish brown outfit without adornements or a mask.
  • You can't be a generic "metallic gray" Trooper. These were only shown in early screenshots, concept art and videos of the game before George Lucas himself apparently stepped in and insisted that the designers add in the "custom paint jobs" to Delta Squad. As a result you can't pick a simple unadorned outfit for your Clone Commando.
  • Since the Trandoshan always starts with the Repeater, and it has the same ammo values as the DC-17M, I'm convinced that they are functionally identical weapons in MP. So if you swap out your pistol for your opposite side's rifle, you effectively have double firepower.
  • You can fully customize your skin for any game mode. Customize your Commando AND your Trandoshan (hitting apply after you make changes to each) and then you're set. Anytime you're a Trandoshan, you'll be the one you set, and the rest of the time you'll be the Commando you set. This includes being a Trandoshan in Deathmatch, you simply have to setup your character ahead of time and whatever class was "last selected" in the customize section, that's what you'll appear as in game (in a Team game it will choose the class you had setup to match the team you're on). The trouble with picking a Trando to play as is, it doesn't seem to work if you're hosting a game, only joining one.

    Miscellaneous Facts:
  • There's an apparent error in the game's manual. It claims that individual kills count towards a team's Score in CTF (or towards the victory). This might refer to "overtime" though, which could occur if the teams were tied in score and the round ended via time limit. Further testing is necessary, but I am inclined to think this was an error, since some games actually DO count kills in CTF towards a points score and towards victory.
  • The HUD in MP is automatically "minimalized" (it doesn't have the big fancy helmet graphics and such like in SP). Though this is probably more efficient, it doesn't look as pretty, and it would have been nice to have the option to choose it (even if it would seem out of place on Trandoshans).
  • The infamous "windshield wiper effect" from SP is absent, except in cases where you have been hit repeatedly in the faceplate by the enemy (thus it shows dents, cracks and bullet holes). Since this usually results in death, you respawn with the visible "damage" still on your HUD, which is then "wiped off." Not nearly as cool as SP. Though here at least you don't have to worry about not seeing through all the blood. Incidentally, where blood is concerned the Trandoshans bleed, the troopers don't (try gunning somebody down with the Heavy Repeater and see what I mean).
  • The Music is automatically muted (volume set to 0) and can't be changed in MP. So if you want to listen to the music tracks you'll have to extract the Ogg files and play them yourself in winamp in the background, for example.
  • Pointless info since you can't realistically dodge any of them, but the hits from the Rifle's blaster attachment actually hit surfaces BEFORE the beams. This isn't the case with the other weapons.
  • The Trandoshans have their own version of the melee blade, and they spawn with 2 thermal detonators, the pistol and the repeater. Commandos get a pistol, two td's and the Blaster attachment Commando Rifle. Anyone can use anyone's weapons of course. Trandos are just model swaps with different voices/taunts. Trandos are always the red team, and always start first in a round of Assault.
  • The "Announcer" for the game uses a voice similar to the species you choose. So if you are on the Trandoshan team, you'll hear a Trandoshan calling out the "Headshot"s (even if it's you getting headshot). And vice versa for the Republic team. Each side hears their own announcer voice.
  • Shooting up a Trandoshan's backpack doesn't make his body go flying in MP (darn!).
  • Although the manually says it's not supported, you can press CTRL+ESC to minimize the game to the desktop, like in UT. At least in Win2k, this doesn't appear to actually mess anything up in MP.
  • You can setup multiple "profiles" for multiplayer. This could be helpful not only for multiple people using the same computer (single player campaigns) but also for different key configurations. Despite the fact that there are no Force Powers to bind to keys in this game, you'll find you still need a LOT of keys, with all the taunts, orders, and other things.
  • When you die, your body "sticks around" for awhile before it disappears. You can thus "beat up" your own ragdoll corpse for awhile!
  • So far I haven't seen any destroyable equipment. The environments are nice, and you have to activate a panel on the wall with "use" to activate lifts or turn on/off blast shields (protecting a window from enemy fire).
  • The scoreboard features "Score" and "Deaths" in addition to showing your name and ping. In team games you're grouped within a colored box for your team.
  • In Team Deathmatch, when playing on maps that were designed for CTF/Assault (which is all of them but two) you will respawn in the area of your team's "base." That is Trandoshans will respawn in the "red" section, while Commandos respawn in the "blue" section, just like in those other game modes. In Deathmatch (and in Team games on the two Deathmatch specific maps) you can respawn anywhere.
  • The "Respawn Delay" is a rather annoying option. There is no "countdown" when you can respawn, it simply says "press fire" so you just have to know when the time is right to tap the button to reappear. Also you can't join spectator right away in a match, you have to wait until players have joined (in a team game) and then you can spectate. Thus an idle player will be stuck at the choose your team screen at the beginning of each new round.
  • Servers are able to use a badly functioning "weapons stay" cvar that creates Instant Respawning Items. This is generally bad because it throws off game balance. You can stand on or camp a pickup (including bacta and grenades) to get an infinite supply. Likewise you can stand on a weapon to get infinite ammo for that weapon. By default you have to wait for all pickups to respawn, but this cvar can be enabled on dedicated servers, causing chaos.
  • I tried various console commands and couldn't get them to work. BehindView 1 doesn't seem to work in MP, so you can't see yourself unless you die or win the match. Incidentally, BehindView 1 in single player reveals that the model you use in third person is low res (just like the demo). In MP however your third person model is high res, you just can't see it normally.

PS: If you wish to use any of the images on this page, please email or PM me for permission. I spent a lot of time making the pics, and plan to use them on a future site. So don't just steal them. Take your own danged pics! ;)

ZBomber 03-05-2005 06:01 PM

Clears up a lot, thanks Kurgan! You should pin this, too. :)

Hope you don't mind, but I posted a news article because I thought it was really helpful. :)

Kurgan 03-05-2005 06:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Thanks, done! Also, here's a screenshot of the in-game server browser.

As of 5:10pm CST on March 5, 2005 (4 days after release), there were 15 servers up.

As you can see there's 3 CTF (Capture the Flag), 3 TD (Team Deathmatch), 1 AS (Assault), and 8 DM (Deathmatch). Not too surprising, the least complicated game modes are the most popular at this moment.

Hopefully in the next month they'll release server tools (like dedicated server binaries) and we can have more.

According to the manual, if you start a dedicated server, you can't start another copy of the game once you "leave" the first game. Thus joining your own server on the same machine seems to be out of the question, at least for now. That limits the number of people who may be willing to host games, until the Linux binaries are released to the public and rental services start offering RC servers.

See attached:

Kurgan 03-05-2005 06:31 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a pic of the Red and Blue "Flags" from CTF.

(See attached)

TK-8252 03-05-2005 08:17 PM

When you have the flag you can't shoot. You're holding the hologram projector in your hand.

Kurgan 03-05-2005 08:41 PM

Interesting. Can you use Melee or throw grenades?

TK-8252 03-05-2005 08:43 PM

Gah, I never tried. I was too busy running like hell. :p

Kurgan 03-05-2005 09:23 PM

I joined a CTF game and I was able to chuck grenades while holding the flag. Of course I got killed before I could see if melee worked (it was 5 against 1, I was the only Trando!). Then the server went down at the end of the round.

I think if you press shoot (fire) you automatically drop the flag.

Edit: The flag carrier has this big glowing thing in his hands while he's running around (like a firework the color of the flag) and you can see the big Hologram model in his hand (also in first person view). He can't be missed.

Oidar 03-05-2005 10:33 PM

You can use Melee and Grenades while holding the flag but thats it. Its quite effective :D. Most people I've came accross don't use melee attacks in close quarters, they just run circles and shoot, then they die:D

Kurgan 03-05-2005 11:52 PM

Okay, after playing over a dozen or so games of Assault I can now say that there is a huge strategic element here.

If you're carrying the flag you're hugely vulnerable, since you're limited to melee/grenades, and in fact you can't pickup new grenades while holding the flag. So DROP IT and then take out the nearby enemy, grab the grenades, and then move on.

Once dropped the flag can stay there for awhile (10 seconds? 20?) and so that gives you plenty of time if you don't screw up.

Assault moves VERY FAST, and it's actually a lot of fun (but needs bots, because the teams are often 1 off with people leaving quickly).

That's a huge problem I've noticed, people join, then leave after a few seconds. Really annoying. They also don't talk much (that tiny font doesn't help, so bind keys to voice chat as soon as you figure out how!).

There is that one map that has the low gravity on it that's really nasty. It's a small map so you can sneak past the defense really easily. In fact you end up hanging out in the other base to just kill them over and over.

A couple of things were brought back from UT. The endless "headshot" things (though it's odd when YOU get headshot and the announcer says it in the voice of your species), and "two dead, three dead" (trandoshan).

Updated the initial post with info about Trandos.

Kurgan 03-06-2005 12:05 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally posted by tommygunner
o that cleared up a lot of things for me... i am getting it in 1-3 days
does any1 have a pic of the customizing screen?

Here you go...

Oidar 03-06-2005 07:21 PM

Forgot to mention earlier on, A double tap in any direction will result in the "unreal dodge" a quick "jump" in the coresponding direction you are moving in. Double tap to the left, quick jump to the left, double tap back, quick jump back...ect.

Kurgan 03-08-2005 05:12 PM


Originally posted by adillon
i'm rather disappointed with the customization options. how difficult could it be to have the various accessories actually match the skin you've chosen?

i mean, who wants to chose the bada$$ night-ops skin, only to be accompanied by a bright white/green warrior helm? coordinate ...


Originally posted by tommygunner
yea well... some1 shud make a customizing mod and give it extra colors and more stuff to use...

No offense guys, but posting what you wish the game would have/complaining about the lack of options isn't the point of this thread.

We all (well the vast majority of us who've played it) agree that we want "more" than what the game came with out of box. That's a given. But without the tools there isn't much we can do about it right now.

tommygunner 03-08-2005 06:02 PM

right right i was just trying to think of wat would make the experience better for me...

TK-8252 03-09-2005 06:39 PM


Originally posted by Micahc
I'm gonna be getting the game soon and i was wondering if you could change ur skin on X-box
I wouldn't see why not...

Kurgan 03-09-2005 07:49 PM

On the PC, in Deathmatch the host of the game can only be a Trooper, he can't seem to be a Trandoshan. However other joining players can be Trandoshans. I don't know if the Xbox is like this, but considering console games are rarely patched, you might be stuck with this "feature." ; p

I don't own an Xbox, so I can't really answer any questions about that version. If somebody wants to start a new thread fielding answers to questions about that version, feel free. This thread is about the PC version...

Kurgan 03-21-2005 06:55 PM

Made a bunch of new updates!

Added info on the respawning on Team Maps, the "weapons stay" cvar and it's troubles, the respawn delay thing, and some other bits of info like the error in the manual about CTF.

Added a link to my Boot Camp site (also link in my sig). This site features pictures of all the usable MP weapons, for example.

Btw, if anyone didn't know by now, the Xbox version and the PC version are NOT compatible online. They have totally seperate communities.

Kurgan 04-07-2005 09:09 PM

New Hangar Map added
The new "Hangar" Map has been released by LucasArts. It's the only thing added by the official 1.0 patch (2.9 mb, available from a few sites now).

It's a rather large map (intended for up to 16 players, in all four game modes) on a ship with a small low gravity area outside (connecting the base areas).

Essentially you have two big "hangars." One (the blue base) contains some parked Republic LAAT Gunships (and some hanging from the rafters) and Republic Walkers (AT-TE's). They're slightly low res, but that's understandable considering their massive size and the rest of the detail on the map. They're of course non-drivable and you can't get inside them. :(

Otherwise the map doesn't really add any new features or anything except some pretty doors that open in an interesting way.

Of course, only people with the patch installed can join servers hosting this map.

TK-425 04-07-2005 10:16 PM

Re: New Hangar Map added

Originally posted by Kurgan
They're of course non-drivable and you can't get inside them. :(

Btw, when do you guys think the SDK will be realesed?

Kurgan 08-16-2005 05:15 PM

Sad news...
Well it looks as if we're not getting anything more for this game. No sequel or expansion, no more patches. No more editing tools (no sdk), no linux binaries or server utilities.

We got a map editor and 1 new map both included in the patch. The modding community (small as it is) will have to do everything else. :P

PS: The "Bowcastor missing charging meter" mystery was solved. When you host a game your charge meter is invisible. But if you join a game, you see your charge meter as you should. The gun functions the same way in both cases, it's just glitched for the host player. ;P

TK-425 08-17-2005 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by TK-425

As stupid as this post is, I think it fits pretty well.

Trumpetstud 12-02-2005 06:14 PM

Just curious, are bots (not aimbots, but computer-controlled opponents) available in the full retail version? I generally enjoy fighting against bots when I am in other games, and am considering buying this one for Christmas, since I LOVE the demo (the graphics are absolutely GORGEOUS).

Just wondering if it is possible to start a multiplayer/instant-action-style match with no players except for yourself and a bunch of bots. Please reply soon. Thanks!

TK-8252 12-02-2005 06:15 PM

Sadly, there are no bots.

Trumpetstud 12-02-2005 06:21 PM

crud :(

is the game still worth buying, even if just for the singleplayer? how many people are on multiplayer these days, anyway? is it a good enough amount (even if not a lot) that someone could have fun with? :P thanks :)

TK-8252 12-02-2005 06:25 PM


Trumpetstud 12-02-2005 06:53 PM

thanks for all your help :) i really appreciate it

/me goes out to the North Pole to hold Santa hostage for the game

Porpax 06-03-2007 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Kurgan
Well it looks as if we're not getting anything more for this game. No sequel or expansion, no more patches. No more editing tools (no sdk), no linux binaries or server utilities.

We got a map editor and 1 new map both included in the patch. The modding community (small as it is) will have to do everything else. :P

Just out of curiosity, what is the likelihood of fans making their own game? I've seen plenty of folks with skill at modding maps and skins, creating weapons, et alia. Story writing, dialogue, all that, couldn't it be created by fans as a joint operation online? (barring the LA objection to stealing their copyright)

CLONECOMMANDER501 06-03-2007 05:56 PM

Umm, some one I know was working o a republic commando 2.

Porpax 06-05-2007 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by CLONECOMMANDER501
Umm, some one I know was working o a republic commando 2.

That's hip. What are the chances of seeing what they're working on?

RC-boxeth 07-26-2007 02:37 PM

You can play as a trando in DM by going to customize and leaving it on trando (as oppesed to republic commando)

Kurgan 06-25-2009 03:44 AM


Originally Posted by RC-boxeth (Post 2350724)
You can play as a trando in DM by going to customize and leaving it on trando (as oppesed to republic commando)

This works if you're the host player? I never bothered to check it. If you're right, that would be a big plus!

I hear now there's an extensive mod for this game called "Sandcrawler" which is out. I haven't tried it (since I haven't had the game installed for a few years now), but I hear it changes a ton of stuff, so it might be worth checking out!

This is a cool game, don't get me wrong. The trouble is that you'll basically have beaten and mastered everything fun about it in 6-8 hours. Multiplayer is worth a few rounds, but it gets old after a few days (FPS fans just expect more these days). I held out hope that a patch would actually address the many glitches in Multiplayer and some of the shocking oversights (like the lack of bots, linux binaries for DS, customization issues, etc).

Alas, it appears that Multiplayer was more of an afterthought for this game... while it can be fun, it's VERY bare bones, and this was a big missed opportunity. Had it been as extensive as Single Player or even as feature-rich and polished as UT2k4 (whose engine it uses), it would have been in competition with the best FPS games of 2005!

All LucasArts had to do was enable the release of the tools necessary to mod all aspects of the game and some non-windows server binaries, and we might have a decent MP experience by now.... the potential was there!

In other news, I'm not one who has ever played any of the "Halo" series, but I've seen gameplay videos of Halo 1-3, and it appears the action is VERY similar in this game (though there are no drivable vehicles in Multiplayer).

PS: People keep rumor-mongering about "Republic Commando 2" but until we hear anything official, I'm going to dismiss them as wishful thinking. The only other Star Wars FPS we've gotten since this game was "Battlefront II" (and the next SWBF game is going to be console only I hear).

Gamma097 07-02-2009 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by Kurgan (Post 1768747)
Interesting. Can you use Melee or throw grenades?

Melee: Yes.
Throw grenades: Yes.

K1lingdr3ad 08-12-2009 05:38 PM

I've heard of that sandcrawler mod as well.

Captain_Rex 05-27-2010 03:47 PM

guys i have a problem maybe other have it too now i buy RC original and when i want to join in mp it says that someone use my cd key but its ORIGINAL GAME PLS i want to play rc online HELP Me pls

Gamma097 05-27-2010 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Captain_Rex (Post 2727029)
guys i have a problem maybe other have it too now i buy RC original and when i want to join in mp it says that someone use my cd key but its ORIGINAL GAME PLS i want to play rc online HELP Me pls

I've had that problem several times. Here's how to fix it.
1. Find where Republic Commando is installed. Default: "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Republic Commando"
2. Open the "Install" folder.
3. Open the "CDKey.exe" file.
4. Type in your CD key again.
5. Load up Republic Commando. Multiplayer should work now.
Hope that helps.

Kurgan 05-27-2010 08:35 PM

Btw, I've since been able to play the PC version of the original "Halo" in multiplayer on a friend of mine's computer, and let me tell you, it reminded me a LOT of MP for Republic Commando, except that it had vehicles (vehicles which obviously inspired the ones in UT2k4).

Of course Halo MP plays like a lightweight version of Quake 3 with low gravity jumps, basic vehicles (a jeep and a one man flier), rifle butting and manual reloading. Take out the vehicles and it plays just like RC MP.

HockeyGoalie35 05-27-2010 08:59 PM

^yea, i thought the same thing. i cant really play Mp in RC because im working on a mod, but halo works just as well, if not better :D

Captain_Rex 05-28-2010 01:39 PM

it doesnt work :confused::confused::confused: and i forgot i changed my cd key i have before one and still said that the code is used so i decide to change the cd key and i change it and pls can you give me ip to try to join in connect to ip

Hooper 05-28-2010 08:17 PM

i had the same problem, but i just went back to the main menu and tried again and it worked... strange :P

Captain_Rex 05-29-2010 10:43 AM

still doesnt work :( :( and one idea about rc mod clones vs droids the droids can be like the models of geonosis in ep 2 in ep 3 droids and like in rc and super battle droids clones can be like ep 2 white,blue,red,green and like deltas i am not spec for that i say my idea :D

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