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scout_zero 04-20-2005 11:51 PM

RC:Demise of Kamino
Incoming transmission...
Clone Advisor: Welcome, commando. You have been called here because of strange signals coming from Kamino, our home planet. your task is to investigate these signals. It will not be easy, but first, give me your name(ex. Delta 38), specialty(ex. demolitions) and weapons(ex. blaster rifle, sniper rifle, grenades.)

When you get there, you can do all the exploring you want, but be careful, we sent many other commandos to investigate, but they never came back...

Name:Lambda 18
Specialty: Sniping, Stealth
Weapons: Blaster rifle, blaster pistol, sniper rifle, detonators, anti-armor charges.

I walk into Tipocia City, it's a mess. I go into the control room for cloning. Nobody's there.

sargent_johnson 08-28-2005 12:51 AM

name:alpha 94
specialty:scouting,infiltration,sneak attack
weapons: DC-17 rifle and attatchments,dual blaster pistols,5 cryoban grenades,four adhesive grenades,det packs,and thermals

as i flew towards tipoca city,the cloning center,i notice severel corpses on the ground.i landed and found out they were clones.''but how...'' i said to myself and went into tipoca city.i started looking around,a bit surprised that nothings happening.also a little shocked.i constantly had a feeling somone was watching me,but when i looked around i only saw crates and severel corpses.i hurried to the cloning control center,trying to see if somone was alive....

jediofdoom 08-31-2005 07:53 AM

name:alpha V
specialty:Infiltartion, Piloting Skills,
weapons: DC-17 rifle ,dual blaster pistols, EMP Grenande, Fusion Cutter, Thermal Detanator, Jet pack.

I was flying my ARC-170 fighter over the cloning centre when i saw smoke rising from a building. I then something. I dodged and returned fired at them. something launched a missile in my direction. i dodged it but it followed me. it clipped the wing of my fighter and i started spiraling out of control. i crashed onto one of the platforms. The Co-pilot was dead. I got out and withdrew my rifle. I was starting to feel worried. I looked around. No one was in sight. I made my way to the cloning centre explecting the worst...

sargent_johnson 09-02-2005 08:07 PM

i look around.i only see corpses.i look up.only bloodied roofs.everywhere i look,i only see death."what the hell......." i said to myself.a looked around a corner and saw somthing dash behind a door,then it locked,and once again i was completely alone with corpses.i tried hacking the the code worked,but as soon as the door opened somthing attacked knocked me to my feet and had a rifle pointed in my face."damn.....trandoshans....." i thought.i quickly hopped up behind him,grabbed his shotgun,and shot him in the back of the head."if theyre here...then what else is..." i said looking at the corpse.i looked to the right and more trandoshans-or surviving clones-dashed into the cloning center.when i caught up,they were trandos and was at his feet,with an armed trando behind him.when i got closer,he noticed me at shot the clone in the head.i tossed some cryboan grenades at them and they froze.standing there,like they were statues.the clones ran off,trying to escape to a shuttle with their lives."heh.cowards."i said to myself.i ran off after them and a bunch of trandos armed with swords jumped out."nice toys.mind if i try?!?!" i yelled and grabbed two from the trandos."you wanted a fight,and you have one."i yelled at them....

jediofdoom 09-03-2005 06:47 AM

I heard gun shots not too far away. I switch on my jet pack and land on a roof. From the inside I heard muffled cries and yells. I slide down the wet surface and drop on a ledge. I then jump through a door and withdraw my pistols. silence. The Cries and yells had stopped as if they had felt my presance. I crouched there for a minute of two then got up. Something was wrong here. Something behind me moved but it was just the door.In the distance I could see a two people grapling. I ran towards them.

sargent_johnson 09-05-2005 06:32 PM

i slashed forwards at the trandoshans.the one that lost his swords ran at me and i slaced past him.we both stood there,then the trandoshan fell the the ground,dead.
i grabbed two pistols from my belt at shot the trandoshans down."easy." i said,and walked off after the clones.i heard screams and cries,and then a jetpack launching.all of a sudden everything was quiet.nothing but the sound of the rain.i walked off after the clones,who were already in a dropship.i avoided the many clone corpses and trandoshan corpses,busted open the weapon locker inside the dropship,and grabbed ammo.i headed back into the clone center,ready to blast any and everything that oposed me...

jediofdoom 09-06-2005 06:30 AM

then all of a sudden the floor gave way. I plunged 50 feet towards the water. I managed to turn my jetpack on beofre i broke the surface of the water. I flew back up to a platform. On the platform there was a dropship. It was mangaled. A dead clone was against a wall. The wall behind him had been sprayed with blood. A clone pilot lay in the pilot seat his head had been shot clean off. Something was happening here but i did not know what. I stood up beward of someones presance behind me. I withdrew my pistols and turned quickly. A clone stood there shouldering a injured clone.
"please help us"
I looked at them. I nodded. I withdrew my fusion cutter and got to work on the controls of the cockpit. When i could at least fly the dropship. I sat down and took my helmet off. The clone looked at me.
"Your not a clone?"
"No im a republican soldier, I opted to fight in this war, i just wear the clone armour"
A few moments silence past. The ship lifted off the ground.
"why do you have alpha V written on your shoulder if you not a clone?"
"It's a code name" i said simply
"oh" he said again
The ship gained speed. The cannons below followed the ship but did not fire. when the ship was above water the cannons opened fire. I managed to dodge most of the fire but the wing was clipped. Luckily i managed to swing it around a platform and we jumped out becuase the ship was so low. The ship crashed into the one of the platforms and it collapsed into the water. The clone who was injured stood up.
"I thought you were hurt?"
"I will manage,sir"
"yes, you are a member of the republic and you are human that makes you our superior"
"no it-"
A door opened up ahead in the door way was a trandoshan. It stood there looking at us, and then raised a gun.
Not pausing to think i raised my pistols and blasted it.
"We have to make our way to the cloning facility, I need to acess the main frame to see what has happened here"
we set off not knowing what or who we would meet along the way....

sargent_johnson 09-08-2005 08:39 PM

i walked off into an empty hallway,thinking about what happened and how the trandos got here,unnoticing that this was a very dark hallway full of blood and clone corpses.every now and then i could have sworn i saw a trandoshan,although nothing was there.all of a sudden when i walked through a door,there stood a least thats what i thought.the trandoshan disappeared-literrally.i kept walking down that hallway,the trandoshan seemed to be everywhere.either they invented an armband that could teleport them,or i was losing my i reached the end of the hallway i saw the trandoshan crouching near a wall,on his back and only a pistol pointed at me."you will die.." it hissed,or so i had thought.actualy it-or he- said "finally!a rescue team!" i was honostly losing my injured clone was against the wall.i only saw a trandoshan.i raised my rifle and was about to pull the trigger."what the-?!?!snap out of it!" the clone yelled at me.i heard that.i grabbed my helmat,a bit dazed."what the hell...." i said.i thought the clone was injured,he wasnt.just tired and wanted to leave with his life.i was injured beyond beleif.i thought another clone was a trandoshan!"well now that your back to normal we better get out of here fast.follow me" was the only thing the clone said.i followed him out of the odd hallway,only to be greeted by trandoshans.we watched them from behind a corner."are they trandoshans or clones?" i said,remembering what this place had done to my mind."trandos." he responded.i grabbed a few thermals,crouched,and tossed them along the floor.the trandoshans looked down at the thermals,a bit confused.then the hallway was scorched.we walked past the trandos corpses and got out to another dropship landing pad.some of the floor was broken off,and the dropship was gone.the only thing that was there was a bit of rubble and a clone corpse,the wall behind him sprayed with blood."well at least me,the survivors,and trandos arent the only ones here." i said to myself.a trandoshan couldnt pilot a clone dropship.i was looking around for more trandoshans.then all of a sudden some type of warning hit me.i dont know what it was but i instantly dodged a sniper shot."wha...." i said,stunned due to the sudden reflex.i dodged another....fourty shots i beleive.i withdrew both pistols and shot at the roofs.a tandoshan corpse fell from one and a battledroid-headless,i might add-from the other."this isnt good.trandos and droids.perfect.easier kills." i said.i walked off looking for whoever else came here...

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