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Jedi Malastar 05-25-2005 12:00 AM

Republic Commando: Order 66
((This will take place during epidsode 3 so for the 2 people at these forums who havent seen it there will be spoilers. I'll create a squad that needs three more guys, each with their specialized skills. You could join my Gamma squad or be the Republic Commando squad in the game, Republic Commando. If your Delta squad from the game I'm hoping you played it and you should keep their characters fairly accurate.))

Name: ZX-13 aka Xavier
Specialization: Squad leader
Weapons: DC-17, thermal detonators
Armor Color:white with a green X on his chest
Bio: Relic is part of Gamma squad, which reveived some personal training from Jango Fett, like the ARCs. He was also part of one of the first squads of republic commandos and has seen lots of action.

Xavier and Gamma squad were descending onto the battlefield in Kashyyk. Their gunship descended into an isolated clearing in a rocky outcropping above the beach. Master Yoda had just arrived and on his way down Xavier reveived some late breifing that the Chancellor has been rescued. Their mission was a resuce operation, save Delta squad. Delta was responsible for the reconnaissance for the Republic invasion of Kashyyk.

Xavier held out his electrobinocs as he leaned against some rocks and looked out as the seperatists stormed the beach. According to breifing Delta squad was being held in a seperatist camp to the east, on the other side of the battlefield....

LukeKatarn 05-25-2005 09:48 AM

((I'm pretty sure you mean Alpha squad, because if I'm not correct Gamma failed on their first mission. Also, if we're limited to Delta Squad or your squad, that means only 8 people can be in it counting you. Just a little tip that only 8 people can be in.))

Name: Gamma-26 ((Yes yes, 26 backwards is 62, but hey, I like Scorch.)) to his Squad Mates known as Sevver((As in Severred limb.))
Specialization: BOOM! ((Explosives.))
Weapons: DC-17, door breech charges, mines, every kind of grenade, explosive charges ((For getting past RUbble and stuff.)), and a DC-17 AA attachment
Armor Color: Orange ((Like Boss' in Republic Commando on the cover.))
Bio: Is a part of Gamma Squad. SEvver is the Explosives Expert and can help the team out when they're trapped between two walls of rocks. They just better hope they don't end like Scorch.

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