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Rends 03-11-2005 05:10 PM

Play one of the deadliest Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy!

The "Tusken chief"
Rumors reports that he was a former Tusken Chief or was he the one who killed him and wears now his dress? Noone knows. But he is a deadly Hunter you better never meet him:

" Delta 669"
Alleged one of the last Clontroopers fully armed with deadly weapons. His favorite is the Hunter Droid able to fire auto tracking rockets following victims!:

" IG-88 Droid "
Dangerous Battledroid who likes to kill. When using his grappling hook he can overcome big barriers :

The " Geonosian "
A very disgusting guy.He use his havy modified Sonic blaster to kill his victims. HE also wears a special Disguise kit to inviltrate imperial bases.

The " Gamorrean"
Brutal and agressive! He likes the close fight with his Axe. For own protection he can use his energy shild :

Delta 669 hunterdroid at work:
Simple target the enemy and fire the rocket wich follows the target until itīs killed. In this case a imperial darktrooper_

Stay tuned. First map of the StarWars Bounty Hunter Series will be released soon!

***Special thanks to SaturnV for all his discoveries***


NegativeSmiley 03-11-2005 06:10 PM

Looks really awesome! I'm in.

ParanoidAndroid 03-11-2005 07:25 PM

this looks awsome!!

TK-8252 03-11-2005 08:02 PM

Nice to see some actual modding going on for SWBF. :)

Fds 03-11-2005 09:28 PM

Wow, very good work! :D

Only remember to translate to english from german. :p

Murf 03-11-2005 09:59 PM


How will we use these? Must play on a host that supports them and have them installed on our PC too I presume.

I liked to see someone come up with a better looking Rebel Sharpshooter. Maybe in camo or ghille suit.

Rends 03-12-2005 01:54 PM

itīs already translated into english :-)

you will use it like every other custom map you install on your PC. But instead of playing the regular sides you will be able to play the Bounty Hunter side .

rozo100 03-12-2005 02:56 PM

three words:SO TOTALY AWSOME!!!!!!!oh yah oh yah uh huh!relly cool man

Syzerian 03-12-2005 05:48 PM

So whats the other army going to be?

DarkReborn 03-12-2005 06:24 PM

Good Work Rend! this is your better map (The Another ones are also very good)

Rends 03-12-2005 08:32 PM


Originally posted by Syzerian
So whats the other army going to be?
This will vary from map to map. I started with the empire because you can check how the disguise kit will work :-)

Darth Alec 03-13-2005 04:20 AM

Nice mod Rends. I like the IG-88 model.:)

rozo100 03-14-2005 09:01 AM

so cool.....
where do you download this?:ewok: :fett: :jawa

Nokill 03-14-2005 09:36 AM

yust tell me when its released :D

Rends 03-14-2005 04:05 PM

New Screenshots:

Rends 03-15-2005 11:30 AM

After the succsessfull first beta test round i will tell you that the Public beta test is coming soon!

RebelScum! 03-15-2005 12:34 PM

ive died an gone to heaven...take all the mods but this one! Rock on Rends!

Rends 03-15-2005 01:57 PM

Here is the link to the Public beta Test:

Now i want to hear your feedback!

PhireStorm 03-15-2005 03:18 PM

*squeels with excitment*
Awesome Job! I thought battlefront was left to die, but You jus' proved me wrong!

RebelScum! 03-15-2005 04:46 PM


Originally posted by PhireStorm
*squeels with excitment*
Awesome Job! I thought battlefront was left to die, but You jus' proved me wrong!

What you said

ParanoidAndroid 03-15-2005 07:06 PM


this map is awsome, when i first saw the screenshots i thought the bounty hunters would be overpowered but they actually are very balanced in the game, its really fun trying out all the new weapons (espeacially the grappling hook, very useful once you figure out how to use it) its awsome killing imps as a tuskan raider or as a geonosian whose sonic blaster has recieved a much needed boost!

my only complaint is that the geonosian looks kind of weird, I think it looks kind of elongated or somthing, nothing big just looks odd to me

All in all i would say this is the best player made mod for battlefront yet!! I love it and cant wait for more maps!

RebelScum! 03-16-2005 02:32 PM

This mod rox! I love the piggie! Thousand thumbs up.

darth's bath 03-16-2005 03:00 PM

Man! You've really done a great job on this and it's only the BETA.
Things can only get better.

Looking forward to future releases.

BeBop 03-16-2005 03:12 PM

Great Mod, I love it. It's awesome. IG-88's grapple hook is nice and it doesnt go too far nor does it not go far enough, nice balance there.

RebelScum! 03-16-2005 03:29 PM

Well after playing it a couple times ive found a couple things that could be changed. Just suggestions not orders :p

1. The Piggie (that what I call him) Is a complete idiot...If there is someway to higher his intelligence lvl that would be better (doubt it that easy)

2. I'm sure you are already going to do this but, a texture on the grappling hook. Mabye a chain or just a rope im sure you can find somthing.

3. Also about the grappling hook...It range is a little can you say it...pathetic. I mean you can't even go and where high..But if thats the point thats cool.

4. And the Geonosian, great gun its not to strong and not as pathetic as the geo's on Geonosis. But it still has the same pathetic health as the real Geo.

5. Lastly the map is a little small and the empire crushes me everytime. So for the real maps if you could make them a little having to get through layers of defenses (like turetts and those awesome killable command center :p) to win the game.

Aside from that I didnt find any bugs, glitches,..ect. Great Job :thumbsup:

Saturn_V 03-16-2005 06:31 PM

Nice work! I'd like to see Jedi vs Bounty Hunters next (see gametoast for Jedi details).

Murf: re "I liked to see someone come up with a better looking Rebel Sharpshooter"

here's a better looking one...

It's a concept version, the final requires the XSI plugin for mesh tweaks.

TK-8252 03-16-2005 06:32 PM


Originally posted by Saturn_V
Haha, I knew someone would do it sooner or later. :p

RebelScum! 03-16-2005 07:06 PM


Originally posted by TK-8252
Haha, I knew someone would do it sooner or later. :p
:xp: Lol same here

Saturn_V 03-16-2005 07:18 PM


Edit: if I could only have got the XSI exporter to work, I could have made my Vulcan Love Slave mod by now, lol

arramus 03-16-2005 09:58 PM

What a wonderful beta map to test.

I really like the abilities each character has. The IG-88 (I'll use him for my avatar - hope you don't mind) is fun to use. I can pull myself up to the higher platforms and have a good aerial view of the enemy.

Piggie's shields are quite necessary due to his lack of intelligence. I've seen him walk off the edge of a platforma few times. lol

The characters make the game more fun and are bringing new life to Star Wars battlefront.

We wait in anticipation for the next offering!! Drool. :)

Rends 03-17-2005 07:20 AM

Based on the feedback i got here and at other boards i made following changes:

Tusken: Riffle ammo limited

Delta669: health increased to same settings as regular troopers

Geonosian: fly range increased and itīs a bit more stronger but still weaker as standart soldiers

Gamorrean: shield sound added and shield duration time reduced

And the Tusken recon droid is on the cut list. I want to replace it with a different weapon and hope to fix the Delta droid freeze bug (possible memory related)this way.
So any suggestion?

Nokill 03-17-2005 09:05 AM

maby i can do a peace of your mod on my site :)

that includes hosting of the files

Rends 03-17-2005 09:52 AM


Originally posted by Nokill
maby i can do a peace of your mod on my site :)

that includes hosting of the files

Please wait until final release.

Nokill 03-17-2005 10:00 AM

erm i mostly do stuf on mods that are stil buzzy on being made stuf like that

and i host pictures and posible beta versions

RebelScum! 03-17-2005 11:07 AM


Originally posted by Rends
So any suggestion?
Beside the five I did not long not really

Rends 03-17-2005 02:12 PM


Originally posted by RebelScum!
Beside the five I did not long not really
Forget to mention that the Grappling hook doesnīt use a texture.
Oh and if you look around you will eventualy find a way over the complete map on platforms using the grappling hook :-)

Durge 03-17-2005 04:16 PM

In my opinion this is a realy great mod but when i played it i noticed something was missiong that was needed. I finally figured that the tusken needed something elste. He needed a gaffi baton. If there was some way to give him a melee weapon i think that would be pretty cool!

Murf 03-17-2005 05:42 PM


I really like your Rebel Sharpshooter replacement of the Slave Girl from Jabba's palace!!! LOL :D

That might be fine for Tatoonine Dune Sea map - she could get a nice tan, but she might get a little cold on the Hoth Map!
Don't ya think?

What could she wear on Hoth?
Maybe one of those burkas the muslims wear with the little screen door to peek thru. Might block her vision a little for that good sniper shot though.

ParanoidAndroid 03-17-2005 05:43 PM

^^^^ totally agree, the tuskan raider should have that awsome club he uses to beat Luke up! It should be a bit weaker then the axe but swing faster, maybe knock the enemy to the ground.

to replace the tuskans recon droid, maybe some kind of "sticky grenade" like the concussion grenade exept that it sticks to people instead of vehicles

its great that the geonosians sonic blaster doesn't suck anymore but would it be possible to give it a knock down effect like in the movies? like if you hit someone he is pushed backwards and knocked down? If at all possible you should definetly add this! also about the geonosian, maybe you could set the timb bomb to the secondary fire button instead of the first because its kind of annoying to have to switch between all three and get killed before you can pull the weapon you want out.

Saturn_V 03-17-2005 06:04 PM

Re: Murf, LOL!

Hoth: I think maybe a fur bikini to keep her warm :dev11:

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