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Das Mole 05-13-2005 09:51 AM

A$$-Tappin' fun
Yeah, last night I was at a band rehearsal (what else is new, lol). Anyway, this kid just comes into the auditorium and he's got like nothing to do w/band at all. So I'm sitting next to Jenny and she's like, "why the hell is Luke here?" and I was like "so he can tap some ass".


OK, last year Luke is sitting behind a girl, Erica, in biology. He grabbed her arse through her seat one time and she was like "what was that" and he said "oh, my knee". He eventually did it again and then Erica asked for a seat change b/c she knows your knee doesn't tickle/squeeze things.

So then this year he grabs another girl, Jillian, and Jill's friend Katie sees. Apparently this was in my chem class and I didn't even see it (hm...another science class...). Anywho, Katie tells the teacher and he thinks she's lying so she filed a complaint to the dean.

So Luke claims he has like OCD and can't control his actions and can only remember like 70% of what he does.

Anyway...back to rehearsal. So I'm sitting w/Jenny on my right, Shan's in front of her and Elle is in front of me. (BTW- Shan's a guy, it's not short for Shannon or something stupid like that)

So I got Shan's attention and then I wiggled my fingers around Elle's arse and we all just started laughing. And Shan goes "it can be like clue...Who Got Touched? It was Luke touching Jill in the Chem Room w/his Bare Hands." :p It was hilarious.

Just thought I'd share my little band adventures w/you.

*Grabs Ray's bum*

*Looks around nervously*

Um...I have OCD?

Ray Jones 05-13-2005 10:42 AM

*sigh* Das is discovering sexuality. ^^

Btw .. I demand suppliance of picture material.

Fealiks 05-13-2005 02:21 PM

lol, nice story.. :p yeh we do that in our class but then the girl looks back and all the boys are looking innocent and like messin wiv their pens or wotnot, its great fun, an the girls take it as a joke too.

why did you say arse and bum? are you turnin into a brit?

Das Mole 05-13-2005 09:32 PM


why did you say arse and bum? are you turnin into a brit?
I dunno, really. :confused:

As for me becoming a Brit, it's highly likely. It's that Supernanny, I'm telling you. Earlier today my brother was complaining about going grocery shopping and I was like "OK, we're going to work togevah, tha ought to be a bit of fun, now won't it?" and he basically gave me this look like he wanted to kill me...but who doesn't.

Fealiks 05-14-2005 07:00 AM

me! i dont wanna kill u. i like american ass tappers converted to british arse tappers! see, gavna, over the pond, we dont get our knickers in a twist just cos o' sum yank turnin to one of us! You're welcome, sonny! that'll be a tuppence for some choccy, no dollar for no candy, gavna!

ahem. Carling, anone?

toenail1 05-14-2005 06:09 PM

I would tell you the story about the drunken hobo that sang black sabbath for me and my friends in Chinatown... but it's to damn long. Plus he talked about drugs!

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