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Oel 04-01-2005 07:24 PM

ForceMod help with Outcast
I have a firm grip on all my Outcast server's settings except for one, and it's a ForceMod II cvar. Which one? I dunno... :/
I want my Jedi vs Merc setting to allow the new jedi and merc classes for my clients, but the cvar isn't in the documentation (trust me on that one). My server seems to have it's own cvar, f_jediVmerc, that doesn't do anything for any value, even when combined with many other setups. I can't find a ForceMod website anywhere, I can't find any forums with the info I need... Any input? Is the cvar misspelled, is another setting conflicting with it? There's no weapon or class disabling on...


Amidala from Chop Shop 04-04-2005 11:26 PM

You can ask Azymn, the creator of ForceMod II and III, at the ForceMod III forum

Oel 04-13-2005 03:13 AM


marry me! j/k

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