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te27ch 03-29-2005 05:31 PM

Buying Mysteries of the Sith from
Could you please all visit this site

and tell me which of the choices i should buy to get mysteries of the sith; obviously not the first one because it only has the 3-level demo disc with it.

or, if anyone could tell me where to get it besides ebay. dont even think of going into illegal options, please.

txa1265 03-30-2005 06:42 AM

I would first off make sure that when you buy it, it has the *real* MotS.

Aside from that, I could only find Amazon or eBay. I found 4 US auctions on eBay, with varying inclusions and pricing (and shipping - one person wanted $8.25!)

It is hard to find - why isn't it at LucasArts?!?! I look whenever I'm at EBGames or GameStop or Best Buy, but they all just have the regular JK.


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