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Lord Haine 03-28-2005 02:52 AM

The CU update!
Hi all, i cant wait for the CU update, cause im gonna rejoin when that happens, along with the Rage of the wookies add on.

But does anyone know when the CU is going to come out?

Wraith 8 03-28-2005 04:49 PM

well no. but there are rumors going around that it will hit with the rage of wookies thing. but that is a RUMOR. not confirmed

Trahern Valley 04-01-2005 04:15 AM

The CU beta is currently on Test Center. TC5 if I recall correctly.

Character-building blue frogs are in evidence, but mostly inactive because they want us to actually bother with getting exp and acquiring skills instead of becoming insta-masters. Only good for weapons, vehicles/mounts and credits, for the most part.

Also, starting professions only for now.

First Impressions:

1. New 'improved' colour hotkey graphics. Ever play...Galactic Battlegrounds, I think it was? It wanted to be Force Commander without the good graphics or command point system, and have more than imps and rebs in it. Remember those icons to build and upgrade stuff? It's like that. Acceptable, I suppose, but I think I prefer the current stuff. Less is more, and so on. I hope they permit players to choose.

2. Walking around with a ranged weapon equipped slows you down, even if it's just a CDEF pistol. Melee weapons do not slow you down.

3. No more default attack or combat qeue. Since most of us are spamming special attacks all the time already, we probably won't notice.

4. Overlapping skills. Took a look at the marksman skill stuff. The first three boxes of each tree have the same kind of attacks, but in a different order; pistol has a melee attack sooner than rifle, for instance.

5. Tier 4 boxes provide skills unique to each weapon type. These do not involve body/leg/head shots. I think this is because, instead of hitting a random pool, pistols can only hit health, carbines can only hit action, and rifles can only hit mind. (Might have that wrong, though.)

6. As a lone novice, unarmed civilians can probably kill you, and corellian butterflies can smack you around a lot easier than they used to.

7. Brawlers get a knockdown recovery skill.

8. BHs get melee and ranged defence, but they're still stuck with that damn lightning cannon instead of fun rifle skills.

9. I don't think anyone will be hunting rancors until we can start training advanced combat professions.

10. I don't think anyone will be hunting nightsisters ever again.

11. I have a pet ronto in my living room and it's wearing my pyjamas!

Okay, 11 was an April fool's.

I don't own pyjamas.

Edited to add: I thought I'd got it wrong. Apparently there's no more health/action/mind shooting because health is the only thing you can shoot. Action and mind are untargetable, used for special attacks and so on.

I think my biggest difficulty with the cu is unlearning what I have learned by playing the game already...

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