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Lupanism 03-06-2005 06:20 PM

The Gamer's Liberation Front is Recruiting! (and challenging!)
In case you a want a clan for Republic Commando, why not join our clan? The Gamer's Liberation Front is a great clan made of very experienced members. Unlike most clans, we don't require that you have a headset or a microphone, and even if you aren't that good at the game, we can train you in whatever class you want to be better at. We also play many other games, such as Halo, America's Army, Counter-Strike, and if any of our members has a game and wants to be in a clan for it, we'll add it to our list. The Gamer's Liberation Front ([GLF]) is a recentley founded clan. After the collapse of [TIN], many of its members wanted to be in the same clan with each other. So, Evilhamster founded the [GLF], and placed me in charge of the RC division.
So why be a free agent? Join the Gamer's Liberation Front today! Our website is

We will be running a demonstration of our two best players on March 9 at 6 EST in a server called [GLF] Recruiting, so feel free to come in and watch, or try to challenge us. We hope to see you on the battlefield, whether you're on the winning side, or against us it up to you.

Commander in Chief Lupus of the [GLF]

LordMalak 03-07-2005 05:39 PM

The REF will send its two best to confront you at that time. Be Prepared...:) GL

Lupanism 03-08-2005 05:21 PM

Bring it on :p


One problem though, my other best player cant make it, and neither can the others. Would you mind if we used a guy from NRN, one of our allies?

Don't double post. Especially if you just posted not to long ago, and it's something as short as what you posted.

Lupanism 03-09-2005 01:56 PM

I will not be able to get on, or run the server. We are moving the date to next Wendesday.


Ok, the server will again be named [GLF]Recruiting, and it will be on Thursday, not Wendesday. It'll still be at 6 pm EST, though.

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