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DSS_Stryfe 03-21-2005 02:10 AM

"Crash To Desktop"
LA Please for the love all things good FIX THE CRASH TO DESKTOP BUG!

I've only had this game about a month but I love it to death. Believe it or not I actually spent around $400 on upgrades just to get this game to run smoothly. After the single player got stale I tried the multiplayer...key word in that sentence "TRIED". I Was on 56K Dial Up at the time and realized dial up just wasn't going to cut it. So...I went with DSL....just to play this damn game....Now Here I am a month later P'd off to no end because this $50 Dollar game I spent a fair amount of cash on just to play.......Crashes To Desktop every time I play online.

I love this game to death which is why I've tried so hard to get it to work correctly. I really had no issues until I went online with it after the 1.2 Patch. Now that I am online I can't stay there for more then an hour (or two at most). It crashes right as I'm really getting into the fight and starting to enjoy myself.

I have read tons of forums over and over going through the "SWBF CTD" threads. AND There are a fair amount of them I may Add...I Posted a pretty nasty thread in the LucasArts Tech Support forum...One thread in about 40 describing the same thing......"Battlefront crashes to desktop with no error while playing online". The poor moderator (LucasArts Jay) is just that...A Moderator...Not a Tech Support guy. Even after the nasty thread telling LA that I would never buy another LucasArts game again, I got no reply. Nor Did any of the other 40 people that posted. Apparently intimidation doesn't work with these

I posted here just to blow off some steam after a nice crash to desktop right as I was pouncing on a unsuspecting Rebel Scout. As of now I haven't seen one thread out of all threads I've read who found a fix for the CTD...I for some reason doubt it will happen but....maybe a miracle will occur and this issue will be fixed in 1.3. If this game ever see's a 1.3.:( If anyone at all has found any kind of solution to the endless crashing, please help a guy out.

I will post my systems spec's if you want them.

Ahh...I feel much better now:rolleyes:

swphreak 03-21-2005 11:31 AM

You might get more luck actually contacting techsupport. Not posting on their worthless forum.

Cosmos Jack 04-12-2005 12:56 PM

I have the same problem crashing to desktop it's pretty random it could happen 5 mins into playing or 1hr. It's really annoying and the fact that they are already making a SWBF 2 should tell you that they aren't going to support this game anymore. Everyone that bought it were just BETA testing for the next one.

Seems pretty crappy to put out a game then jump right on to the sequel to be released 1 year latter. Not only does it kill the original game that should have been fix, but reduces the chance of the 2nd one selling any better. Would you buy it after playing this one?

( Return to Castle Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory ) is as good of a game if not better then this is and it's free. Not to mention there is a very good Star Wars MOD for Battlefield 1942. I think all the SWBF fans should have just went and bought BF:1942 on the discount rack and downloaded the mod we would all be much happier.:o

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