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riceplant 07-24-2005 11:47 AM

Problem with animations
Some of them just don't work. Some work fine, which is what I'm confused about. Specifically, none of the talkgestures work. I realise that they won't work on most skeletons, but I'm trying to use them on Jan. She should have the humanoid skeleton, and all the animations should work, right?

affect ( "Jan", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH )
        set ( "SET_ANIM_BOTH", "BOTH_TALKGESTURE5" );
        set ( "SET_ANIM_HOLDTIME_BOTH", $5000$ );

lassev 07-24-2005 04:16 PM

I suppose the fact there ain't an animation called that in the gla explains the nonfunctionality somewhat.

Protocol droid seems to have BOTH_TALKGESTURE1, though.

riceplant 07-24-2005 05:38 PM


BOTH_GUARD_LOOKAROUND1, //# Cradling weapon and looking around
BOTH_GUARD_IDLE1, //# Cradling weapon and standing
BOTH_ALERT1, //# Startled by something while on guard
BOTH_GESTURE1, //# Generic gesture, non-specific
BOTH_GESTURE2, //# Generic gesture, non-specific
BOTH_GESTURE3, //# Generic gesture, non-specific
BOTH_WALK1TALKCOMM1, //# Talking into coom link while walking
BOTH_TALK1, //# Generic talk anim
BOTH_TALK2, //# Generic talk anim
BOTH_TALKCOMM1START, //# Start talking into a comm link
BOTH_TALKCOMM1, //# Talking into a comm link
BOTH_TALKCOMM1STOP, //# Stop talking into a comm link
BOTH_TALKGESTURE1, //# Generic talk anim
BOTH_TALKGESTURE2, //# Generic talk anim
BOTH_TALKGESTURE3, //# Generic talk anim
BOTH_TALKGESTURE4START, //# Beginning talk anim 4
BOTH_TALKGESTURE4, //# Talk gesture 4
BOTH_TALKGESTURE4STOP, //# Ending talk anim 4
BOTH_TALKGESTURE5START, //# Start hand on chin
BOTH_TALKGESTURE5, //# Hand on chin
BOTH_TALKGESTURE5STOP, //# Stop hand on chin
BOTH_TALKGESTURE6START, //# Starting Motions to self
BOTH_TALKGESTURE6, //# Pointing at self
BOTH_TALKGESTURE6STOP, //# Ending Motions to self
BOTH_TALKGESTURE7START, //# Start touches Kyle on shoulder
BOTH_TALKGESTURE7, //# Hold touches Kyle on shoulder
BOTH_TALKGESTURE7STOP, //# Ending touches Kyle on shoulder
BOTH_TALKGESTURE8START, //# Lando's chin hold
BOTH_TALKGESTURE8, //# Lando's chin hold
BOTH_TALKGESTURE8STOP, //# Lando's chin hold
BOTH_TALKGESTURE9, //# Same as gesture 2 but with the right hand
BOTH_TALKGESTURE10, //# Shoulder shrug
BOTH_TALKGESTURE11START, //# Arms folded across chest
BOTH_TALKGESTURE11STOP, //# Arms folded across chest
BOTH_TALKGESTURE12, //# Tavion taunting Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE13START, //# Luke warning Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE13, //# Luke warning Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE13STOP, //# Luke warning Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE14, //# Luke gesturing to Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE15START, //# Desann taunting Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE15, //# Desann taunting Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE15STOP, //# Desann taunting Kyle
BOTH_TALKGESTURE16, //# Bartender gesture cin #15
BOTH_TALKGESTURE17, //# Bartender gesture cin #15
BOTH_TALKGESTURE18, //# Bartender gesture cin #15
BOTH_TALKGESTURE19START, //# Desann lifting his arm "Join me" (cin #34)
BOTH_TALKGESTURE19STOP, //# Desann lifting his arm "Join me" (cin #34)
BOTH_TALKGESTURE20START, //# Kyle lifting his arm "Join us" (cin #34)
BOTH_TALKGESTURE21, //# generic talk gesture from stand3
BOTH_TALKGESTURE22, //# generic talk gesture from stand3
BOTH_TALKGESTURE23, //# generic talk gesture from stand3
BOTH_PAUSE1START, //# Luke pauses to warn Kyle (cin #24) start
BOTH_PAUSE1STOP, //# Luke pauses to warn Kyle (cin #24) stop
Out of this block in anims.h, only BOTH_GESTURE1, BOTH_WALK1TALKCOMM1, BOTH_TALK1 and BOTH_TALKCOMM1 work. All of these animations appear in the game's cutscenes, so why do they not appear in the glas? If anims.h can't be used, where can I find a list of animation values, bearing in mind that these also appear in the drop-down in BehavEd.

lassev 07-25-2005 02:30 AM


Is that block from the JO source? I don't have anymore JO editing tools installed, but my JA anims.h doesn't contain a block of text like that. And the comments seem to refer to JO, at least.

riceplant 07-25-2005 03:20 AM

Yeah, that's from JO. I was hoping that they would still work, though, as BOTH_STAND5TOAIM (Kyle aiming at Desann) does, and that's definitely from JO. And I don't seem to have a JA anims.h, so was using the old one and hoping it would still work. I guess this means I can't use JO's animations in JA, huh? That sucks. JO had better anims, IMO.

lassev 07-25-2005 06:19 AM

It seems to me like Raven wanted to have some upper limit to the size of the main humanoid gla. With JA having many more fighting moves (with double sabers etc), they cut down the number of animations for cinematics in the main gla.

However, you should notice that in JA you can have one extra, map specific gla file that can contain as many as 50 animations. So, you aren't in quite as bad a situation as you probably thought. Browse through the original Raven glas to see if one of them might have interesting animations. Or make your own...

And get JA SDK instead of JO SDK, if you are mapping for JA. Works better that way, yes it does.

And anyway, there's no need to try to guess anything. Just use ModView to check the animations.

riceplant 07-25-2005 08:26 AM
I downloaded GTK Radiant 1.4, I don't know about SDKs, and making animations, while I'd love that freedom, sounds kind of complicated.

riceplant 08-11-2005 11:38 AM

Sorry about the bump, but why is it limited to 50 anims? Surely I can use more, I simply have to type in the animation name manually as BehavEd anims.h only has up to cin_50.

lassev 08-12-2005 08:25 AM

Well, animations are listed in a special table. Of course you can type/edit the script in Notepad to try to access more animation. Who knows - it might work perfecly. However, 50 animations is a pretty high limit in the end, considering you can have 50 custom animations for each map of your campaign, not just 50 new animations for the whole packet.

riceplant 08-12-2005 02:07 PM

OK, well, trying to use JO's _humanoid.gla as a level-specific gla produces results that are... interesting at best. Maybe it'll work better if I edit the animations.cfg?

shukrallah 08-20-2005 10:13 AM

Wait a second... check out Wudan's Dragon, it lets you create animations. Forget messing with JK2's GLA, it will just up your file size (there is no need to include such a big file for only a few of the animations!) (look around the forums for download links.

I noticed that while some animations are listed in JKA, Raven didn't import all of them from JK2.

riceplant 08-20-2005 10:55 AM

Yeah, I have dragon. Thing is, I'm not very good with it, and it seems a shame to waste dozens of perfectly good animations. Does anyone know what I would need to do to extract animations from JO's gla and place them in a JA level-specific one?

shukrallah 08-21-2005 05:23 PM

Hmm, somehow with dragon you can copy and paste animations, I think. If you load the JK2 GLA and copy the animations you can then paste them into a new GLA. Just remember, whatever you name your GLA is what you have to name your level (EX: Humaniod_imperialbase.gla = imperialbase.bsp) or something like that. Im not sure, but I think all of that should work.

CortoCG 08-23-2005 03:32 PM

Just make sure you don't mix stuff like a JA model with a JK2 .gla file.

riceplant 08-23-2005 06:44 PM

No, loading a JO model w/ gla in dragon causes it to crash. It's such a pity, because I want JO's animations! I'm hopeless with dragon, though, so I'll never be able to re-create them. I can't even make my own animations, let alone recreate animations of Raven's quality.

shukrallah 08-24-2005 07:25 PM

Oh I forgot about that. Hmm... Someone else made a GLA Merge program. Im wondering if maybe it can seperate GLAs too?

If not, Dragon does take a bit of practice. You have to learn which bones do what, ect. Just play around with it a bit.

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