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Natty 08-29-2005 07:46 AM

what's wrong with this photo of Beyonce?

Alien426 08-29-2005 09:40 AM

Nothin wrong with it. In fact there's something very right with it.

I'll be in my bunk.

Mr Flibble 08-29-2005 09:56 AM

I see two things.
I'm not sure which one I should be looking at.

I have a fair idea though.

Broomie 08-29-2005 10:14 AM

Seems the lady at the back accidentally glued her chin to Beyonce's shoulder. I'm proud of her for putting a happy face about it though.

DrMcCoy 08-29-2005 10:41 AM


Mr Flibble 08-29-2005 11:22 AM

Some lady.
Sings or something.

Or possiby lures young women into her chambers and glues them to her shoulder...

Freakin' perverts...

NiKo 08-29-2005 01:21 PM

First I saw the poodle sticking out, and I was like "eew"
then I saw the microphone sticking out of her butt and I was like "Haha!"

Fealiks 08-29-2005 02:44 PM

.... HAHAHAAH whoooops! is that real?!

PoM 08-29-2005 02:48 PM

She glued it to her..."pants", if you could actually call it that...

Joshi 08-29-2005 03:58 PM

The irony comes when you see the photo is hosted by

Skinkie 08-29-2005 11:50 PM

Do they make they're own jerky photos, or just show real ones?

Natty 08-30-2005 12:01 AM

Poor Beyonce... I was watching the VMA's yesterday on MTV and P Diddy (which BTW can someone PLEASE make him go away? :smash: ) was like "and over here we have the lovely ladies of Destiny's Child and they only showed Beyonce. Blah. Kelly is and always will be my favourite. Beyonce needs to bugger off. Daft cow. At least now that they're splitting up Michelle and Kelly won't have to wear Mrs Knowles crappy creations anymore. I bet it was Beyonce's idea to employ her mother as their stylist.

Mr Flibble 08-30-2005 07:58 AM

I could never stand 'singers' who a) mime b) create their own perfume brand c) create their own fashion label [adored by anorexic 11 year olds!] d) said that Live8 was for charity cough cough free publicity cough.
(But please gods lets not talk about that again)

DrMcCoy 08-30-2005 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Natty
Poor Beyonce...



Originally Posted by Natty
P Diddy



Originally Posted by Natty
Destiny's Child



Originally Posted by Natty



Originally Posted by Natty



Originally Posted by Natty
Mrs Knowles


*is totally confuzzled*

Mr Flibble 08-30-2005 12:05 PM

Looks like someone doesn't get MTV.

Me neither, but I know people who do.

Sometimes I even talk to them.

Guybrush122 08-30-2005 12:34 PM

This picture made me cry.

And plus, I ran into a wall afterwards.

Fender 08-30-2005 02:07 PM

Aaaaaaah, just like old times.

Fealiks 08-30-2005 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by Guybrush122
I ran into a wall afterwards.

YYEESSS!!! *hits wall*

so this is fake? *is also very confuzzled*

Fender 08-30-2005 02:24 PM

Nah, its not fake. I took that photo.

NiKo 09-01-2005 02:26 AM

That's nothing...
look at these pics of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas...or should I say, Black Eyed Pee's

JofaGuht 09-01-2005 08:28 AM

This thread is a perfect example of why I prefer to hang out at the GFN.

Fender 09-01-2005 09:06 AM

Those from that Fergie lass are just horrible...

Joshi 09-01-2005 04:11 PM

Yeah, I can see the big problem with the Fergie ones...they've got the letters LFI plastered in the background. What's up with that?

Skinkie 09-01-2005 08:50 PM

That's a new type of stage effect, it looks like the letters are just floating in midair. It's done with lasers and fog or something.

Joshi 09-01-2005 09:17 PM

Right...yeah, I knew that.

Fealiks 09-05-2005 03:07 PM

nah .... no way

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