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Jedi Malastar 04-18-2005 07:23 PM

new clone wars rpg discussion thread
Right now I think is the best time to make a clone wars rpg. I mean its not very often that a star wars movie is released. As online star wars rpgers we must take advantage of this opportunity. We could have it set in near-climax of the clone wars and when May 19th rolls around the events of that movie could actually take place in real time in this thread on that day.

Ok Mandalorian54 had a good concept going with his alternate star wars threads that use skills and things like that. I was thinking of having a group of jedi's sent on some sort of mission and I could be some sort of dungeon master. I would send in enemies and create situations and with your skills you have you get by them. Alright so I would like some input and ideas because this could turn out to be a real fun thread.

Hiroki 04-18-2005 07:27 PM

But...won't we all be watching the movie on May 19th...? Several times? How could we do it in real time? :p

Jedi Malastar 04-18-2005 11:53 PM

Well of course but I mean after we watch it. I wouldnt miss episode 3 for anything in the world.

MarcusLeCoy 05-03-2005 12:06 PM

sounds liike dungeons and dragons, and i love that game! and the story sounds good

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