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devine999 04-08-2005 10:01 PM

drop ship controls
I'm new to battlefront and have a question about the republic drop ship. I invert my y axis all the time and with the star fighters and its is fine, but with the drop ship its not? is the drop ship considered a vehicle or star fighter in the controls menu?

I'd like to add though, I bought battlefront about 5 months ago when it came out and had a low spec machine. I played it a few times, but it didnt last with me. I just got a hi spec machine and noticed that there were new maps on the net. I downloaded BIG HOTH and put all specs on full............after all these years hoth now looks great and you feel like you are there. Great work. and to the modders too.


BeBop 04-09-2005 02:47 AM

You mean the Gunship right? For me if I invert the Y axis for starfighters the Gunship's axis in inverted along with the others. Strange that your's is different. Have you tried changing the Vehicle's Y axis? Maybe there is a little glitch in your game that classified the gunship as a Vehicle. Of course since I've never seen this glitch before or heard of it I can't say anything more than a guess.

devine999 04-10-2005 09:16 AM

thanx, I got it working.
Its in the vehicle controls, not starship controls.

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