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Black Knight of Keno 03-12-2005 07:42 PM

The conflict in the Republic
It was a quiet day in Mos Elmon, one of the three largest and most corrupted nests of evil on Tatooine. Mostly jawas ran around the city on their business, selling robots, spare parts and other junk you might need. If you would look closely, you would find even a couple of disguised jedi. It was the time of prospect and wealth in the Galactic Republic, but still some systems kept thriving in corruption, beyond the Republic laws...

"Master Anderol, what are you thinking?" a young padawan asked from his master. The place they were sleeping in was not too glamourous. Just the average place in the middle of the city. Merely a tavern of some sort.
"So long has the Republic been up and running in this galaxy, and still many systems object of the rules that would mean peace for everyone..." the Klatoonian jedi master answered with a steady and a peaceful voice, like usually. He looked to the distance, as the two moons of Tatooine were rising from the horizon.
"It is a shame. if there was peace in the galaxy, we all could get a bit of the well earned rest" the young Falleen padawan, Xin Eilas said and placed a roughly molded cup with some jawa juice in it at the table next to the window for his master. The padawan looked at the moons and sighed.
"Xin, it is allright to miss your own home, but do not let it weaken you. Everything has it's time" Meffo Anderlon, the jedi master said, taking the cup and raising it to his mouth, resembling a bit of a canine's, only much flatter, more like a human's on that part. He took a steady sip and placed the cup on the table. "Xin, get some sleep. You will need the energy tomorrow. We still have much more to repair on our ship before we can leave" the master said and the padawan only nodded. There was no need for words, as Xin was already on his way towards the beds. Xin disappeared into the bedroom as the jedi master was left to think in the other room as the sun went down and the two moons rose quietly. It had been three whole days since they had landed because of a malfunction in their engines and hyperdrive.
Master Anderlon drunk his jawa juice slowly, then went to get some sleep, as even he needed to sleep.

Morning. The sun rose in the horizon, sending light into the bedroom of the two jedi, sleeping in seperate beds. The jedi master was the first to rise up. As Xin was rising up with a yawn, Master Anderlon had already his tunic on and putting a different set of robes on him. Something to discuise him as a jedi. He left quickly from the room to open the room for the breakfest droid, which would carry in the breakfest for the two.
Xin came out of the bedroom shortly after the droid was gone. He had a different set of robes on him than his master, but still some familiarities could be found. The two jedi ate the food quietly, infromed the Jedi temple of their situation and went off to repair the ship.
As the jedi arrived to the hangar they had landed their ship, a couple of merchants and thugs were waiting for them with the equipment.
Xin placed his hands on his belt, ready to draw his lightsaber if needed to, and at the same time covered his master's back as Master Andelron took a few steps forwards. He saw the other merchant as a human, the other a Twi'lek. "Friends, what brings you here?"
"You can hardly call us friends, Andelron. We came here for our payment"
"And that you will have in Republic credits" the jedi master said and extended his hands as a sign of peace. The merchants looked each others and then signalled to unload the equipment.
"Allright. Shall we negotiate of the payment, then?"
"Right this way, gentlemen"
The merchants and the jedi master walked into one of the first editions of what would later be called Imperial Lamba-class shuttle. Xin stayed back to see throught where the men would carry the equipment. It took only half an hour to finish the carrying of the equipment and the negotiations of the preice, and the merchants were off. the shuttle's doors closed and locked, it's lasers ready and the sensors repeating any movement into the main computer, and from that, to the screen of the engine room. The jedi started quickly fixing the engine, wanting to leave the planet quickly and towards something much cooler.

It was nightfall as the jedi finished and changed their clothing into jedi robes. They informed the jedi temple of their starting return to Coruscant. The shuttle rose up and blasted to space quickly, it's automatic lasers offline. Xin had the oddest feeling that hi master wasn't telling him everything, but put that aside. The shuttle jumped to hyperspace and went off towards Coruscant...

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