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VampireNaomi 03-15-2005 12:58 PM

Favourite location
What was your favourite location in The Dig and why?

I absolutely love the beach where the sea monster appears. It's such a peaceful place, and the colours fit the atmosphere perfectly. Not to talk about the sound effects.

Valkian 03-15-2005 01:59 PM

My really favorite place is the underwater cavern. I just love it, I wish someday I can go there and just stare at that beatiful window. And the music there is so relaxing.....zzzzzZZZZZZzzz....Good Night...

Alien426 03-15-2005 03:07 PM

I agree, this is probably my favorite, too. It feels so cozy.

But I also love the crystal tunnel, the sun-drenched spots and basically all the locations with the ocean.

I like how during the game you'll constantly go from a room to a roofed exterior that feels safe and comfy, and then wander along the edge of a steep cliff.

eloqui 03-18-2005 11:57 AM

I was looking through the gallery Alien426 linked to trying to determine which room was my favourite, but after a few repetitions of 'that one, or that one, or that one', I decided that I love all the rooms.

If pushed, though, I'm rather fond of the map room, because of the beautiful light and music and the interplay of nature and machinery.

WhiteRaven1000 03-20-2005 08:00 AM

I love this scene where boston jumps into the water and diving to this underwater-place.

I remember when you are on this place, writing some word on your keyboard, you can see yourself swimming outside.

I think it was something like "starwars" or anything.

Valkian 03-20-2005 04:18 PM

Oh, yes. That's the easter egg. But the word is NOT "starwars".

So if you don't know what the word is you will have to wait until The Dig Museum's Grand Opening!

cocytan 04-19-2005 03:13 AM

man i love this game!

have to agree with the beach at the museum spire, that was my favourite place too (art wise)...

anyone ever played the game more than 3 times through... i listened to the 'vacation on cocytus' audio drama just now and realised i hadn't ever heard a good portion of that dialogue during the game...

...a result of various easter eggs perhaps?

Valkian 04-19-2005 01:05 PM

That's a good question. I haven't heard "have you seen this boy?" in the game. And a few other lines too.

Does anyone knows in what part of the game do this lines come from?

cocytan 04-19-2005 07:11 PM

i actually remember the 'have you seen this boy' line... i think boston says it when you ask maggie about brink at some random point in the game (after he has gone missing of course)...

most of the stuff maggie & brink say in the audio drama i don't recognise... i'll post exact lines later... at uni now...

thomas_a 10-18-2005 07:58 PM

if you go to maggie in the libarary and talk about ludger, boston will ask: "have you seen this boy?" a direct cameo to the actor robert patrick's role as the T-1000, in terminator 2.

Manny C 11-02-2005 01:48 AM

The library is great, but especially the big underwater chamber with the blue glowing things in the centre.

thomas_a 11-07-2005 07:31 PM

i liked the cliff were brink is buuilding his coo coo machinogram.

F2bnp 12-12-2005 11:00 AM

I really liked the scene when you arrive on the planet and I liked the music too!

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