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TheExileReturns 08-11-2005 10:58 PM

Kotor III Plot
For Kotor III, I think the game should start off with Admiral Carth Onasi visiting the newly reformed Jedi Council on Dantoine (whose members should be Brianna, Atton, Mira, Visas and Bao Dur. They (you) would be giving Carth an idea of how the last game ended. (Light side or Dark) as well as give him a holo-disc of what the Exile looks like. This would set the perameters for the game and the direction it would take from there on. Some new padawan (you)would be the PC for this third game and would be charged with finding both Exile and Revan's whereabouts with T3 and HK47. Admiral Carth would provide the Padawan with a holo-disc of Revans' appearance. (Both Revans' and Exiles' appreances on the holo-discs would be set at the beginning of the game, by choosing from a selection- much like you choose for your PC in Kotors I & II)

I think the Ebon Hawk should not be used in this game, it should be a different ship.

What's everybody else think?

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