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Black Knight of Keno 08-01-2005 03:46 PM

Legends of Galadienis - OOC
The year 421 after the great war that destroyed most of these very lands... The same war that made rich poor, poor dead and corrupted beings, humanoids or not, the great leaders of the nowly very much divided Galadienis.
There is also the rebel group of druids, alchemists, mages and just normal fighters or archers which calls itself the Valavatá.

Fifteen years ago this group was forced to split by the council's high disagreements. The other part went underground, turning twisted and evil, now an enemy of both the split up land and the other part of the Valavatá. this part started to call itself the Carac Corma, meaning the Fang ring.
As opposite of the dark group, the other side of Valavatá fleed to the mountains and dense forests around them, where nobody lived or survived for long without some sort of an extraodrinary power. They started to call themselves Aire Firimar, which meant the Holy mortals. They swore to protect this Eastern part of the Galadienis by claiming the only piece of above-ground land still free, but underground of it, inside the mountains, was one part of the dwarven kingdom.
There were many legendary men and women in both, Carac Corma and Aire Firimar, most of them current or ex-members of the councils, but there are also people behind the 'curtains', acting as the wisest of the wisest and so even the councils sometimes turn to them. There are only two in each of these groups

The Kingdoms are usually huge... Allthought there are some exceptions. The human kingdom is ruling half of the mainland and all of the islands but one. The largest of the islands is controlled by Elves... Sea-elves to be exact. The masters of seafare. Some even have told that these elves have found another continent from somewhere behind the seas.
The Dark elves, also known as Drow, are always fighting the Carac Corma for their underground territories and the dwarven empire joins in every now and then too, digging deeper into the core of the world. Now, there are still a few kingdoms but they are unknown... Neutral, so to say and have no part in this story, untill much later.
But, not as a kingdom, or anykind of a nation, is the hundreds of tribes of nomads, barbarians and centaurs. These tribes usually cause much trouble inside the above-ground kingdoms and even underground sometimes. The war rages between all of these races, but inside their tribes is also a great power-struggle going on. Just as a hint for those who will make a char that lusts for power, it would be good for him/her to be in one of these races just because you might just be the chief that will lead your tribe to victory.

There are still some basics... We need other races than elven and human, too. Be dwarven or Drow or Centaur or something. But remember to also act like the other races do... Not just be a Dwarf and act like an elf...

What do you think about this? Could it work? I was planning this quite for some time and if this actually works, it would be the first of my actually good RP's

Curt-Man 08-02-2005 09:30 AM

this sounds awesome. You start it up, i'm so in. Like everything sounds real good, no critizism on my part.

Writer 08-02-2005 10:20 AM

I'll join... sounds pretty interesting.

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