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jokemaster 08-15-2005 12:25 AM

Lost RPGs Thread
Hey, decided to make a thread to discuss all the RPGs that got lost, so the people involved in them can decide wether to continue, restart, or scrap them.

The ones I'm personally interested in are:
The Great Schism
The hunt for the sith hunter.

Writer 08-15-2005 12:28 AM

Agreed... I'll bring back the Hunt for the Sith Hunter if enough people agree to come back to it... and I'd post in the Great Schism too...

jokemaster 08-15-2005 12:30 AM

....were you waiting for me to make this thread or something? I just clicked the RPG forums button to see if there were any interesting ones going on and I see you posted already

Writer 08-15-2005 12:36 AM

Let's just say I tend to hang around the RP forum a lot... ok, most of my Internet time is spent here... the other part is spent at and a very small portion spent checking email :D

Curt-Man 08-15-2005 12:38 AM

hunt for the sith hunter would be nice.

Writer 08-15-2005 12:39 AM

Ok... If Flamehart agrees to join Sith Hunter again, I'll start it up.

Flamehart 08-15-2005 06:48 PM

Of course I'd agree. Why wouldn't I?

Writer 08-15-2005 07:22 PM

Better to ask than to assume... I'm altering the beginning slightly so it doesn't have to rely on the Black Viper Bar for its start.

Flamehart 08-15-2005 11:11 PM

Alright sounds good. Hey guys sorry if I'm ever slow to reply, since school started my time's been distracted between this and my roleplaying game server.

Writer 08-15-2005 11:31 PM

Hey, that's fine... my posting time will drop when school starts too... a week from today... and I'm crazy enough to be looking forward to it :D

Flamehart 08-16-2005 07:01 PM

Hah, I'm looking forward to it too, but my real entertainment has been working with my game server. I don't know why but I just like ironing out bugs more than actually playing on there, even though the community that plays it is zero, except me and probably 5 or 6 other friends that aren't ever on it. Well that'll change when school starts, I got to get one of them things..what do they call it..oh yeah, a social life lol.

Joetheeskimo 08-17-2005 01:20 PM

RP's I miss:
  • Shattered Night
  • Hunt for the Sith Hunter
  • Black Viper Bar
  • Welmin's Cantina :rolleyes:

Writer 08-17-2005 05:40 PM

I know that at least 2 of those are off the page here... you might fish them back up and see if anybody will join you... I'd rejoin Shattered Night and Welmin's... and did you mean "Hunt for the Sith Hunter" or "The Sith Hunters"? If the Hunt for the Sith Hunter, I've got that one going again... if Sith Hunters... that's on the second page here, I think :)

jokemaster 08-28-2005 12:38 AM

WJ, Curt. What'd you guys think on continuing Antitrust?

Writer 08-28-2005 12:42 AM

I'm ok with that...

Curt-Man 08-28-2005 01:26 PM

I'd be in if i had more of a part, instead of just writing theatre plays :p

Writer 08-28-2005 04:43 PM

um... well that might be possible... we'd have to see.

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