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Saved 07-18-2005 09:28 PM

Milkman Conspiracy - Figment Help!
Apparently, I posted this in the wrong place earlier. I have collected all of the figments in the Milkman Conspiracy except for one. The one I am missing should take the following spot on my list: second page, second row, fourth to the right. If you don't know exactly where this one can be found, could someone tell me what the figment looks like? If I know what it is a picture of , it will give me a hint as to what location I should be searching in.

Is there anyone who could help me with this? I have already wasted several hours searching for this one figment. And no, this is not the figment on the thin ledge behind the gated garden.



Saved 07-19-2005 09:53 AM

I found it. It was in the second house from the start blending in with the table. I must have searched every house 100 times!


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