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Jetset 04-05-2005 12:47 PM

public teamspeak server anyone?
Hey... pardon me if I'm mistaken, but are we still lacking public teamspeak servers/channels for battlefront?

If not, can someone please direct me to that thread, or tell me the server name/channel?

I wouldn't want to blatenly advertise a public ts server I'm registered on (self-registration) without there being a real need for this.

So... should we setup a meeting place? A public server with a Battlefront channel plus a few sub-channels, for us Padawans who can't listen to everyone in the main channel while we're blasting opponents into the next Galaxy. What do you think?

There has to be someone else who's tired of typing... ha!


Jetset 04-06-2005 03:47 AM

Just went to and of course they don't even have a battlefront channel there... that doesn't surprise me though.

Would hate for this thread to turn into another "I can't believe we don't have in game chat," so:

Here's one public teamspeak server, with a registered channel named "Star Wars Battlefront"

Ace's Public Server (no password required)

Channel: Star Wars Battlefront

Sub-channels: Good Guys & Bad Guys

This is a public server, so I can't guarantee it will be up 24/7... I don't own this server either... and, no one has deleted these channels I posted in the past few days... so enjoy!

Tip #1: bookmark this server... and in your local address book you'll be able to set "Star Wars Battlefront" as your default channel to join when you connect.

Tip #2: want to chat private? meet here and then you or your friend(s) can make a new passworded channel :)

Tip #3: bind some keys to switch between channels if you're automatically forced to join the other team. example: I'm using Ctrl + Shift + B and Ctrl + Shift + G to switch between the bad/good guys... and Ctrl + Shift + L to switch back to the main SWB channel.

Also remember this is public chat... so it shouldn't matter which channel you're talking on, unless you're the only one connected lol!!

Fly well now!!


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