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holgate 03-09-2005 07:45 PM

Republican alliance------dyansty--empire
the name is Holgate and me and Dementedsith(one of the best if not the best jedi outkast player) have started a clan if not a dynasty or maybe an empire called REPUBLICAN ALLIANCE. Yes we are recruting right know so if yout think you have what it takes to join then go to and post our send me a direct E-mail to or you can even i.m. at goose719 with the msn messenger, im open to all recruits or suggestions.

Nokill 03-10-2005 08:40 AM

big words small *****

TK-8252 03-10-2005 03:20 PM

The best Jedi Outcast player? How modest. :roleyess:

BTW, you already made a thread for your clan.

Read the rules; duplicate threads are spam, you... little... spammer you.

acdcfanbill 03-12-2005 12:41 PM

its easy to be the best, when all the competitive people stop playing the game :p

anyway, thanks to tk-8252's sharp eye, you have been exposed :p so i shall close this thread

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